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Ahh... getting ready to cut my first ever piece of silk satin. I'm rarely afraid of fabrics but this is one of them! I'm only making a hat but still, it's such expensive fabric I'm terrified to waste it. I could really use a costuming buddy here to hold my hand while I cut.

Okay deep breaths - wish me luck...
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For [ profile] koshka_the_cat... it's so true isn't it? *wink*
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I'm just about done with the process of stitching over my website to the new host. It took so long due to operator errors, I kept forgetting steps in the set up - can you tell I haven't done this in a while?

Anyway all my emails are up and running once again, as is my website. I'm just now finishing up the site up-loading process (geez I have a lot of files on my site!). So my internet presence is pretty much back to normal - yay!

In lieu of an interesting post and actual costuming content (because real life continues to kick my butt so there is nothing to talk about) I offer a funny... it made me laugh anyway. :>

1914 - an excellent example of what not to wear or how important it is to dress for your body type. I couldn't help it I laughed out loud when I found this! Poor thing, she obviously thinks she is hot stuff.
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Yesterday was a good mail day! Both my hoop boning (from Online Fabric Store) and sequins (from Cartwright's Sequins) came - yay!

The sequins - SPARKLY! In addition to the two colors of 3mm gray sequins (I wasn’t sure which was going to be the right color so I got both) I randomly ordered some flat 2.5mm in gold, silver and iridescent clear.

The gold and silver are so tiny and cute - I can't wait to put them on something!

The iridescent clear are going to be packed away in my hope chest. They will look amazing scattered on a wedding veil someday... *sigh*

Yeah I think I may have opened a Pandora's box (I love embellishing with small sequins!) and Cartwright's will be getting lots more of my business in the future. The not-so great website had me a little worried but apparently they have a brink and mortar business as well. The check-out was painless and easy, the shipping reasonable and fast. Yep I'll be a repeat customer!
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You know I'd have a lot more done on this beaded top if I didn't keep taking out and redoing sections that are slightly "off" or not quite right. *shakes head* Stop it Jenny.

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All my guests/costuming buddies are gone.

The house is SO quiet now!!
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Many thanks to [ profile] suededsilk for posting the link to a fun article "A Perfect Sewing Weekend" from the Selfish Seamstress.

I love [ profile] suededsilk's point that nobody is really "Mrs. Vogue", so why are our sewing expectations sometimes based on a perfect ideal like this? It's like expecting to be Martha Stewart when we entertain or Carrie Bradshaw when we go clothes shopping. It's not real life.

Having said that... I actually related to a lot of the steps in this story. Is that bad? :P

I don't do hems by hand (unless it's absolutely necessary!) but I am meticulous about dry ironing patterns, steam ironing the garment as it takes shape, marking hems with a yardstick and chalk as shown in the story (with the help of Mom or B or course). I even like to double check that the grain is correct after I wash yardage (which on most fabrics from Joann’s is just an exercise in frustration!) and have been known to pull threads to find the grain line, ironically I did it just today on both a toile and some linen. I have to admit I don't do that on every project now, preferring to tear fabric, but Mom made me do it on everything when I first started sewing. She made me do a lot of tedious things like that in the beginning.

I guess that is really where all of that came from. My Mom was trained in the same era as this story and much of that basic training she passed on to me. It's amazing how much of it survived the years and both of our "bad habits" now that I think about it. I forget sometimes how lucky I am that while many of my costuming skills are self taught (like draping and pattern making) I was given a solid foundation in basic garment sewing by a talented home ect major who had been taught by equally talented home ect teachers. Such things are handy skills to be able to pull out when I need them.

Umm... Maybe I should teach a class on this stuff sometime at CosCol... "Random Garment Sewing Basics from the Era of Mrs. Vogue". Hee.
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What is it about handsewing eyelets that is so incredibly mind-numbing?
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I'm sorry but this is just too much fun - those are some very lucky kidlets!
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I was wondering...

Have any of you made scented bath or body oil? It's something we are thinking of doing at the church's women's retreat in Oct and I've been tasked to look for recipes/supplies online. I was wondering if you'all have any good suppliers, tips or suggestions for me?

*looks hopeful*
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Dude, I want to go! There is NO way I can, not with CC and NYC, but how cool would this be?!

Costume Colloquium in Florence
(click on the English Demo on the left hand menu)
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Last night saw some productivity. After ironing about a million yards of fabric (and rolling it on boards, which is the way I store my fabric) I cut out two everyday skirts and C's #2 bodice toile. Hopefully I read my little scribbles and markings on the toile correctly. I must take pics next time for referance. I need to get off LJ soon and so sew that together as I have fitting with her this afternoon.

So that makes 4 everyday skirts I currently have cut out. They are all the same pattern too, am I in a rut or what? :> What can I say, you use what works. That and I'm getting suck in my ways in my old age. Umm... can you tell I like brown and black?

Yesterday I went to Jo-Anns. They didn't have what I was looking for of course but they did have pattern ease in stock (for once!) and a whole bin of clearance ribbon. So I went a little wild. It's hard not to when it's all $.10 and $.25 a yard! There are a couple more I might go back for today... I also bought a length of bargin table fabric for (you guessed it!) an everyday skirt. It's in the washer so I'll take pics later. :>
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I'm always listening to something while I sew, music, a sermon, an audio book. This week I've been "reading" Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer. It was really good, both the book and the audio performance. Well researched, well written and quite gripping actually, even though I knew the end of the story. The interview with the author at the end was cool too, you can tell he has a passion for the subject.

discoveries )

I sometimes forget how spoiled I am living were I do, so much American history happened in this area. People travel miles and miles to see these sights but I live here. I drive past major Civil War battlefields, Washington family homes and President's houses in the course of my daily life. After a while you stop seeing them. I've barely stratched the surface of the "major" sites let alone discovered the out of the way pieces of history to be found tucked away here and there.

I really need to be better about taking advantage of such things... especially since I don't want to live here forever. :>

sites of interest: (virtual tour, including artifacts)
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I finally cleaned the black wax off of the candelabras left over from Twelfth Night. How sad is that? I can now attest that the orange sticks made for doing manicures work great for getting wax out of silver things you don't want to scratch. (Soak in hot water first to get the wax soft.) So there you go, my household tip of the day!

Yes this was random. :>
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[ profile] twilatee - I thought I would answer your question here so others could see and respond if they have more info...

Yes indeed Wal-Mart is in the process of phasing out their fabric sections. I heard about that last year so this will happen over the next 1-2 years. I don't know if that includes the crafting sections or just the fabric, patterns etc.

I hadn’t heard about Hancock's closing until you mentioned it however. After some research... Hancock's has been in financial difficulty for some time. Early this year they filed chapter 11 bankruptcy and more recently had the company president step down. Right now they are consolidating, re-thinking their marketing strategy and as of this week have announced they will close some 130 stores around the country. I haven't been able to find a master list of what stores are on the chopping block but be prepared - you may be loosing your Hancock's in the near future. If (which is an IF) Hancock's goes under it probably won't be for some time, given the way chapter 11s work nowadays though, if that is any consolation.
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All's quiet on the sewing front here, although I'm hoping to change that this weekend. I'm itching to work on my Victorian corset and B and I will have the house to ourselves this weekend... :>

I finished altering Mom's dress in just time for her cruise. I was up late last night but it was rather a nice job if I do say so myself. I was able to move the zipper enough that she can actually eat at the formal dinner without risking breaking another zipper - yay me! I also helped her with the shrug she made to match. Pics when they get back... May I just say sewing invisible zippers is SO much easier on my old machine. I adore my new baby, Bette, don't get me wrong but when it comes to zippers I need my old no-name standby. I can't believe I'm one of those two machine seamtresses now! I guess my old machine needs a name too now, I'm thinking Sam. (I don't know why.) I guess I won't have arrived until I have 3 or 4 machines though. First I must move my sewing out of my bedroom, becasue I have no room for that sort of thing at the moment. :>

In other news my cotton organdy from [ profile] tayloropolis's Ebay source arrived this week. You were right [ profile] tayloropolis it is gorgous stuff! I can't wait to make a new cap with it.

Thanks so much for all your advice on the pocket issue - my dear pin posse you are the best! I've resolved to push aside my irrational perfectionest self and bow to the clear majority choice of piecing. It'll make for a story when I show off my pockets at least! It also provides proof that I make mistakes and so will keep me humble. Of course I can always just read my LJ, which gives full proof to the fact that i have no idea what I'm doing half the time! :>
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I just lit of the candelabras (silver with black candles not yet put away from Twelfth Night) and it's really pretty. I could really get into typing late at night by candle light...

*looks at desk wondering with an eye to rearrangement and ponders*
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What is the best source for online purchasing or cotton twill tape?

My local source has stopped carrying it *grinds teeth* so I need to come up with an alternative pretty soon.

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As some of you know, I recently loaned several of my costumes to a friend in San Diego. She used them in a little fashion show, something for her church's women's group. Sending my "babies" to the other side of the country was harder than I thought it would be but I ended up getting a little "rental fee" for my effort and stress, so that was nice. Cash is always a welcome thing, especially when one is about to go to London. :>

Anyway... here is a pic I just received of the fashion show. I sent two other frocks but I'm not sure if they were not used or just didn't make it into this picture. I should be getting more pics at some point...

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