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Last night I went to the local ballroom dance studio's Halloween party after all. I debated about it all day (while I made mini pumpkin cheesecakes for the potluck - which came out yummy although not as good as Costo's pumpkin cheesecake) but in the end I wanted to be a pretty, pretty princess for the evening.

With a whole wardrobe of pretty things to wear I took sage advice from my LJ friends and decided to wear a totally impractical dress for dancing since I didn't want to dance much. I went with my Fire Dress. With the addition of my Golden Diadem it worked well with Mom's Snow Queen costume so we were Fire & Ice. (Bridget gets credit with that idea!)

It was fun to wear the frock again (it had only been worn once!) and it totally worked on the not much dancing front too! After several wardrobe malfunctions during the complimentary Hustle lesson no one but Dad was brave enough to ask me for a dance afterward. Yay! After bustling the train of doom and safety pinning up the underskirt's sweep it wasn’t so bad really. It just took a couple of tries to work out the kinks. I still didn't have much movement in the shoulders but with tall guys (like Dad) it wasn’t much of a problem. So I got to hustle, swing, cha-cha and foxtrot with Daddy, not that Mom got a single pic - shirker!

Mom's newly bling-ed out Snow Queen was very cute. We didn't get any pics of the new detachable bustle (she'll be wearing it again for an event in Dec so we'll get better pics then) but it was very pretty. She also added a lot more face make-up and fiber optic lights to her hair (never did get a good pic of them) and rhinestone snowflakes to the hem of the dress. I'm beginning to wonder if this dress with ever be finished, she has so many more ideas for bling. She is SO funny!

After dance we went to the Ale House for a beer and munchies - it was a good way to end a fun evening.
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I'm back! Dallas and Seminar were amazing, despite the lack of sleep!! I'll be posting my pics later today.

Now it's time to switch gears back to CC and re-pack my bags for another trip. :> I'm caught up on my friends list, which thanks to the LJ black hiccup was less overwhelming than it might have been. I call that good timing. :>

So... yes Jenni I will help with hair (love your new gala!), Kendra I got your e-mail and will be replying shortly but no problem, Katherine I hate you for being finished already and Trystan I think my patronus would be a bee. Unless insects don't count then a phoenix. Definitely. :>

B has done amazing things with my Fire while I was away - you guys are going to die when you see it. I also had some inspiration strike on the way home and will be re-working a few things on it. Ooooh! :>
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I was supposed to go site-seeing with Bridget in DC yesterday (our last fling before she moves) but thanks to a wonky stomach and a headache I stayed home and sewed instead. I got the pimpernel toile apart and cut out version two. Not terribly exciting but progress.

In Fire news, we have wiped out AC Moore of red bugles (again) and it will be two weeks before they get more in. Did you know Michaels and Wal-mart don't carry red bugles? Other colors but not red. So I have two more places in town to try and then I'm not sure what. Order them online I guess and hope they get here in time. Moo!

I did find the perfect belt for the Fire at Kohls though. It wasn’t quite big enough so I bought two (they were on sale). I'll have to do a bit of chain linking to do but no more painting and gluing. Yay.

I leave for Dallas in 6 days. I am in SO much denial about how much I have left to sew for CC, it just isn't even funny.


Jul. 9th, 2007 10:49 am
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Wow. Thank you so much for all the great feedback on my Fire costume, I'm just blown away! I guess I’ve been looking at it too long, I was feeling pretty "eh" about it to be honest. :>

As always you guys are fabulous! And good for you. those of you who didn't peek - I love you too! :>

No sewing was done this weekend, blah! I've got some free time in my schedule this week though so I'm not despairing. That CC deadline is coming up way too fast though!! *not panicking, not panicking*
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For those of you not going to CC, or for whom suspense is not an enjoyable thing, I have updated my website with the pics of the Fire costume. Really it's for me; I decided I will have more than enough to catch up on when I get back, I didn't want to add the Fire diary updating to that list. Glad I did too as I need to take some more pics to fill in the gaps a bit. :>

So if you want a sneak peek click here. If you want to wait to see it all finished, with my hair done and everything, avoid my website dress diary - you have been warned!
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The Victorian corset is finished - yay! I've replaced the boning and lacing so it's all comfy now. The gaps in the back seem to have shrunk since I last tried it on. Normally that would make me happy but I do want this to fit when I get to CC! Umm...

While I had the corset on I tried on the Fire and it all looks good. Or will if I can leave off the potato chips between now and CC. :> B and I have finalized the beading schemes so that is now in her court. We also decided it needed a belt so I have some painting and gluing to do now. No big.

I think I have finally figured out what I'm wearing, a good thing no? I've officially dropped the bustle outfit. This makes me incredibly sad as I had my heart set on it (particularly after POTO) and have practically all the bits and pieces. But to try and pull it off this month, from the underwear up and in a style I've never done before no less, was madness. Not normal Jenny-Rose costuming madness but over-the-top, padded-cell madness. That will be the first thing I work on when I get back though as I'm determined to have it finished in 2007. I'll find an event to wear it to someday. :>

I have decided that I need another new-to-me costume though and am quite taken with the idea of a new 1780s outfit. You know, something a little over the top for normal RCHS events. At most I will have to teak a pattern so it's just a matter of construction, not toileing. :>

I have tons of pink taffeta left over from the Cynthia gown that would be perfect for the zone front I adore from the Scarlet Pimpernel musical. I may not get to the shark-tooth trim before CC but I can always add that later, perhaps in green. *grin* I'm trying to decide if I want a fancy zone-front ruffled jacket or to recreate the full zone-front dress. It's pretty much the same pattern wise, just a longer skirt. Any thoughts? :>

CC costume line-up )

So that is 3 different corsets, one bum roll and 4 pairs of shoes - not bad considering my original plan was much more! :> Dropping the bustle does make cramming into the 2 allotted suitcases an easier proposition.

I had planned on doing a 1940s something for Thursday (found the cutest dress at Ross that just needs the right accessories) but Dad messed up my flight so that I'm flying into SD Thursday morning. I'm probably not going to be up to doing a 1940s hair style that morning, it would only look like crap by the time I got to LA anyway. The Federal is at least an easy hair style and super comfy and cool. Plus you guys haven't seen it. :> I'm thinking it might be nice to wear later on Sunday too, if I get tired of the chemise gown (not sure how I will like wearing that). Yay – I have a plan!
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Yay the Fire is done!! Well expect for the hem of the underskirt (I'll get over to Brooke's to serge that one of these days) and the remainder of the embellishing (which will never actually be "finished" - we'll just run out of time :>). But the basic construction is complete and it's in wearable condition - huzzah!

The underskirt ended up a bit slapped together, I'm a bit horrified at the sloppy stitching with three different red threads (whatever was in the house), but the chiffon was being a pain in the butt and I'm trying to curb my perfectionist side these days. The skirt will serve it's purpose and it's an overall effect I'm going for this time. This costume really is the oddest mixture of slap-dashery and detailing. I'm rather amused.

I'm going to eat some dinner and then lace up in the Victorian and try it on... *fingers crossed*
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Lookie - actual sewing content. With piccies and everything! My muse must have found her way back from Philly... :>

I was getting read to post last night when our power went out. *grinds teeth* Anyway B was beading away on the Fire when I looked around for something to do so I turned my attention to the chemise gown. I haven't been able to wrap my head around how all you people have put a drawstring round the neck while still gathering along the bottom of the sleeve strap. I need to see how you've done it because the descriptions are not doing it for me. mean people living so far away! I was getting all whigged out about it when it occurred to me that I will be adding a lace ruffle to the neck line so no one will see if I cheat. *looks at calendar and thinks. "cheating is good"* I'll just paw Katherine's at CC and figure it out for next time. :>

So I put it together the same way I did my Federal gown, which is less full but the same basic cut. Another cheat to save time and aggravation was to just line the blessed thing. I solved the problem of not really wanting a solid white lining by using the same thin voile as my lining. I ironed on lots of layers of heavy sizing until it was almost stiff so that it has some body while I'm working. I love spray sizing I really do!

It seems to be working well. If I had to do it over again I think I would have made the gathers along the sleeve strap a little less full. I may also take out the top-stitching along the strap. It depends on how much it shows under the ruffle. It looks a bit funky at the moment but I thought stitching down the gathers a bit would help the ruffle lay better.

I'm off to dance with RCHS at a local 4th of July event today so I can attach the ruffle and maybe do the waist casing while I'm there. Yay for period appropriate CC hand work projects! :>

Oh yes and a little seek peek at the Fire. B is doing such an amazing job. - Bless her little pea-pickin' heart!! Every time I talk to her she's finished a section and wants to add beading to more of the frock. The trip to King Tut is paying off - lots of inspiration for the beading. I SO have the best sistah evah!!
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I really don't know what is wrong with me. I have so much to do costuming wise before CC and I haven't been doing anything. It will be my own stupid fault that I don't have new things finished to wear but to be honest I haven't been in the mood the sew lately. Not good timing for CADD.

I've been looking at pics from CC06 to try and whip myself up into excitement for the sewing part (not just the wearing) and I think the old WWKD is finially kicking in... So I'm off to work on something - not sure what yet. Perhaps the chemise gown? Or the sleeves on the Fire? Or... :>
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The red glitter spray arrived earlier this week and I tested it out today. I didn’t get the results I was hoping for – moo. My poly/whatever didn't take the spray very well and when dry it looked more like dark orange flames than red. So I handed the dress over to Bridget to bead. I may add flames to the bottom in the end but I'm going to get everything else done first.

B has only been working on it for a few hours but the embellishment is already looking cool! I wish I had the time to do it myself (I love beading) but B always does such a nice job and this leaves me free to work on other things. My scrapbooking crop was canceled tonight and I wasn't feeling like moving around much so I pulled out the red print English gown and finished attaching lace flounces to the sleeves. I want to add some more trim to the neckline too so it looks all spiffy for the 4th of July event in a few weeks.

Tomorrow the family and I are off to Philadelphia for the weekend. We are going primarily to see the King Tut exhibit but I think we may stop in at Independence Hall and that stuff too. We’ve been talking about going for months but it was an on-again, off-again venture until a few days ago. Nothing like a last minute mini-vacation! I haven't been to Philly since I was 13 so I'm looking forward to it, despite the ultimate result of no CC sewing this weekend. *rolls eyes*
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I wrote a nice long update on the fire yesterday and then somehow deleted it - moo. Anyway, we had guests for Father's day so while the hardwood floors were cat hair and dust free I laid out the dress on Narcissa to shape the train. I'm waiting to hem it until I finish the stenciling (the red glitter spray should arrive today - yay!).

B got started on the embellishment over the weekend, adding sequins to the inner sleeves. She is using both large flat gold sequins (off a clearance bin belt), and small flat gold sequins (same as I used on the Polignac). They are just scattered around and to save time she is gluing them. Yay glue and paint – I love this costume! :>

I started work on the underskirt as well. The lining and zipper are done but when I started to seam the chiffon layer my tension starting giving me fits so I stopped for the night.

In other news... I was very bad last night and while at Borders found the book: A Dress For Diana The book is really interesting, a detailed description of the process of the making of the dress - from the first concept sketches through fabric sourcing, toiles, mock-ups, embellishing and delivery. Lots of lovely pictures too, which is what really sold me on it.

Of course if I had an extra £1000 laying around I could have gotten the special edition version with a scrap of original silk taffeta but well... I am saving up for CC. *LOL*
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Progress on the Fire - yay! I went over to [ profile] dancinseamstre house yesterday to barrow her serger. What with being sick last week I only had the inner sleeves cut out so Brooke kindly serged while I cut out the skirt, both chiffon & lining. She even let me chatter away and fed me Squirt and cookies. *throws kisses* Brooke you are fabulous!

So I need to sew the skirt so the hem is all ready to be serged when we get together again in a few weeks. The sleeves can be sewn now too and then all that is left is the hem. Oh yes and the extra stenciling and embellishing. :P

I took my camera yesterday but was too busy talking to take pics. Maybe I should not take pics on purpose, like [ profile] koshka_the_cat, and keep it a surprise until Gala night instead of just being lame! :>
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Remember the glitter spray I used on my Fire linings? Well I was thinking it might add some "oomph" (and create a design for B to follow with the beading) if I added some Harley Flames (TM) to the orange fabric, at the hem and around the neckline. B liked to idea too but my Michaels is still out of stock, since I cleaned them out of gold glitter spray over Memorial Day weekend.

So I searched online to see if I could avoid a drive to Garrisonville and guess what? It comes in RED! Oh yeah baby! So check this out: gold glitter flames on the red and red glitter flames on the orange. How much fun is that? I'm a little skeptical about the red glitter flames distracting too much from the Bollywood jewelry so I ordered some more gold too to use at the neck if I so desire.

*rubs hands together* Testing will show whether this will be super cool or over the top but really can a fancy-dress, fantasy Fire costume really be over the top? B says no. :>
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It's official - I have a cold. Bah! I didn't feel like doing much this evening so I pulled out the Fire and worked on it. Wow, two days in a row, I am on a roll! :> So all of the petty handwork is done. Everything is tied off, basting stitches removed, hook and eye on, zipper tacked down, slits reinforced etc.

A hem, some sleeves and the jewelry/beading and the main dress is done! Providing the bustle outfit doesn’t get me too many fits I'm thinking I might actually get all my "must have this" list done, without losing my sanity, after all. It's a happy thought.

I'm not sure I'll be up to cutting out the underskirt & sleeves tomorrow so maybe I'll pull out the chemise gown and work on that... or the Victorian corset. Those are sitting, not too much brain-function required type things. Brain-function is not to be relied on when sickly. :P
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Now don't faint - I actually worked on my Fire costume last night! I put in the zipper (only took two tries *sigh*) and sewed up the side seams and shoulders. Tried it on (forgot to take pics oops!) and success! Fits well, looks good - it's all starting to come together. While I had it on I had B mark the hem on the front panel then sewed that up. Wow part of the hem done already - yay!

boring list for me )

I'll be working on the under sleeves and underskirt on Friday. The darling [ profile] dancinseamstres is going to let me use her serger - yay no rolled hems! That should save me about a week of work. I love you Brooke! The Fire costume is turning out to be the "it takes a village" project. More proof that costumers (and sisters) are the best people.

Oh and I found some really cool make-up for the Fire yesterday too. I came across Urban Decay while browsing in Ulta. I was in there innocently enough, looking for a OPI nail color, when the Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gel caught my eye. B and I had been talking about how fun some dramatic eye make-up would be with the Fire mask.

I really wanted to get the whole look the chick at the counter showed me but just got the eye gel for now. If I get it all I will end up spending more money on make-up (that I will probally only wear one night) than on almost all the fabric for the costume. That is hard to justify! Maybe I've been a Mary Kay consultant for too long - I'm not used to paying retail for quality make-up anymore! :> However MK doesn't carry Heavy Metal Glitter Eye Gels, Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliners, 24/7 Eye Pencils and heavily pigmented Eye Colors. Moo.
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No progress on the costuming front (time hasn't allowed) so I thought I would update you on the infamous Fire stenciling project. You know the one that took over my Memorial Day weekend.

This started out as an idea, inspired by Michaela's Padme Watergown, to jazz up some plain fabric from the stash for the underskirt and inner sleeves. I loved the effect and thought it would be fun for the fire theme.

the nitty gritty details )

So the lesson learned is that it's probably cheaper to just by nicer fabric than to create your own finishes out of cheaper fabric and paints. Especially factoring in the time of testing, working & clean up (about 6 hours in my case).

Having said that, my Harley lining does look cool. It's the kind of detail that needs the right lighting and that I won't see much (it will peak through as I walk and as my train gets flipped over) but that adds depth to the costume. My homage to my favorite costuming flick, LOTR, and all the details that were never seen onscreen I guess. So far it's the only thing that specifically says "Fire" too.

You'all will have to tell me if it's been worth the effort on Gala night. :>
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*breathes sigh of relief* The power was only out for 20-30 minutes - yay! I spent the evening busily sewing and forgot to update my LJ with the good news - opps! All that flat lining was tedious but I like the end results. I stopped when I got to the side seams and center back (zipper) because it was really too late to be doing complicated things. I know my limitations. Both sleeves are done too, although I'm thinking about changing the shape. I really need to try it on before I decide though. I've got everything pinned on Narcissa but haven't taken pics yet... looks SO good!!

I was despairing about finding fabric for the underskirt and inner sleeves. I had some fabrics in the stash that COULD have worked but they didn't really wow me. So I went to Jo-Anns yesterday morning to see if I could find something in the midst of the Memorial Day sale. My fabric mo-jo can back to me and I found the perfect thing, seriously perfect. Not only is it the right color and on sale but it doesn't need as much embellishment as we had been planning. *eyes deadline* That can only be a good thing, although B may not agree. :>
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Everything is cut out now, except for the silk chiffon and underskirt, 'cause I'm not sure about them yet. Finished tweaking the earrings and bodice jewelry - my new found jewelry making skills are definitely coming in handy. :> The fire stencil is cut out, for now anyway. I want to do some testing before I cut more.

I also got as far as putting together one sleeve, looks pretty good. Not as big and full as I wanted but I had to work with the fabrics I had on hand. It will be impractical and constantly in my way which that is some consolation. :>

Oh yes and my Farthingale order arrived today so I can fix the Victorian anytime now.
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It's very strange the way this costume has morphed as I've worked on it. It went from an inspired copy of Eowyn's Green Dress, to Eowyn's Funeral Dress, to bits and pieces I've always loved from fellow costumer's frocks and now it's starting to resemble Arwen's Mourning Dress. Weird! Of course I never claimed my designs were original. I pinch every idea or element I use. My only claim to creativity is in the combinations. And of course actually finishing an outfit. :>

I got very sidetracked with sleeves this morning. I went to cut mine out and decided I really didn't like the ones I'd drafted. They were nice but skimpy. If I'm going to have a train of doom I need BIG sleeves, right? So I started wondering around. The first sleeves I found that I loved were the petal McCalls 4491 sleeves that Kendra used on her Elf Dress. Mom, who has no restraint when it comes to pattern sales, had the pattern so I got it out to take a look. Still really liked the sleeve but was daunted by modifying my sleeve to a two piece affair and dealing with my narrower fabric. *mreh*

Then I pulled out my Art of the Two Towers for help and remembered Arwen's Mourning dress. I wondered over to Alleycat's pages and really liked what I saw. The gown was designed for an Elvish Queen of Gondor, so it has combined elements from the elvish and human styles. Bigger sleeves than the typical Eoywn frock but smaller than Arwen's typical Elvish ones. In short just what I was looking for. I also realized that my neckline ended up similar to the Mourning. Really. I didn't do that on purpose!

In addition to Alleycat I found Maggie's pic of her sleeve pattern was very helpful. *wink* I was also super inspired by Kay Dee's repro. Can anyone say wow? She mentioned her modified sleeve pattern turned out similar to McCalls 4491. When I looked at it I realized it was really similar to my original sleeve - I was so close! I just need to round out the shape a little and it was pretty much the same. I’m trying to keep my sleeve all one piece so it probally won't be as long as Kay Dee's but I'm much happier with it now.

*hugs computer* I love the internet and the online costuming community I really do!

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