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I finished sewing on the skirt trim last night (pics to come). I think it needs more but I don't have time - next time I wear it right? :> I have come up with a way to polonaise it that I like involving my favorite safety pins. I am so lazy. I also started putting cockades all over the outfit and I'm liking the effect.

So today I need to:
finish making cockades
trim petticoat
make sleeve ruffles
pad polonaise?

Looks like today will be costume day. the whole family are going to Halloween parties tomorrow night - all different ones. Well technically mine isn't "Halloween" but it's the only thing I'll be doing for the holiday so that is how I'm thinking of it. :>

Mom is downstairs finishing up her costume as I type (so cute!), Dad actually fits into his re-enacting suit again (skinny man!) and B is on her way home to pick up her Elvish gown. The Harry Potter robes weren't happening so she decided to skip it for now and make them up for the movie premiere next year. Wise girl. Her hair is long again so she is going to do the curly "do" that we did the first time she wore the Elvish. I'll probably have to help her curl the fake hair for that sometime today. Seems fair since she is going to do my big hair for MA. Mom will need help with her hair too, although B may just take that on by herself. Everything seems to be working out nicely... makes for a nice change! :>
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Yay, pics!! :> Here are a few favorites and there are lots more to see on the Twelfth Night 05 page.

It was a lot of fun, at least that is what everyone has told me. :> The party was a lot of work but it was totally worth it, definitely our best yet. It was great to meet Maggie ([ profile] padawansguide) in person and, as always, lovely to spend time with [ profile] elegant_musings and her sis. There is nothing I love better than connecting in the flesh with online friends and talking about costuming with fellow artists. I wish all my sewing buddies could have come as well!! :>

Let's see... there is so much to talk about (a lot happened and went into the event), I don't know where to start. I guess if you have any questions about what we did and such, just ask. It's a little scary, we are already planning next year's party!! We really do need some professional help *rolls eyes*

Ahh... yes, the finished re-vamp on Bridget. Isn't she gorgeous? *big 'ole grin* More pics on the Twelfth Night page as well. I’ll be adding a section on this re-vamp to the dress diary in short order…
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The finished re-vamp on Narcissa. I’m pretty amazed at how it came out. It almost looks like this was the original design, instead of last minute fabric finds and changes on a whim.

I’ve said it a few times already, but beaded edging is what really makes the dress. It draws it all together. It adds weight and drape to that wretched cotton, and great sparkle to the whole ensemble. I have a series of pics to show how the edging was made too. I’ll be posting them as a beading tutorial on my site sometime this month.

I can’t wait to see the gown on B, with her hair and makeup done. *wink*

The infamous banners! I’ve showed the process of how they were made with pics of one section. The stencil was placed on the fabric, traced with silver Sharpie markers and then removed. We then filled in all the stencil lines, and smoothed out the pattern where necessary with the markers. The design was then painted with slightly watered down acrylic paint. Very time consuming but the results are great!

To make the sun and moon, we first made templates of the shapes we wanted out of a brown paper bag. We carefully pinned these, making sure the celestial shapes were lined up correctly with the design underneath. We then covered the surrounding area with paper towels (to catch any residual spray). The area was sprayed with an even, fairly thick layer of spray glue. A heavy layer of glitter was then sprinkled onto the area. We allowed the glue to dry a few minutes before removing the template. When the glue was fully dry, we carefully brushed off the excess glitter with a feather duster. The living room, banner and our clothes are now covered in glitter!! :>

For the sun we used a fine purple iridescent glitter, while for the moon we used a super fine green iridescent glitter. Really we should have reversed those, as the finer glitter has a lighter appearance but oh well!
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I’ve finished the Elvish re-vamp!!! *throws much confetti* …Or I should say my contribution to the project. B still has a bit of beading to do.

I’m so glad to cross that off my list. Lots left to do on my party sewing list but right now I’m off to take a long hot shower and then crawl into bed… Tomorrow is another day, right? :>
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I didn't get as much done today as I would have liked but... well it's hard to focus when you haven't had enough sleep. Our little party broke about 1:30 and then I stayed up until 3am. Silly Jenny.

I worked on the Elvish re-vamp some, finishing the hem on the overdress, so B can finish the beading. *whew* I also inserted the new wedgies. They aren't a perfect fix but I'm not willing to mess with them anymore. B will just have to shrink into the dress to get it to fit better – I’m done! :>

I attached one of the sleeves as well but I want to have a fitting with B before I go any further. She was already in bed, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
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Yes, I am still alive, my silence is due to the fact that not much costuming is happening around here. The focus has been on holiday madness, Christmas fun and attempting to catch up with real life afterwards. About the only sewing I’ve managed to do since my last entry is to sew the hook & eyes on the kimono. Very exciting.

Christmas was lovely though. It was a quiet day full of my family, amazing gifts, funny games, tons of junk food and slightly too much champagne on an empty stomach. Just what Christmas should be, right? I am so blessed that it just isn’t funny.

Bridget has been beading away on her re-vamp and it’s almost finished. The beaded edging really makes the gown. It helps blend everything together, like we meant to do this design in the first place. I have some in progress pics around here somewhere to post… I also have the research page on the kimono about ready to post, along with some other site tweaks. I should try find the time to finish that up.

I have a lot to get done for the Twelfth Night party – too much really. I don’t know where my planning went wrong but I’m rather behind at the moment. I’m not planning on getting much sleep in the next week.

The List™:
re-vamp: finish hems, sew dresses together, insert wedgies, re-attach sleeves
banners: sew lining to front, paint design, cut and sew binding, attach beading
backdrops: cut, sew & hem both sets
kimono: shorten belt???lj-raw> Oy. All that plus, shopping, baking, cleaning and decorating for the party. Oh yes and company tomorrow to see in the new year. Nope, not much sleep at all. I’m not sure how much LJing I’ll be doing either, we’ll just have to see what I have time and brain capacity for. Either way there will be a big update and lots of pictures to post after the party. *grin*
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After yesterday’s all day Christmas shopping and today’s social engagements I just didn’t feel up to any serious sewing. I think I left part of my brain at the mall or something.

I had just enough brain wattage tonight to post that tassel tutorial on my site. Yay! The pics came out a bit grainer than I wanted but I'm not worrying about it at the moment. They are faster to load and I can always change them later... as in after I'm a bit farther on the to-do lists.

Oh yes and it’s snowing! We have a good two inches at the moment, not bad for the old Pothole’s first snow of year. Ooh, it’s going to be hard to be productive tomorrow, with a crackling fire and shelves of good books calling! :>
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I worked on Bridget’s Elvish re-vamp a bit today.

In addition to the new changes, I am also attempting to fix old “issues”. It’s really amazing how much I’ve grown as a seamstress in such a short time. My fitting skills have definitely improved since I drafted the pattern for this gown almost 9 months ago. The shape of the bust on this gown come out odd, something that has bugged both Bridget and I. Originally I thought the darts were somehow to blame but when I took the sleeves off tonight and exmined it, I realized that it was a side seam issue. Simply put, the fit is too tight at the top of that seam, throwing the fit of the bust off. I’m going to make some little gores to add some extra fabric there, correcting the fit. Luckily the “patches” will be right under the arm so no one should ever notice them. *wink*

Once I had sewed together the under dress, I had Bridget try that on. It looked and fit just fine, actually better than the original. :> I then had her try the over dress on. We worked through the bust issue above and discussed our plans for the rest of the re-vamp.

Bridget took the gowns off and I proceeded to cut a slit up the front and remove the back gore, creating a second slit up the back. I also removed most of the bodice lining, leaving just a few inches at the neckline as a facing. Bridget then tried on the gowns again. I was rather amazed at how well the slits worked. We decided at that point to remove most of the side gore as well to create a better silhouette for the over dress. I quickly hemmed up the slits before calling it a night.

So now that I have pretty much taken the entire gown apart I have to put it all back together! *rolls eyes* I’m really happy with the way it’s looking though…
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I cut out the kimono belt, B’s re-vamp and taped together one of the banner patterns. Not a bad day, huh? :>

I got the Titanic DVD out of the library and watched it last night. I should say I watched the “Jenny edited” version anyway. I skipped all the bits without pretty clothes. :> I also paused and zoomed on some particular gowns, the kimono inculded. I love DVDs! Today, I started compiling all my notes & thoughts on the original kimono. Eventually it will be part of the dress diary but I’m not in a hurry about it. At this point it’s sew or write code and sewing wins out.

I really need to compile all my Titanic costume notes. I have researched a number of the outfits in detail over the years but my notes, sketches and photos are scattered in various places. A lot of it is just in my head, not written down at all. This kimono project has really inspired me to delve back into the 19-teens. It might be a useful thing, having some of that stuff easily accessible in the near future... *wicked grin*
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I fitted the toile and figured out the finial yardage estimates (5yd) on Saturday night. I’m making the underdress a bit more fitted and longer than the original blue (which somehow ended up almost too short) but other than that I didn’t change much on the toile.

On Sunday, we went out and bought the fabric. As I mentioned before it’s a textured cotton/nylon blend, shot blue & gold. It’s actually more blue in person than in the pics. The flash brings out the gold I guess. It really shimmers when it’s moved. *sigh* I love shot fabrics.
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I’m taking a break from toile-ing right now. After a 2 week break, it feels good to be sewing again. I’ve really missed it.

I’m working on Bridget’s Elvish dress. We have been in negotiations about “re-vamping” her Elvish Gown for a while. After wearing it to every costume event this year, Bridget is a bit bored of it. I am bored of seeing her in it as well, to be honest. Unfortunately, it’s the only costume she could possibly wear for Twelfth Night. Once we decided Bridget really did new something new and I was willing to do it for her, I actually suggested a quickie new frock (about the same amount of work really) but Bridget didn’t want to lose all the effort that went into the beading, so we settled on a re-vamp of this one.

We will be splitting the front open, adding an under dress and embellishing the edges of the new over-gown with beading. I’ll be doing the sewing and Bridget will work on the beading, per usual. The idea is based on Arwen’s “Angel Dress”. The beading design is also copied from that gown. We don’t really have original ideas. :>

We went shopping yesterday and found the perfect fabric at Hancock’s. It’s a shot blue/green/yellow cotton, found in the Christmas section. It goes remarkably well with the green chiffon in the sleeves and really makes the gown “pop”. We haven’t bought it though. That is why I’m working on the toile today, so we can determine the needed yardage and buy it this weekend.

Back to work then...
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Opps! Somehow I forgot a few pics in the last post! :P Also updated the site with all the new pics. Here are the details from my site log:

October 25 2004
I'm back from the Ren Faire again and have lots of pics to post!
Gallery updated: Ren Faire 2004 page updated
Journals updated: Elvish Blues gallery updated
Journals updated: Rose of Rohan gallery updated, including hair-do pics
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I’m back from the Ren Faire, for the second time this year. We - Bridget, [ profile] elegant_musings and I - went on Saturday. After a week of solid grey skies, rain and general gloom the day was sunny, crisp and clear. Yesterday it was back to rain and general gloom. Yes, prayer does work and I have a very gracious and cool God! :>

Faire ramblings and all the pics... )
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I am still so tired! :>

An early reveille, the long drive, the heat and, above all, the humidity made for a very, very long day yesterday. I’m still recovering. The Faire was fun though and I had a thoroughly good time.

I have tons more pics and such but I’ll post those later. Here are some teasers for you in the in the meantime.
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I haven't done much sewing this week. Okay, so make that haven’t done any sewing. Motivation issues mostly. I have been working on the Faire Garb eyelets tonight though. I'm proud of me. I've got almost half of the wretched things done already. I just finished watching FOTR (started at dinner and continued with eyelets). I thought I would take a little break, by hopping on the computer, before I popped The Two Towers in. I love those movies!

Instead of sewing this week, I've mostly been messing about with my site. Once a year or so, I get the urge to change something on every single page just for the heck of it. I really need help. This year’s totally un-necessary project is to change the text color (from cream to white and vice versa for the links), as well as re-organize some of the filing. Picture lots of new little .gif files and slight coding changes to every single page. So make that, I really need professional help. Anyway... the only thing of substance I'm doing is updating the links. I'm almost done with all that madness, just the dress diaries to go. I'll post here when it's actually uploaded.

In other news…
We have fake hair! I just thought you needed to know that. *smirk* Bridget and I finally made it to Sally’s and got the hair for her Elvish extensions and my Ren-do. We've only been trying to get to it for a month. *sigh* Simple things can be very hard when your sis works a night job.

Looks like we probably won't have an opportunity to do the trial run of her hair before the Faire. Mine will have to wait until the day of the Faire too. It makes me a little nervous but not much I can do. She doesn't have another day off before she quits for school and then we will be running around trying to shop and move her into the dorm. Ack! It will make that morning more exciting I guess. :>

That's all for now I think... yep. I’m ready to face more eyelets and TT. Or at least a few more eyelets and part of TT. :>

*trots off to carry on with eyelet fun* :>
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I won't be able to post pics of B in the Elvish dress this weekend, like I'd hoped to. We were supposed to take them today, her day off, but it didn't happen. We didn't have time to go get the fake hair yesterday and then today it was overcast and rainy. There goes that idea! We'll try again next week...
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The Elvish gown is officially finished! *throws confetti* Bridget put the last bead on yesterday. It looks so amazing. I couldn't be more pleased with this gown. It has been such much fun to team-up with Bridget on it. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and using the best of our talents to produce something this nice.

I took some pics on of the dress on Narcissa this morning. It looks even more fabulous on Bridget. She is going to do a trial-run of her hair/makeup in the next few weeks and I'll take some pics of her in the gown then. She is going to do her hair like she did for Easter, with the addition of some hair extensions and sparkly hair bobbles.

We decided this gown really needed the Evenstar but since that is not an option at the moment, we had to be creative. I scrounged around in my jewelry stash and found a pair of highly gaudy earrings I picked up for no particular reason months ago. They were $.50 I believe and thought they might come in handy for something. Well they have! I popped one of the earrings off it's hook, put a little jump ring on it and put it on a silver chain. Et voici, the perfect necklace. *big 'ole grin* I can not wait to see the finished look on B!!!!

I'll be posting the diary for this costume on my site in the next few days... I'll let you know when it's online.
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After some brain-numbing blog surfing and silly quiz taking, I’m feeling a bit more calm about life.

Today wasn’t wholly bad. In the very earlier hours of the morning (being very hyper and not at all sleepy after all the fireworks) I finished my Rohan belt. It’s gold and pieced together and everything. It’s a bit dark compared to the gold trim but I like it.

I thought of adding some color by popping off the round black stones and filling the space with stain glass paint. I’ve seen this used as a very pretty effect on homemade jewelry. My Mom is “into” the stain glass thing so I got out her box of paints and experimented on some left over belt pieces. Can anyone say yuck? The paint did nothing for my belt, except to make it look very cheap. Oh well. I like the belt as is, really I do. :>

I also finished the hem on the Elvish dress. It’s all up to Bridget now, I’m done. She is upstairs working on it as I type. The silver trim on the neckline is looking very pretty. She is probably about half way done with it.

I just sized and printed out my stays and neckerchief patterns. I figured that was something costume related I couldn’t mess those up too badly tonight. I’m hoping I can get to those toiles this week, along with the Rohan hem. That is if I can face sewing anything after this evening's trauma. I’m going to see what a good night’s sleep (and an overnight stay in the freezer for the pocket) does for me…
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I've been very productive today. I finally put the second Elvish sleeve together and put both sleeves in the dress. Bridget is very excited and I’m excited that she will stop bugging my about it. :> I had her try the gown on and I marked the hem. The skirt ended up a little short so I'm going to use some bias tape to finish the bottom. I need to go out and buy that and some navy blue thread. Apparently we are out.

I know I was going to wait to post pics until the Elvish was finished but well... I changed my mind. A girl’s prerogative right? I love the beading she did on the sleeve band. As usual pics don't really do it justice. She will be doing the same trim along the neckline as well.

I also sewed that black skirt today, hem and all. It just needs a hook & eye. Cute if I do say so myself. I also finally got around to working on the hem on that navy blue skirt. It's all pinned and ready to go. I have to wait for the navy thread before I can finish it. Maybe I'll go out tonight for that...

I should work on the Elvish or Rohan hems but I'm ready for a break. I think I'll go work on my pocket for a little while...
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I was an extremely bad girl and didn’t get one lick of sewing done this weekend. I managed to fill the days with movies, deck building, church, costuming site tweaking (nothing uploaded yet), cleaning and much laziness in-between it all.

It was fun, particularly the site tweaking. I am having a hard time coming up with a title for the 18th century dress diary. I'm not sure what dress or what fabric I'm using yet so it's tricky. It's an 1780s gown - think Affair of the Necklace. Any brilliant suggestions?

I decided to blow off all the things I should have been doing today and spent the afternoon at PM with Bridget instead. We saw POA (again) in the huge new movie theater and then popped into G Streets. Bridget needed some facets (or whatever they are called) for some Elvish dress rhinestones. I looked through the bargain table but didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without. I splurged on that linen for my pocket. I’m so bad. I bought a full yard of 54” wide so I should have enough for something else, a second pocket or perhaps my bum roll. Yay! :>

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