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Not much progress on the Summer Bustle to report. Ruffles #2 & #3 have been prepped and are ready to be attached. I spent a lot of time yesterday on an idea that didn't work. Oh well, these things happen.

In happy news I bought my plane ticket for CosCol - yay! I had a really awful nightmare about it last night (see [ profile] jenthompson you aren't the only one!) so when I found a good, if not great, price this morning I just grabbed it. I got my preferred arrival and departure times, one layover per leg, it's not United and I get to fly out of Richmond, which is awesome. It's just a relief to know it's taken care of and I won't have another 12 hour layover, 3 stop red-eye like last time. 'Cause I don't know that I'd survive that again. Whew!

I sent off my CosCol class registration last week. I requested the fabric tour, the Sweet Bag Stitches class and something else. (Not the Calash, yeah decided it was too fugly a thing to spend 3 precious CosCol hours on) Obviously the limited classes did not rock my world when I can't even remember my second choice. I was trying to decide between a couple (based on cost, length and what classes they conflicted) and can't remember which one I eventually decided on. Sad, isn't it?

This year it's really the unlimiteds that have me jumping up and down with excitement and squeeing like a fan girl. Which is nice. If I don't get into my limiteds I won't be utterly crushed (as in years past) and if I do then cool, they are something to look forward to. It's a nice way to go through the process... I like it.

It's hard for CosCon to seem real when most of my brain is working on CosCol planning. I think this is the last Con I'll do for a while, it's just an awkward time of year both in my costuming life and real life. The sense of urgency to get some costumes done NOW is helpful in getting my CosCol wardrobe done in time but other than that it's making my life (and bank account) rather complicated. Still it should be fun and I am looking forward to it. Hanging out and geeking out with larger numbers of costuming peeps is always a wonderful thing!
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All packed, hair in pin curlers and off to bed. *looks at clock*

This is so weird - last CosCol I had a 20 minute power nap in the last 24 hours before I left... with unfinished frocks too. I don't even know what to do with myself now.

Wow! I'm excited though. Have to get up at O'dark-thirty for my flight so I'm off - next stop LA!
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So my weekend didn't go quite as I intended it to go. Good news is I have a new computer, my very first lap top! Bad news is the setting up and switching back and forth of files ate away a big chunk of both Daddy’s and my weekend. *sigh*

Everything seems to be running and functional, which is a relief. I'm excited to have a computer with me at CosCol this year. It makes my long wait at the airport and the dreaded catching up when I get home seem much less scary. Theoretically I should be able to get my pics up sooner too, although we will see if that is really the case. :>

I did get some sewing done in-between the madness. I decided to be a good girl and finish up my Diva dress before starting construction on The Secret. I worked on it for hours & hours and it's still not finished! Gah!! I keep finding new things I said I wanted to do on it - it's like the dress that never ends! Ahh! I'm so ready to see it off my pending list, you have no idea...

Currently I'm taking a break from the Diva to start packing. Normally I don't like to pack too far in advance but I need to see just how much stuff I can fit in my suitcases. I'm still foolishly hoping my Green hat will somehow fit. It's a pipe dream I know.

I'll probably end up unpacking most of what I've packed tonight, so many things I need between now and then. *sigh* Well at least all the little petty stuff like re-filling travel bottles of shampoo and Aleeve are done. That will be one less thing to worry about on Wednesday.

home again

Oct. 15th, 2009 12:51 am
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I'm home!

Well I'm in Virginia anyway. :P After a 2.5 hour delay in SFO I'm just glad to be out of an airport.

I miss Bridget. A lot.

At least I have fabric to console me! My taffeta was waiting for me and it is lovely! The blue is what I would call a midnight blue while the dark coral is a lovely mellow pumpkin. Someday I will really regret not buying more of it. :P
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You people are evil! Posting about a sale while I'm on vacation and feeling weak. I was able to resist until Katherine posted a 30% coupon making the silk taffeta $4.20 a yard. Seriously who can pass that up?!

So I now have some black, dark blue and coral taffeta on its way and less spending money for my last week of vacation. I'm spending it mostly on food anyway - lovely meals, boutique cupcakes, Woodhouse & See's chocolates - so perhaps it's just as well. Now I'll have something to show for my birthday money spending! :P

I only got a yard of the coral, mostly because I wanted to see what the color looked like in person. It should make good hat making fodder. The blue I have no specific plans although in the back of my head I'm picturing both a new Poe dress and an 18th ball gown. Ah decisions! I'm going to let it speak to me when it arrives. The black I do have evil plans for but more on that when I'm home... :>
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I am currently sitting in Napa, California sipping sticky toffee tea and enjoying the quiet of Bridget's house. So far this vacation I have done a whole lot of nothing, which has been glorious!

Bridget had to work yesterday and today but I think that has been for the best. I've had a chance to catch up on some much needed sleep, rest and relaxation. Yesterday consisted of a nice sleep-in, Bible study, a long hot shower, watching Apollo 13, giving myself a manicure, a nap, taking more than 10 minutes to put my make-up - so many little "me" things I haven't had time or energy to do in the past few weeks.

After B came home we went out for Mexican food (fish tacos to be exact, which were so good and inexpensive it was almost criminal!), then See's *sigh*. We came home and spent a few hours playing card games and Monopoly before heading out to fill the 'fridge at Whole Foods, Trader Joes (where I stocked up on all the things I loved that we ate during my last visit bauhausfrau!) and Target. I crashed after that.

Today will be more of the same, although with the addition of internet surfing since B was kind enough to leave me her brand new shiny Macbook Pro. Still getting used to this Mac thing! I'm hoping today will also involve some In'n Out. We stopped for fries on our way home from the airport but now I'm feeling the need for one of those beautiful cheeseburgers! :>

Tomorrow we are off to "The City", otherwise known to foreigners like myself as San Francisco, to pick up my friend Maegan from the airport for her weekend visit with us and then spend the day seeing the sights. I have no idea what we are doing but Bridget has a plan which she assures me involves sourdough bread so I'm cool with it. I'm really just excited to be on vacation, away from work, obligations and expectations and getting to hang out with two of my most favorite people! Whoo hoo!
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I spent yesterday alternately beading [ profile] dancinseamstres's train and posting pics of my NYC trip. I had a few silly moments, like no pics of [ profile] elizabethsdress or at the American Girl Store but overall I'm happy.

I've posted the pics and links in the appropriate entries, you can start here:

What you really want to see is the Loot (TM) though, right? :>
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Today’s wake up call was too early – yay! It took us a couple of hours to pack up, mostly because of all the stuff we bought! It was still raining but I walked with Dad to the garage to get the car. That was pretty entertaining as he couldn’t remember exactly where it was. Oh well!

The van was packed up and we were on our way and out of the city in no time. Sadness.

I had a really great time in NYC. I went through my moments of hating it, (it’s a big dirty city, people everywhere, so noisy) but I was sad to leave it in the end. There was so much I didn’t see and experience that I wanted to. I guess that means I’ll have to come back, huh? :>

The trip home was good. Again I mostly slept, but a bit less than on the way up. I listened to my Lord Peter Whimsy audio book and nibbled on chocolate and gummy bears. The traffic on I-95 was bad so we took the back way through Maryland and stopped at Captain Billy's for fried clams and hush puppies - yum!

We got home about 8pm and did the usual cooing at the kitties, checking the email, downloading the pics and un-packing. Home again. *sigh*

NYC: the loot:
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The original plan for the day was for Dad to skip out on the morning portion of his conference and go on the Statten Island ferry with us. So we got up and got dressed in time to meet him after an early morning meeting. We were ready to go when he called and said he couldn’t swing it and he needed to so some things at the conference. Bummer.

So we reevaluated and decided we weren’t in the mood to site-see, we were in the mood to shop. So we wondered uptown getting postcards, last minute gifts and the trims we regretted not buying the first time in the Garment District. We ended at the M&M store and decided to have a nice girly lunch at the Olive Garden in Times Square. Lame to go to a restaurant we have at home I know but it was the cutest OG I’d ever been in, we had a window seat on Broadway and the soup and salad really hit the spot!

After that we wondered back down to our hotel, shopping and taking last minute pics along the way. We got a little down-time (ie early packing) then freshened up and went back up to Times Square to meet Dad, Jim & Lori for dinner.

I may not have met all of my goals while we were there but I did were a pair of fabulously impractical shoes to dinner. Not my over-the-top-impractical sandals because it was cold but fun heels non-the-less. I also wore a flower in my hair. *wink* We went to W46th and ate Brazilian in an old brown stone off of Broadway. The food was excellent and the company even better!

Afterwards we went back our favorite Marriot bar overlooking the Square where we had more fun, drinks and dessert. It was raining by this time so we watched it pour on the people below. We finally called it a night, said our goodbyes and subway-ed back to our hotel and bed.

NYC: Friday:
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We decided to take a true vacation day today. All the walking has been fun but tiring plus I’ve been so go-go-go this month I needed a break.

So we did NOTHING. It was glorious! I think I got out of bed twice all day but just sat and didn’t move. Mom even brought me breakfast from down stairs. Such a sweetie. We watched TV (a novelty we don’t have at home) and I even beaded some in the afternoon. We watched mostly Project Runway, how appropriate!

About 4:30pm Daddy came back from his day at work. I got dressed and we went to dinner, this time an Italian place on W46th. Then we popped into the M&M store in Times Square. That place was just out of control! Anything you could have possibly put an M&M on was there including games, shower puffs and clothing. It was fun though and we got some treats for ourselves and gifts for others.

We then met Jim & Lori for drinks in the Marriott again. They had a show to go to so we didn’t get to chat long but after they left we hung out just the three of us. The bar is on the 8th floor, over looking Times Square. I thoroughly enjoyed sipping my G&T watching the world go by under me. We even saw a bridal party taking pics – fun!

So a rather uneventful day but quite enjoyable. We’ve decided to leave a day earlier than planned so Thursday is our last full day. I’m sorry we won’t get to all the things on our list but honestly I’m ready to be home. I have had a fabulous time here but the extra day at home will give me a chance to relax before a crazy week and get Brooke’s beading finished without an all-nighter. It will also give Dad some down time this weekend. I’ll be in NYC again, so I’ll catch the things I’ve missed next time.

NYC: Thrus:
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This morning was very leisurely. Mom got up to get dressed and have breakfast with Dad but I slept in a bit. Dad went off to work and Mom and I got out of the hotel about 10:30am. We headed back up to the Garment district to do some more shopping.

We went to MJ Trimmings (ooh), Tinsel Trading (ahh) and Joyce Trimming (sigh). We bough Stuff (TM), including that fly-fringe trim I took apart last week in black, silk ribbon, the trim for my Charles II gown, 4mm flat sequins in fun colors and the rhinestones for my QotN. Ouch! I’m suffering severe buyers remorse at the moment, even though some of that is my birthday gift from the parents. I’m sure I’ll get over it when I go to make my costumes but at the moment it’s painful. Ramen noodles here I come!

After that we headed back toward our hotel, actually stopping to eat lunch on the way this time. We got our lunch to go and ate in Greeley Square, which was nice. A little fresh air, sunshine and greenery make for a lovely meal.

We stopped at the hotel to drop off our purchases then headed to FIT. There were to exhibits, Arbiters of Style: Women at the Forefront of Fashion
and Gothic: Dark Glamour. Both were really great. Some of the gothic stuff was just plain strange but most of it was gorgeously constructed and really interesting. Mom enjoyed the exhibit a lot more than she had expected (I had to drag her to FIT) and we had a good chat on our way back to the hotel.

After that we decided a rest was in order so we hung out in the hotel icing our feet, having a cup of tea and watching TV for a while. We again headed out of the hotel, this time to the American Girl store. It was quite the place! I don’t know what I was expecting but a doll department store on three floors with photo studio, resturant & theater was pretty wild – wow! We went so Mom could buy her first American Girl doll. She looked at all of them and finally decided on Kit, with her accessories of course.

I hated her so much for making me go in that store because of course I had to buy something. One more thing to feel guilty about! I got Kit’s school outfit because it was just the most adorable thing ever. I could have resisted but it came with a hat and shoes. Plus I’m a sucker for instant gratification. *sigh*

Next we walked to Times Square to meet Dad and one of his co-workers for dinner at his conferance hotel. After dinner we met more co-workers at the hotel bar. It was fun, we got to hang out with some old family friends and the bar overlooked Times Square so the view was fabulous. My sangria was good too, lots of fruit.

We had way too much fun so we stayed a little too late. As I sit here Mom and Dad are already asleep. I should be too but umm… alcohol late at night so I’m wired. It’s okay, it was worth it, it’s not like I get to be in NYC a lot!

NYC: Wed:
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Monday we parted ways for the first time, Dad went off to his conference and it was just Mom and I for the day. We got out of the hotel about 10am and made our way to the Garment District. Again we took our usual 1.5 block detour but did pretty good after that.

I was really interested to see what the difference between the LA and NYC districts was and no surprise they were quite different. NYC FD is right in the middle of the city and is a lot more spread out. In LA its store after store after store, in NYC there are gaps and other types of properties in between. The types of stores tend to cluster but still it’s better to know where you are going first. We had fun though! Mom found the things she specifically went looking for and I met most of my goals. I found a trim I liked for the Charles II but I wanted to look at Tinsel Trading before I made a finial decision and we didn’t make it there today. I also didn’t pick out the rhinestones for my QotN, although I did find the shop recommended to me. I was feeling overwhemled. So we will be going back up there for more shopping fun.

I did meet my main goal though. I wanted to go and find some fabulous, different and affordable fabric I would never find again - and I succeeded! I’m so excited about my finds. I can’t decide if the yummy shell pink cotton velvet or the amazing salmon pink wool is my favorite. Maybe the wool… it so cool! I’m pretty sure it’s a blend, I suspect linen but the weave has a subtle stripe and the drape of it is just fabulous. I’m temped to ditch the orange faille and use it for my Charles II gown but I need to ponder first. It would also make an amazingly fun 18th century ensemble or a darling Italian Ren. Ah the possibilities!!

After we’d blown most of our cash/spending money, we decided to head back to the hotel, grabbing some long-over-due lunch along the way. Somehow the eating thing didn’t happen and we just collapsed in our room for a bit. We freshen up a bit then headed toward Times Square for a bite to eat. We got distracted along the way by some bargain jewelry shops but eventually did eat something. It was wonderful but that may have had something to do with the fact it was 3pm! We headed back to the hotel to grab sweaters (the temperature had dropped) when Daddy called to say he was done for the day. He joined us at the hotel and after showing him our finds (he is such a good sport!) we headed out for dinner.

We found a nice little Chinese place on W46th - everything was really good, even the tea. (It is going to be SO hard to go back to the limited Fredericksburg cuisine after this week! *weeps*) Next we walked down to Rockefeller Center and the American Girl store so Mom could by her doll. We got distracted with sightseeing (Mom had never been to RC) and made it to the AG store just as it closed. Arrgg! I was pretty ticked, we could have made it in time but it never occurred to me it would close at 7pm. So lame. So we will have to try again later this week. *sigh*

Back to the hotel it was for the nightly ritual of getting ready for the next day, journaling and fighting with the network to get an internet connection. Ah well.

Next up FIT and Gothic frocks!

NYC: Tues:
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We got up, dressed, had the complimentary breakfast at the hotel and headed to the Met. We only walked the wrong way twice. :>

We got to the Met about 10am and since the costume gallery was closed (I am cursed - the V&A last time I was there and now the Met!) so I consoled myself with Vermeers, Holbeins and cool 18th century portraits in the European Paintings. We totally didn't see everything in that section but the parents were starting to drag and we thought we should head to the Egyptian galleries before our brains got too full.

We had a nice little tea break in one of the cafes, complete with yummy pastry, then made a wrong turn and ended up in the Arms and Armory section. That was cool I have to say.

We finally found the Egyptian galleries and wondered through the rooms with glassy eyes. I missed Bridget, Miss Egyptologist. It was so wrong she wasn’t with us! *fingerwave*

The highlight was definitely the Temple of Dendur. Wow!

After that we called it a day, made a trip through the gift shop and headed to Central Park for a moment off our feet. I was feeling the need of grass and trees so we found a convenient spot right behind the museum and rested.

I have to admit I wasn’t overwhelmed with the Met. It had some cool stuff but perhaps I've been spoiled getting to spend time in London & DC museums and seeing the Tut exhibit. It was just okay. The paintings were laid out funky (at least I couldn't follow the flow of rooms) and the free map was pretty useless when you wanted to know where a specific style of painting was (like where were the Dutch still-lifes anyway?). Little things like that but they added up. Plus it's hard to adore a place that charges $1.50 a post card. Dude! I know it’s not much more than London or DC but still, sticker shock.

After that we traveled to Times Sure so Dad could check into his conference, then a quick walk back to our hotel. We were just going to stash our stuff, change shoes and head out to eat when my phone showed I had voicemails. That's when I found out that [ profile] elizabethsdress had come into town for the day and was trying to find me - ack! I got a hold of her and she hopped on a bus to meet us for dinner. I'm so glad she came - I had a lovely time! Forgot to take pics like a silly Jenny though. It was great to meet her in person (finally) and chat and giggle. I hope it won't be too long before we get to do it again. :>

So now that the parents have fallen asleep while I've been typing, I should go to bed too. I'm surprisingly awake, probably the wine I had tonight. Silly Jenny. My body is way achy though. It's not used to all this abusive walking on cement all day long. Motrin here I come!

Tomorrow's agenda - the Garment District!

NYC: Monday:
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My first day in NYC - yay! I'm borrowing Dad's laptop, which is interesting to type with. Pretty cool though! No photos until I get back (I forgot to bring the FTP info) but hopefully I'll be able to journal along the way instead of my usual paper-journal-I-have-to-transcribe-when-I-get-home.

Despite getting away late this morning (mostly my fault, I swear I hit every red light running the critical errands I had to do this am) we made good time on the drive up. At least that is what I'm told, I slept most of the trip, which was good. I needed it, I've been staying up late spending time with Casey and beading every night this week. I felt much better after my nap, that is for sure!

We found our hotel, checked in, settled in a bit and then went out for something to eat. We are staying in Manhattan, near Madison Square Garden and more importantly near the Fashion District. That worked out well! The room is nice, if small. It's like the places I've stayed in London, only with Mom's 34,000 suitcases/bags. I love Mom but she really doesn't know how to pack lite! *rolls eyes*

We had dinner at an Irish pub, very good especially the Bass on tap. After that we decided to walk to do some exploring and wondered up to Times Square. I would have liked to do some more exploring the area but we got to the building with the News Years ball, took a few tourist pics and Mom wanted to turn back so we did. It was fun though. We walked down part of 42nd Street which was crazy busy. People watching is so much fun here. :>

The rest of the evening has been spent relaxing, showering and watching TV. I don't even know the last time I watched TV (we only watch DVDs at home) - I'm finding I don't really miss it, commercials particularly. Well, off to bed. Tomorrow is the Met - I can't wait!!

NYC: Sunday:
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* Take a picture of yourself right now.
* Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
* Post that picture with NO editing.
* Post these instructions with your picture

I've really enjoyed this meme, it's been fun to see everyone. :> This is my sad Casey is gone or in denial about having to pack pose, I'm feeling both at the moment. I'm leaving for a week in NYC tomorrow morning and I haven't started packing yet. So pathetic. I'm just so tired and don't want to do anything. Except bead of course. :>

So here is what I've been up to with [ profile] dancinseamstres's wedding gown. The original idea was to do scatter beading over the whole thing, heavier at the bottom lighter toward the top but when I got the actual train in my hands that didn't seem quite right. So I decided to section off the back with vertical lines of beading to create a sortof sunburst feel. Her wedding has an Art Deco flavor so I think that works... or it's just wishful thinking since the sectioning makes it easier for me. :> I used some of the seed beads she gave me as well as some leftover Fire costume bugles and tiny red seeds [ profile] caseysmusings gave me in her pre moving clear out. That was good timing. :>

Next up I'm going to add scattered beads inside the sections for added sparkle. I've picked out about 5 red/burgundy beads in various sizes from the stash as well as some silver lined clear seeds to draw in the ivory of the over gown.

I'm a little wide of the original brief I was given. I'm such a glutton for punishment - I hope it's okay Brooke! :P
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Well I'm off for a fun filled day of DC site-seeing and then Dallas for the Mary Kay Seminar. I'll see you guys when I get back - don't have too much fun while I'm gone! :>
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The red glitter spray arrived earlier this week and I tested it out today. I didn’t get the results I was hoping for – moo. My poly/whatever didn't take the spray very well and when dry it looked more like dark orange flames than red. So I handed the dress over to Bridget to bead. I may add flames to the bottom in the end but I'm going to get everything else done first.

B has only been working on it for a few hours but the embellishment is already looking cool! I wish I had the time to do it myself (I love beading) but B always does such a nice job and this leaves me free to work on other things. My scrapbooking crop was canceled tonight and I wasn't feeling like moving around much so I pulled out the red print English gown and finished attaching lace flounces to the sleeves. I want to add some more trim to the neckline too so it looks all spiffy for the 4th of July event in a few weeks.

Tomorrow the family and I are off to Philadelphia for the weekend. We are going primarily to see the King Tut exhibit but I think we may stop in at Independence Hall and that stuff too. We’ve been talking about going for months but it was an on-again, off-again venture until a few days ago. Nothing like a last minute mini-vacation! I haven't been to Philly since I was 13 so I'm looking forward to it, despite the ultimate result of no CC sewing this weekend. *rolls eyes*

home again

Feb. 25th, 2007 01:17 pm
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I'm back home, safe and sound. We drive through the night last night to avoid snow so we are all exhausted but we did avoid the snow. We had rain and gusty wind but that was about it.

I'm not sure I'm all that glad to be home but I am glad to be out of that car! More posting later... I found some pretty fabric goodies to share in Colorado and Kansas *evil grin*

Thanks all so much for your posts and support. I didn't have time to reply but I was able to check them throughout the trip and they cheered me up no end. Thank you. :>
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We made it to Pueblo, Colorado this afternoon. We drove straight through, 28 hours door to door. I wasn’t too bad with four of us driving (I got part of Kentucky and the Kansas/Colorado border stage) but we are all super tired. After the afternoon and dinner with family, we are even more so! :P I'll be collapsing into bed in a few minutes. The funeral is Thursday so we have a day to recover a bit tomorrow, which is good.

My web based email appears to be down so looks like LJ is the best way to reach me at the moment. Thank you so much for all your condolences, I feel so blessed to be supported by you'all. Merci mon amies.

Thanks also for the help with the compère question - so helpful!

Bed is a-calling...

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