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{photo courtesy of Kat}

I just realized I never posted about this event - bad Jenny-Rose! I had an uber FABULOUS time partying with my Fabulousity Club peeps last month. Kat hosted a lovely tea on her lawn, with shopping provided by The Bohemian Belle & Dames a la Mode, much silliness and an endless supply of champagne!

The next day Robin hosted my Mary Kay "Cosmetics for 18th Century Costuming" party (lovingly now referred to as "Whore Make-up") at which we all rouge-ed up, drank more tea and wore tiaras. *sigh* It was such fun - I didn't want to come home!

Photo Listing:

{JennylaFleur Photos} - my photos & my favorites from others
Gloria | photos | (flicker)
Kat | photos | (flickr)
Robin | photos | (flickr)
Julia | photos | (facebook)
Amanda | photos | (photobucket)

{photo courtesy of Julia}        {photo courtesy of Kat}

{photo courtesy of Kat}        {photo courtesy of Kat}


I only took one stealth video but it captures the "after-party" and some of the trying on of Julia's lovely hats...

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{photo courtesy of Nicole}

Saturday's Card Party was all I wanted it to be - yay!

The food ended up being more work than I originally intended (this is what happens when you do things like roast a hunk of meat for your roast beef sandwiches, hand squeeze 12 cups of citrus juice for your punch and make over 100 filled pastries!) but it was worth it.

We tried some new period recipes and while they weren't all keepers it was a fun way to add adventure and period atmosphere to the evening!

I was so pleased so many people braved the snow flurries, filling the house with 21 guests! That is officially the max for my house I think. Luckily we are a friendly bunch and we were wearing small frocks.

Cards were played, food was enjoyed and there was never a pause in the conversation and laughter.

We even had Kat, who was convalescing at home, Skype in for a couple of hours - that was so fun!

{photo courtesy of Aubry}

I also learned several important things. 1) I really do have the best parents in the world. They are so generous and game to cook and prep for days with me! 2) Rumtopt is quite possibly the most fabulous drink ever. (We cracked open the crock we have been throwing fruit, sugar and rum in for months - so good!). 3) Cocktails made of punch + rumtopt + champagne is even more fabulous but it bites back. Yeah I did not take Brian's warnings to heart about the power of punch. You know that scene in Vanity Fair where Jos Sedley orders the punch at Vauxhall and laments it the next day? Well it's easy to do - beware the punch! 4) Leftover shepard’s pie is good for a punch hangover.

5) I love playing dress-up in candlelight. Seriously nothing beats it.

{Jenny-Rose Photos} - my photos of the event & my favorites from others

Gloria | photos | (flicker)

Gwendolyn | photos | (blog)

Kristen | photos | (LJ - locked post)

Maggie | photos | (flicker)

Kat | photos | (LJ - locked post)

Isabella | photos | (flickr)


I only took one stealth video but it captures the moment pretty well...

And the party from Kat's point of view on Skype...

{photo courtesy of Aubry}

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The GBACG Titanic Dinner on Saturday was amazing! It was one of the most magical costuming events I've ever had the privlege of attending. The venue was goregous, the food very tasty indeed, the live band such fun and the company completely fabulous.

The evening inculded the gentlemen at my table standing whenever a lady stood (squee!), couples dancing the Castle Walk to Too Much Mustard (I love that tune!), a very touching toast at the hour that the ship sank (thanks to the time differance it was right as we finished our meal) and some lovely conversations with friends and strangers alike in the drawing room after dinner.

I spent much of the evening just observing and trying to soak up the atmosphere, while squeeing inside of course. It was truely a night to remember. :>

I didn't take too many pics (too busy enjoying the moment) but I did manage to take a few videos:Read more... )

And the photos:
Richard Man
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The Française Dinner this weekend was great fun! [ profile] girliegirl32786 arrived at my house Friday night. Shockingly we were good little girls and didn't stay up into the wee hours of the morning talking, as usual. The fact that we knew we had a 3.5 hour drive to PA ahead of us with to do nothing but chit-chat helped.

Our drive up to [ profile] madamekat's house was uneventful if long. [ profile] lindseyerin37 was at the house too and the four of us proceeded to do our hair, laced up our stays and help each other get dressed. Somehow we left the house not only looking fabulous but on time - when does that ever happen?!

The evening was really wonderful! The venue was lovely, the staff and guests so welcoming and flattering, the food excellent and the company was quite fabulous!

I wore my Diva dress with some new jewelry and what have been dubbed my "caricature feathers". They were ridiculously fun to wear, although I need to come up with a clever way to keep them facing forward like they should rather than move all over the place like they did. *ponders* I so enjoyed wearing my Diva again - I do love it so!

Photos of the evening!
Jenny-Rose (mine and my favorites from the others)
Maggie's videos (locked)

UTR videos

Jun. 28th, 2011 09:32 pm
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Video time!

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Katherine in her riding habit

[Error: unknown template video]
Aubry in her new frock

[Error: unknown template video]
Aubry & I promenading

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Short stealth video

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the firs carriage ride leaving

[Error: unknown template video]
a stealth video of my carriage ride

[Error: unknown template video]
Gloria skipping to dinner
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[Error: unknown template video] Finially got around to uploading the little video of my Pink Florentine gown in action... it really is fun to wear! :>
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My photos from CosCon 29 are all uploaded and can be found here:

and of course what would a costume event be without some stealth videos?

the Bennett Girls photo op
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B&W bustle walk
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the Bucchaneer "Walk" Have you ever noticed they run everywhere in the film The Bucchaneers? I understand why now, this style is so dignified you have to do somthing silly in it! :>
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Team Spotty getting ready for the Masq pt1 (and a slight tour of our *ahem* spacious accommodations)
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Team Spotty getting ready pt2
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Team Spotty getting ready pt3
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Here is a quick and dirty tutorial on how I do my "pouf" hair style. It's not the tallest or grandest pouf you can get but it's pretty, it's fast and it works. Enjoy!

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I didn't bother to explain how to pin curl as there are lots of good tutorials out there. One of my favorites is here: and my video of pin curling is here:
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You asked for it so here it is - how I'm beading the peacock. I actually use two different techniques of beading for this project so this is the first one. This is a standard method for applying beads to a garment. It's very sturdy and tidy, allowing one to create pretty designs in beads. I also have a picture tutorial of this on my website.
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Not too much happening in Jennylafleur land. I've strained something or other in my neck which has been rather uncomfortable. The worst thing is that is makes it hard to drive, very inconvenient that.

Mostly I've been sitting quietly with hot and cold compresses on my neck scheming about future costuming projects. It's been fun! I've got a master list which is too l-o-n-g so I need to narrow it down to the projects I'm really determined to do before CosCol. Still working on that – I want it all!
Next up for sure is the Victorian corset (the boning was shipping yesterday - yay!) then probably my Poe dress. I'm still debating about whether I want to revamp my original Poe dress (never happy with the bodice and it needs more ruffles) or make a new one. I'm leaning towards revamp, mostly so I can get the extra bolt of leftover fabric out of the stash. We'll see...

I've also been working on the Peacock beading. I finished a 2nd panel last night - yay. Two down 6 to go!

I also did a major update to my website. All the dress diaries and event pages have been updated, some of them with pictures that never appeared on LJ. Lots of pic posting fell through the cracks right before CosCol and the Ren Faire - opps! I also posted a video tutorial I made while working on the Diva demonstrating how I made the "zig-zag trim" on it. The page is here:
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Here are my stealth videos from the weekend...

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Megan while we were waiting to go in for dinner.

[Error: unknown template video]
Coming out of dinner... way too full to come back into the heat!

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Playing badmitton at the picnic - part 1

[Error: unknown template video]
Playing badmitton at the picnic - part 2
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Here is the video that didn't want to play nice yesterday!

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Dressing, or rather undressing in the Round Gown.
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The Mother-Daughter Tea is over, I get my life back - yay!!

I think it went well, really I don't know. I was so busy coordinating & catering that I don't really know what the impact was. So far I've heard good things though. I think I can safely say a job well done. The After-Action meeting will be the test I guess.

But right now my body aches, I have some serious sleep to catch up on, my house is a mess and I have endless bins to unpack. Still I feel like my life is my own again and I can actually *gasp* costume! My pearl dress is singing it's siren's song as I type...

I've spent the evening playing games with my family, surfing the 'net and uploading videos on YouTube. The videos are from Coaching Day and Seurat Sunday, a few of my jacket, a few of Bridget and one of my chemise gown un-belted - it was just too funny not to film!

My YouTube videos
I'm feeling lazy about embedding videos so here is a boring link... I'm off to read (a fun book just 'cause I can!) and then bed...
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Here is a little video B took of me at the birthday tea yesterday. Apparently we are weird and they don't get many costumed parties. We were rather popular though. :> I have pics to post of our day out but later...

While posting this I realized that I never posted any of my Costume College videos - bad Jenny! I have a few more I need to get off a DVD disk but here are the best of the stealth videos anyway:
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Bridget took some videos at the 4th of July event so here are the two best:

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This is my most favorite dance, Childgrove. Sorry for the unsteady camera, it was our first dance and B was playing with technique. :>

[Error: unknown template video]
Another charming dance, The Young Widow.
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So stinking cool.
Where was this when I was studying this stuff?
I particually like the hints of Rohan in the soundtrack. :>

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orginially posted by [ profile] my_stitching
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I've posted the pics from Twelfth Night on my site here:

Twelfth Night 2007

And a stealth video B took of Brooke teaching us how to Charleston. :>
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Cool! You can now paste YouTube videos directly into LJ. :>


[Error: unknown template video]

Oh yay, it doesn't mess up my layout! So for future referance would you guys prefer my videos behind a cut or is just like this fine?

Here is how to do it: LJ FAQ page
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[ profile] koshka_the_cat I think you have started something!

I've been meaning to put these videos of costumes on my website for ages and have never gotten to it. Enter Katherine & YouTube! So easy.

Now I wish I'd taken more videos along the way. Oh well, expect to see more in future!

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