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Ack! I have become such a slacker about posting pics! Not sure how that happened. Oh yes I do - insane schedule this month. *sigh* So first installment - the Ren Faire!

Not too many pics, particularly of me. Maggie got some good ones of me though which is nice. It was pretty much the morning from heck; an early alarm after a late night of turban making, dressing taking longer than it should, no gas in the car, remembering that I hadn’t packed [ profile] dancinseamstres's wedding gown while I pumped gas, two more trips to the end of my street to remember all the things I'd promised people, picking up and helping [ profile] sadievale to dress, dropping off [ profile] dancinseamstres's dress (that part was fun!), traffic in Maryland and a long line for tickets. Ah! But we made it, not when we wanted to arrive at the Faire but right on time for the LJ meet-up.

[ profile] isabelladangelo was thoughtfully wearing bright pink so she was easy to find. [ profile] saharazara soon came up and introduced herself. We hung out, chatting until [ profile] padawansguide (who was running late) joined us. [ profile] saharazara had to join her other party so the remaining four headed off for Faire adventures.

It was a fun day, despite [ profile] padawansguide's blisters, the crush of humanity (it was insanely crowded!), and the prevalence of drunks ([ profile] isabelladangelo said it was worse than Octoberfest). We spent some time wondering and browsing shops but mostly we sat, listened to music and snarked costumes. I don't know what it is about Ren faire that brings out my snarky mean streak, probably all the rich and potential bait. :> We saw good and bad and some very bad. I had my sweet potato sticks & cheesecake-on-a-stick and called Bridget because the Faire wasn’t the same without her. :<

I wore my Rohan dress after all. I hadn’t worn it for 4 years so it was nice to wear it again, although driving in it was hard (lack of motion in the sleeve area). I also discovered that my Victorian corset is way too big now. Phooey! I'll have to address that before Poe in January. Blah. Still I love my Rohan. I think it's my Ultimate Princess dress, I just feel so Her Highness in it. The color really does look best in the Autumn sunlight, something about the angle I guess. Yay!

I loaned [ profile] sadievale a costume of Bridget's. It was the first costume Bridget ever made/embellished and still one of my favorites. Luckily (with the help of one of my Italian corded bodices) it fit S perfectly, even the hem length was correct. Sweet!

Here are the rest of the pics from the Faire...
Jenny-Rose's pics
Maggie's pics (locked entry)
Elizabeth's pics

After the Faire (and the hour it took us to get out of the parking lot - we were not impressed with the lack of traffic directing!) [ profile] sadievale and I headed south to Bowling Green and the RCHS fall dance.

I was beat but it was nice to see familiar faces and catch up with friends. I was too tired to dance but enjoyed watching. I got to see the turban I made Tina on her but more on that later. *wink* We bailed before the dance was over, turned up the CD player loud to keep me awake and alert and drove back to Fredericksburg. A long and full but fun day. Whew!

RCHS Fall Dance pics
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I started on my Fire costume today - yay! I thought about making it a secret project but decided I wasn’t really in the mood. :> So the Fire will be a Pre-Raphaelite/LOTR inspired fancy dress costume. *throws confetti*

I'm excited. This is a chance to re-visit a style I love. I'm not reinventing the wheel here so, first, I might actually get this done in time and, two, I can focus on embellishment and textures. Novel idea that. Or rather I should say B can focus on embellishment as she is all ready to add lots of sparkle. I'm going to just let her have at - a last project before she moves to the other side of the country!

As with my Green Rohan dress I'm going for a romantic Pre-Raphaelite silhouette, hence the need for a Victorian corset. :> I ordered some steel boning to re-enforce the Frederick’s (thanks for all your advice!). I'm basing my frock on Eowyn's Funeral Dress, with it's split skirt and big sleeves. The gown will be made out of orange faille. The underskirt and inner sleeves will be made from the original china silk that was too flimsy for my Federalist gown. I need to dye it red... I may even try for an multi-shade effect.

After trying on my Indian jewelry I decided that it wasn’t really me, at least not worn the way it is meant to be worn. So I started playing around and found that I loved the way it looked when draped along a neckline so that is the plan! B will embellish the neckline all the way around to blend the jewelry in a bit more and I'll be taking it a part a bit to get elements for new, simpler, earrings. We are still working on hair jewelry ideas but I definitely want a Mid-summer's Night Dream type hair style so some hair pieces are now the pre-CC list.

Let's see, today, after going over my old diaries and trolling through AlleyCat, Maggie's site La Cotte Simple and Michaela's pages, I pulled out my old LOTR patterns and went to work. I made up a mock-up, using the leftover $1 fabric I bought for the Rohan mock-up (glad I kept the extra round now!). I cut the arm holes and neckline generously as I knew those areas needed serious re-working.

With B's help my first fitting went well. I'll have to get it on Narcissa to finish working on the armholes, neckline and fitting tweaks I think but it's looking good so far. Looks like I'll have to keep those little side bust darts but hopefully I can fit the arm for better movement. The Fire necklace looks a bit silly with the neckline untrimmed I know, but I couldn't resist a glimpse at the effect... :>

Tomorrow it's on to more fitting and hopefully sleeves.
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[ profile] koshka_the_cat I think you have started something!

I've been meaning to put these videos of costumes on my website for ages and have never gotten to it. Enter Katherine & YouTube! So easy.

Now I wish I'd taken more videos along the way. Oh well, expect to see more in future!

My vidoes
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It was great fun to see these costumes in person. There is something about seeing things with one’s own eye’s that makes all the difference. I enjoyed all the costumes I saw, I didn’t like them all but they were all interesting to look at. If there are any costumes at the exhibit that I don’t mention but that you have questions about, don’t hesitate to ask. I may have noted something, at the very least I have the info from the little booklet. :>

I thought the LOTR were by far the best costumes there. Of course I may be a little bias in my opinion. :> The detailing, especially on Théoden’s armor, just never ended and the craftsmanship was superb. I could have looked at Théoden and the Witch King for hours. In fact I kept walking away and coming back because each time I did I saw a new bit of detail and design. Very, very cool.

much rambling about Eowyn's Green Gown )
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Yay, pics!! :> Here are a few favorites and there are lots more to see on the Twelfth Night 05 page.

It was a lot of fun, at least that is what everyone has told me. :> The party was a lot of work but it was totally worth it, definitely our best yet. It was great to meet Maggie ([ profile] padawansguide) in person and, as always, lovely to spend time with [ profile] elegant_musings and her sis. There is nothing I love better than connecting in the flesh with online friends and talking about costuming with fellow artists. I wish all my sewing buddies could have come as well!! :>

Let's see... there is so much to talk about (a lot happened and went into the event), I don't know where to start. I guess if you have any questions about what we did and such, just ask. It's a little scary, we are already planning next year's party!! We really do need some professional help *rolls eyes*

Ahh... yes, the finished re-vamp on Bridget. Isn't she gorgeous? *big 'ole grin* More pics on the Twelfth Night page as well. I’ll be adding a section on this re-vamp to the dress diary in short order…
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I didn’t get any pics of me yesterday as I expected. Some people did take pics of me, but I’ll never see copies of them I’m sure.

I did get some pics of my hair though. Bridget was able to style it again for me before she left for school. We decided to make it less “loose” this time, to look more like Eowyn and hopefully hold up better. We added some more hair jewelry too, just for the fun of it. I think this second attempt looked better and the style didn’t move all day.

*sigh* I love my sister, she is so sweet!
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Opps! Somehow I forgot a few pics in the last post! :P Also updated the site with all the new pics. Here are the details from my site log:

October 25 2004
I'm back from the Ren Faire again and have lots of pics to post!
Gallery updated: Ren Faire 2004 page updated
Journals updated: Elvish Blues gallery updated
Journals updated: Rose of Rohan gallery updated, including hair-do pics
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Here are some step by step pics of how Bridget styled my hair for the Faire. The style was based on the up-do Eowyn wears during the funeral sequence in The Two Towers.

After I had blow dried and hot curled my hair, Bridget parted my hair slightly off center. She then gathered two front sections towards the back and knotted them together. (Literally tying the hair in knots, secured at the end with a rubber band). She used this as a base for the style. she brought the fake hair piece through the top of this base and pinned in place. She then sectioned my hair and the fake hair into 3 or four pieces. Using the fake hair as a base, she wrapped my hair around and then twisted each section to form a loop that was pinned to the base. She did this with each section, sculpting the twists with her fingers and hair pins as she went to get the right shape. After tiara was placed at on top of the base and lots of hair spray was applied I was ready to go! Thanks sis - your the best!

That explanation was probably more confusing than helpful. Oh well, that is what the pics are for! Oh yes, the hair blend looked much better in the natural lighting!
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I’m back from the Ren Faire, for the second time this year. We - Bridget, [ profile] elegant_musings and I - went on Saturday. After a week of solid grey skies, rain and general gloom the day was sunny, crisp and clear. Yesterday it was back to rain and general gloom. Yes, prayer does work and I have a very gracious and cool God! :>

Faire ramblings and all the pics... )
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I am exhausted! I was going to cut out some 18th century stuff today I don't know that I will get to it now. Mom and I just finished going through the fabric stash. Yeah, that project we started yesterday. We do it every couple of years but this time we were determined to be ruthless. What is the point in having to find space for fabric we will probably never use? We tossed 49 pieces of fabric, averaging a good 4 yards a piece. They are all sitting, looking rejected, in garbage bags awaiting their trip to Goodwill. We were able to reorganize the bolts so that we gained two badly needed bookshelves in the family room. We even managed to create some growing room. I'm so proud of us!

I had fun, though I will admit my arms and legs ache a bit from lifting, lowering, re-rolling on bolts and moving of said fabric. Reminds me of my fabric store job experience - it was like a workout! :> The fun part was "discovering" the cool fabrics we have. I discovered we had the buckram, plus tons and tons of lovely white cotton for under things. We also had more crepe and crepe georgette than I thought as well as a really lovely length of silk-linen I'd forgotten about.

My favorite find, however, was a 7yd length (60" wide) of winter white poly. I know it is a poly but it has the look, drape and feel of wool crepe. It even has the brushed pile and scratchiness of wool. It would be totally perfect for Eowyn's White Wool dress. I hadn’t really intended to make the white wool and I don't really have a place to where it but I love making the Eowyn gowns so much and this is awfully good to pass up. Umm... it would make a beautiful (if impractical) cloak too... *think, think, think*
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Here are the first pics of the finished dress on me. There will be more to come in October and January. The rest of the pics are now in the diary gallery along with a few old pics of the infamous Hades Dress.

This dress is not exactly the ensemble I envisioned in the beginning but, I must say
I'm rather proud of this outfit. It was the first gown pattern I drafted from scratch and the first garment I made from velvet. This project had more than it's fair share of set backs and at times it took pure will power and God's grace to see it through. Yes, I'm rather proud indeed. :>
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The Rohan dress is now officially complete! Woo hoo! I just finished painting the trim. I love the finished look and it was lots of fun to do. As I mentioned before it was very easy but I took some progress pics anyway.

I thought it would be easier to work with the dress on Narcissa so I first covered her with a plastic bag. Very stylish, don't you think? *heehee* I took some slightly watered down black fabric paint and brushed it on to the trim with a craft brush. I then rubbed (pretty vigorously) the painted section with a rag until the color was even. I actually did this several times in each section, adding slight layers of color each time. Otherwise too much paint ended up on the velvet underneath and not the trim.

While I was working Nefret discovered that playing with the belt was fun. I took a pic before I took her new toy away. It's horrible that she usually cutest when she is being naughty. :> I’ll get all dolled up and have Bridget take some pics of me in the gown this weekend. She will be home for the holiday so this is perfect timing. :>
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This week started out pretty good but quickly went downhill. Monday afternoon I begin working on the Faire Garb. I sewed on the hook & eyes where the skirts meet. Then I tried lacing it up with the new ribbon I’d bought. When I had tried the gown on for the first time, the lacing wouldn’t come out even for some reason. I didn’t really worry about it as it was a quick try-on to mark the sleeves and hem. When I went to lace the new, I discovered why the lacing was not even. One side has 9 holes and one side has 8. I have NO idea how I did that. I’m not even going to go into how that discovery made me feel. Somewhere around the size of a seed bead I think.

So I have lovely lacing holes that are un-even. This means that they are neither lined up for spiral nor cross-lacing. Great. I looked at the costume, with the hem to do, the corded bodice uncomfortable and not fitting well ect… and only 3 days to go. Yeah. I began to consider looking for some matches. That is always a bad sign. So I threw the garb in my closet, played some computer games and called [ profile] elegant_musings. We talked for a couple of hours and she helped calm me down. Sometimes it just helps to talk with someone who understands. Merci Dearest!

Towards the end of our conversation I had a moment of brilliance. I could cover the holes with ribbon and then sew lacing rings on the inside. If that does not work, there is always the Rohan gown. I will probably faint from the heat but I could wear it.

I decided a few weeks ago not to attempt re-embroidering the Rohan. I couldn’t find a pattern I adored nor thread that was a good substitute for goldwork. My painting experiments however were successful and I now have a method to tone down that bright trim so it better matches the belt. I took some slightly watered down black fabric paint and brushed it on to the trim. I then rubbed it in with a rag until the color was even. Very easy. It shouldn’t take me too long to do and I think I will be much happier with the costume afterwards.

...from the land of procrastination... where I am queen
So how did I spend my day yesterday? I picked up, dusted and vacuumed my bed/sewing room. Then I rearranged my bookshelves, went through and reorganized my hope chest, reorganized the boxes under my bed, organized my stationary, went through and rearranged my dresser drawers, went through recipes, cooked dinner… In short nothing to do with sewing. Despite the time crunch I couldn’t deal with sewing yesterday.

I feel much better with my newly de-cluttered and organized room. I got rid of a whole box of stuff and threw away a full trash can – that always makes me feel good. I don’t really regret taking the day off though I am pretty skeptical about getting the Faire Garb done in time. I’ve decided not to worry about it. If I get it done great, if not I’ll wear the Rohan. Unless it rains and then I’m screwed. A big whopping oh well.

If I’m not enjoying the process and am just stressing myself out making these costumes, what is the point? This is a hobby that I supposedly do for fun. I just don’t need self-induced stress this week, I have enough to handle thank you. So today I’m off to Hancock’s for lacing rings and Jo-Ann’s for Regline. Then I’m planning to tackle the corded bodice. If I can’t work out those issues there is no point in bothering with the dress tomorrow.
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I finished the hem on the Rohan gown yesterday, which would mean the gown was completely finished except…

my cunning plans part oneRead more... )
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With the whole pocket drama going on, I neglected to give kudos to [ profile] elegant_musings for the fantastic job she did on my icon. *applauds* I was having trouble adding writing to the blank I'd made, so she graciously helped me out and did it for me. Thanks much! :>

*sigh* I love my little Rohan pony!

In other news... I have been working on the Rohan hem (all by hand) but that is about it. I've mostly been watching Bridget work on her Elvish dress. The embellishment is going very well and it's looking really amazing!

I've been spending quite a bit of time researching. Mostly figuring out how to make my 18th century shift and stays. There are some great web-sites out there with instructions and patterns so I've been printing a lot.
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After some brain-numbing blog surfing and silly quiz taking, I’m feeling a bit more calm about life.

Today wasn’t wholly bad. In the very earlier hours of the morning (being very hyper and not at all sleepy after all the fireworks) I finished my Rohan belt. It’s gold and pieced together and everything. It’s a bit dark compared to the gold trim but I like it.

I thought of adding some color by popping off the round black stones and filling the space with stain glass paint. I’ve seen this used as a very pretty effect on homemade jewelry. My Mom is “into” the stain glass thing so I got out her box of paints and experimented on some left over belt pieces. Can anyone say yuck? The paint did nothing for my belt, except to make it look very cheap. Oh well. I like the belt as is, really I do. :>

I also finished the hem on the Elvish dress. It’s all up to Bridget now, I’m done. She is upstairs working on it as I type. The silver trim on the neckline is looking very pretty. She is probably about half way done with it.

I just sized and printed out my stays and neckerchief patterns. I figured that was something costume related I couldn’t mess those up too badly tonight. I’m hoping I can get to those toiles this week, along with the Rohan hem. That is if I can face sewing anything after this evening's trauma. I’m going to see what a good night’s sleep (and an overnight stay in the freezer for the pocket) does for me…
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I finished the trim and other handwork on the Rohan gown today. Yay! The first pic is of two rows of trim on the gown. I decided that wasn’t enough so I added another row. Much better! To get the look I wanted I had to piece the trim. Yep, I had to trim the trim. :>

I put the gown on tonight so Bridget could mark the hem for me. These will probably be the last pics of me in the gown until Faire day. It’s a rather exciting thought.

I decided not to turn back the cuff of the sleeves. I had one all pinned and ready to be tacked but found I didn’t like it. That old silk against the velvet issue. I will just have to deal with sleeves that are 2½” too long. Oh well. :>
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I spent most of today working on my site. I noticed this morning that I hadn’t updated the Rohan dress diary with LJ entries for 3 weeks. Bad webmistress! I'm going to have to set aside a day and time to check that the dress diaries on the site are up-to-date with reality each week or it won't get done. Maybe Sundays evenings would work. Most of what I worked on, the 18th century project, is not uploaded yet. Still tweaking and adding info...

I had a chance to cut out that black skirt and the pocket today too. I cut out a square of fabric and marked the cutting lines anyway. I'll run a large running stitch around the marks so they won't fade as I embroider. It's so much easier to use a hoop before the actual shape is cut!

I also, like a good girl, pulled out the Rohan dress and finished applying the second row of trim along the neckline. I think it needs another row though. *sigh* It's about 3½ hours work per row. It's moments like these when I wish I weren't such a perfectionist about the little things. :P
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I don't have much to update, although Bridget and I have been working steadily on the LOTR gowns.
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In other news... Being in a 1780-90s frame of mind these days I got out the new Scarlet Pimpernel series (1999) out of my library. In all honestly I had heard nothing but negative things about the adaptation but I wanted to see the costumes so I popped it in the VCR.
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I took the excuse of some company over the weekend and then me not feeling well to lay my sewing projects aside for a few days. The interruptions turned out to be good timing, I was starting to feel a little burnt out on the velvet and needed a break anyway.

I started back to work today. I had already removed the sleeves, rotated and re-pinned them in the correct position. I did that while chatting with my company. :> I took the precaution of double basting and keeping the pins in. It was great, the fabric didn’t move at all. Yay! So the sleeves are sewed in and fit much better.

I also fixed the collar backs. Somehow I ended up with an inch overlap on each side… very weird but easy to fix. Those boring fixes out of the way, I moved on to the trim. I finished one half of the collar tips. I cut the trim so that when I laid it out there were no gaps in the gold. Looks pretty good I think, perhaps a little two-dimensional. If I still think so when all the trim is finished I will add some beading or embroidery. We’ll see.

I am now in the handwork stage on this dress. Still left to do:
tack down the sleeve cuffs
hem the skirt
sew hook & eyes in back
apply trim to collar points
apply trim to dress collar
apply beads or embroidery to trim???

I think that is it. Close enough anyway. :>

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