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I'm going to be taking a little hiatus from LJ for the next few weeks. I'm okay, just feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in general and my online/sewing life in particular. So I need a break, some time to reflect, and get a better perspective on some things. Then I'll be back.

If you need to get a hold of me in the meantime e-mail or texting are good. See you on the flip side...
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Whew! Finally got my Live Journal imported! I've only been trying since the last attack on LJ started. *sigh* My heart just fell last night when LJ went down again and I realized that none of my import attempts had worked. Facing the thought of losing 5 months of entries = not fun. Most of that content is on my other blog but still, scary!

Looks like I'll be cross-posting between LJ and DW for the foreseeable future. I still prefer LJ a bit more but I have a feeling the DOS attacks aren't going to stop any time soon...

So for future LJ outage, you can find me at Dreamwidth (jennylafleur), Google + (Jenny-Rose) or through my blog ( or website (

so not cool

Apr. 5th, 2011 11:05 pm
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Seriously LJ needs to get their act together - it was down for me again all day today. According to ljstatus (a site I have been having to check way too often lately):

"We're currently experiencing heavy load. LiveJournal is currently down for most users, but should be back up shortly. Thank you very much for your patience; we know this is frustrating for all of us!(Status Updated: 6:04 pm GMT Tuesday, April 5)"

Seriously a heavy load LJ?!! Denial of Service attacks are one thing but this - so not cool!

This latest series of LJ greyouts have pushed me over the fence about having a blog-not-on-lj so voila - Jennylafleur @ Blogspot (

For now I'll be simply cross-posting my public LJ entries over there. I may put slightly different content on the two blogs from time to time, we'll see. As my favorite LJ will get updated first though. Unless it's down. Again. *grinds teeth*
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Paging [ profile] twilatee - can you send me your e-mail addy? I have a question for you!

my email is jenny at jennylafleur dot com - thanks!
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Hey [ profile] tayloropolis & [ profile] quincy134 - please send me your email addys! I'm having a Crafty Day on Sunday and want to send you an invite (and get you on my list for future such invites!). I've screened the comments below so you can just comment here with your addys.

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As some of you may have noticed I've done a little pruning to my friend's list this week. I wanted to let you know if I removed you it's really nothing personal, I'm just needing to simplify a bit. I was starting to get really overwhelmed with my friend's list. Also I've been having some connectivity issues with LJ lately for some reason. I'm hoping a slimmer friend's list will help with loading times. *crossing fingers*

My costuming entries will continue to be un-locked and public...
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Good grief, I take a little break from LJ to come back to pandemonium and panic! It’s no secret I'm not a fan of Facebook or Twitter. Obviously LJ has not figured out that many of its paying customers are on LJ BECAUSE it’s not Facebook or Twitter. *sigh*

While I don't feel the need to jump ship over this quite yet, I have to echo [ profile] demode on this one - I'm not at all happy at the comment cross-posting feature. Too many potential mis-understandings and privacy concerns there. So if you're planning to enable this feature, please have the courtesy to let me know so I can either take you off my friends list or remove you from any private filters.

Privacy! It's your friend.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm thankful for so MANY things, not the least of which is you - my Dearest Pin Posse! Thanks for another year of encouragement, advice, virtual chocolate, inspiration and friendship. You guys mean the worked to me! *hugs & kisses*
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CRAP! I just accidently changed all my LJ colors/setting back to the default. Now it's all ugly and I don't have the hours it's going to take to get it all pretty again.

I am NOT a happy camper. *weeps*

edited to add:
Okay I figured out that LJ saved my old settings and where to find them so everything is fixed and I didn't have to spend days doing it - yay!
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*waves* Just checking in to say, yes I am still alive. In fact I'm lurking on LJ, admiring your new frocks & resolutions to not go mad making new things for CosCol. I'm just not commenting much.

Another thing I'm not really doing is costuming. I worked a bit more on the Charles dress then got frustrated and so moved on to the Pimpernel, then got frustrated and moved on to some modern skirts then got bored... My self diagnosis is that I am suffering from rampant CADD.

Like I mentioned on [ profile] girliegirl32786's LJ, while a part of me is relieved that I don't have CosCol deadlines to contend with, the rest of me is wallowing in the sea of possibilities and half finished projects in the aftermath of CosCon. For some reason it's overwhelming and I'm finding inspiration hard to find.

Dear costuming fu - where are you?
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I'm pretty sure it was [ profile] elegant_musings, although [ profile] jennil wouldn't have been far behind. It was really a combined effort of both their pinching and prodding. I really came kicking and screaming... which is just hysterical to me now being the little LJ obsessed costumer I am today. And yes they are both on my FL. *blows kisses*

Oh and I once again missed my LJ birthday the first week of April. So my little corner of the LJ world is now 5 years old - wow can it really be that long ago?! Crazy!
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So I'm ignoring all the things I should be doing right now, and am uploading pics to my site and videos to youtube from the weekend. It would probably take less time if I didn't do it at the same time but what can I say I'm impatient. I’ll post when they are all up and ready for viewing.

I'm also racking my brain for all the awesome icon ideas we came up with this weekend. I really should learn to write them down at the time, I never remember when I get home. I only remember they were awesome! Silly Jenny.
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I can't believe that January is over already, I feel like it's dragged on forever and yet so much has been packed in it. I definitely don't want to re-live it, despite the very good times it contained.

I'm going to be taking a hiatus from the internet (and e-mail as much as I can since both my jobs are e-mail based). I need some space, some time to reflect and recover emotionally from what has turned out to be a very emotional month. I need to get away from the negativity on LJ for a while, get over this cold and re-evaluate some of the activities this summer. Then I'll be back.


Oct. 11th, 2007 09:28 am
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Just FYI - I'm going to be taking a little hiatus from LJ for the next few days/week. I'll be back, don't worry, I just need a break and a some perspective. If you need to get a hold of me for anything e-mail is good. :P
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I’m just heartbroken for [ profile] girliegirl32786 and Nate. They were incredibly lucky not to lose everything in the recent fire but this is not an easy time. I hope I’m not breaking a confidence by saying that they were already struggling financially, with Nate losing his job before Christmas, and now things will be even tighter with the need to move. I know from experience that moving can be expensive (it’s all the little things!) and I’m sure there are things that will have to be replaced due to smoke damage as well.

All that to say; I’ve decided to send them a little something and I was wondering if anyone else wanted to pitch in as well. I know money is tight right now, right after the holidays, but if a couple of us pitched in just $5 or $10 it could make all the difference.

I was thinking a Wal-Mart gift certificate would be easiest to send. They could use it right away and on pretty much anything there, even groceries as they have a Super nearby. It’s tempting to send Aubry a Jo-Anns gift card instead but I want to be practical too. Any thoughts?

If you wish to donate, simply click the icon below. I’ll be sending this off Monday afternoon so please donate by noon on Monday so I can process everything before the post office closes. By locking this post I know I'm missing people from her friends list so please feel free to forward this as well.

Thank you so much!
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Oh goody LJ is back up!

I'm sitting here nibbling on chocolate cheesecake and Earl Grey Tea thinking... they make a very good combination indeed! :P

*trots off to see friends list*

new layout

Aug. 28th, 2006 12:27 am
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I didn't feel like pleating tonight so instead a new look for my LJ, to better reflect my desire for autumn! Apples, sweaters, crisp air, warm sunlight and reading in front of the woodfire… *taps foot* Come on - hurry up and get here!!!

Also, a bit of matchy-matchy with my site. Seemed like a good idea at the time... :>
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I have a new LJ banner and layout. You see this is what happens when you don’t feel like doing anything worth while and have too much time on your hands… *grin*

Thanks so much for all your sympathetic posts the past few days. I'm still feeling under the weather but they cheered me up greatly. You are so wonderful! :>
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Oh yes and I must point out my new layout featuring my birthday header from [ profile] emmacarradine. Isn’t she sweet? :>

Thanks Heather - you are a doll!!
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I have figured out the overrides to tweak my journal. The basic layout is now the way I want it to be… header and all. *bliss*

I must give credit to [ profile] kunzite1 and [ profile] component_help who really did the hard work. I just pasted in the code they provided, tweaked it to my specifications and it worked the very first time!!!

I am so incredibly jazzed right now! :>

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