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Saturday: my panel, drama, Historical Masquerade, the end

Sunday was nice laid back sort of day. I got dressed in a rush after the alarm didn't go off, our panel went well (or so everyone tells me). I spent the rest of the day wondering about chatting with friends, taking pics and generally being glad I waen't in the Masquerade and didn't have to iron anything. More champage, the Masquerade, the what-the-heck-just-happened sessions in hotel rooms, only a few goodbyes and to bed.

My pics can be found here: CC27: Sunday

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I’m so behind on this journal - forgive me! Here are the few pics we took at the Scotchtown open house on Saturday. There are more pics floating around... I'll post them when I get them. We had a good time though. My back was really not happy that day so I took a muscle relaxer to get through the evening. It was very strange dancing while drugged. My hand-eye coordination was not great but I didn't disgrace myself too badly!

Sunday was the RCHS dinner. We ended up being the only ones dressed but we had a good time. I'm not sure what was more fun - getting dressed together, the dinner or the trip to Border's for dessert afterwards. It was fun to dress up CC style, without much regard to accuracy. B did [ profile] sadievale's hair too, so talented!

More pics from the dinner can be found here:


Nov. 1st, 2007 10:09 am
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Thanks for all the votes yesterday! I went with the sparkly. It was winning when I had to make the decision, although to be honest the deciding factor was that the embroidered had to be ironed and the sparkly didn't. So sad!

My hair came out so perfect last night too, although the picture doesn't really show it. Today it's still very curly (a la Morgan Le Faye in the TV Merlin) - and no where to go today. How sad!

I feel like if I don't do some costuming I will burst so I'm throwing self-discipline and naps to the wind today and I'm going to go sew something. Not sure what yet. I'm not even going to clean my room first... a sure sign of desperation! *hee hee*

edited to add:
Oh yes, I was called everything from a princess (apparently they are the only ones who wear diadems) to Marie Antoinette. My favorite was Queen Elizabeth - what the?!! Only my pastor guessed right. I was so proud of him, Mr. Marine and everything. He didn't even guess P&P but said S&S and everything.

Halloween is always a good reminder of just how specialized what I do is. I don't know what amazed people more that I made my dress (where would you buy THAT!) or that I was wearing a corset (my posture is so different!). Another reason to look forward to CC and other such events, where what I do is appreciated and acknowledged for what it is. And yet another reminder that you can't costume for the attention or approval of others. People will always disappoint in that regard - you have to do it for you and you alone or you won't last. *steps off soapbox*
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Still tired but it's getting better... My room is still trashed and my sewing machine still busted but I’ve been running around doing things for friends, family and church and so haven't gotten to it yet. And taking naps, which I never do normally. Proof I really am tired and not just a whimp. :>

Tonight is the Harvest Party at church. Originally I wasn’t going to go, just help with the set up, but the lady in charge heard I was good at the cake walk and she needed someone for that so she asked me. I decided I really didn't want to hang out at the house (we don't give out candy or turn on lights but the kids knock on the door anyway and it stresses me out) so I said yes. So this will be my 4th cake walk in a row. Yay. At least I get to dress up.

I'm doing Regency since it's my current favorite and it's comfy and cool. So I'll be Marianne Dashwood – at least most people will know who that is. I can't decide if I want to do the embroidered silk federal gown or the sparkly dress that goes under the Bee Robe. The train is shorter on the sparkly frock and it fits better (so less falling off the shoulders during the evening) but I don't know that I'm in the mood for sparkle and diadems. Simple white seems more Marianne to me…

So I will let you decide for me:
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I've posted the pics from Twelfth Night on my site here:

Twelfth Night 2007

And a stealth video B took of Brooke teaching us how to Charleston. :>
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Ahhh! What a crazy weekend! It worked out that I had to pack all my holiday living history events into one weekend. Friday & Saturday I was at Stratford Hall (Lighthorse Harry Lee’s home) and Sunday I was at Scotchtown (Patrick Henry’s home). I've been either sleeping, dressing, ironing, curling my hair or dancing since Friday. well I went to church and Target on Sunday but still. So. Tired. It was good fun though.

Friday we again were part of the candlelight tour and got to dance, in candlelight, in the Great Hall. I did a bit of caroling downstairs but mostly danced all night. We did Rufty Tuffty and Childgrove over and over… I didn’t mind though as Childgrove is my favorite dance ever. I wore my newly trimmed green “Polignac” gown, with new bronze petticoat. I still haven’t gotten the smell out of my extra fabric so I went sans ruffle and trim. I think it looked okay, although after seeing pics I do think it needs some kind of trim on it.

I was so happy - my hair came out wonderfully! I don’t have great pics unfortunately but it did look good, if I do say so myself. I washed, dried, hot curled and then teased it to death before pinning it back and adding feathers and a bow to embellish. Yep, it’s all my own hair, no rats or hair pieces! Once Bridget is home from school and available to take pics I’ll try to do a tutorial on the hair for you guys. Of course I may never be able to do it again… :>

Saturday night we all wore Federalist clothing so I added a wrist loop to the train and wore my Bee gown and robe. I had fun on Friday night but I had more fun Saturday, mostly because it was such fun to dance in the Federal clothing. It made such a nice change to not have all the skirts to deal with and the more comfortable stays. I think slippers are easier to dance in too. I love my period shoes but I had a hard time keeping my balance in them while dancing. I really wish there was a Jane Austen dance group in the area – I’d join in a heartbeat!

The only bad thing was on the way home I managed to spill cranberry juice all over my gown and stays. The gown came out of the wash just fine but the hemp cording has stained the stays permanently. They look like they have coffee stains all over. Oh well, I guess I just won’t be using them for show ever again. They aren’t ruined, just ugly.

Sunday was even more fun. I wore my new English gown with my red stripe petticoat and green stockings for an appropriately Christmasy outfit. I love my new dress! It fits so well and those pleats were so worth the effort! The event was good fun too. Scotchtown is not a large house so with as many as 8 couples (plus 5 musicians) we were packed tight into the hall. It made the dances very funny as we kept bumping false rumps and panniers! We definitely showed the spirit, frivolity and socializing of a country dance in a private home. We all had a blast and the guests seem to enjoy it too. We did a bit of caroling and whist playing as well, along with much laughter!

In other news, I’m all sixes and sevens with my computer. Dad and I switched computers over the weekend so I keep finding programs and files that still need to be transferred over. Simple, everyday things are suddenly very difficult which is frustrating. I’ll post more pics when I’m better settled. I’ll have to wait until I get other’s photos for more pics of me though, I’ve pretty much posted what I have. Oh well!
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Bee Robe:
front 49" = finished 47"
back 64" = finished 47" + 15" train

Bee Dress:
front 49" = finished 47"
back 55" = finished 47" + 8" sweep
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Thanks to the assistance of the fabulous Brooke (who got to see all the secrets *haha*) and an hours work from the best Mum in the whole world, the bee dress is good to go. I just have the hems and hook & eyes to do on the dress & robe. I'm hoping to get at least the hems done before we leave for C & L's but if not I'll take Bette (my new baby of a machine) with me and do them tonight. Hook & eyes for the layover in Dallas and I'm golden!

No matching purses and the wool will be polonaise via safety pin (again!) but really it's fine. I got everything done and I looks amazing - wait until you see!! *rubs hands together* Now if I could just shake this cough and sniff act and get everything to fit in my lugguge. :P
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Today has gone… well unexpectedly. I started cutting out the Bee dress this morning but that quickly became a discouraging thing when I realized I was a full 6” short on the front embroidery. That would take me a good 8 hours to do (oh why did I do that stitch!!). I don’t have 8 hours to spare with everything else I have to do! *moans*

So I took a break and went to Hancocks, innocently enough, for some twill tape. I was in line to check out when B and I starting looking through some fabric displayed nearby. Then I saw it… the perfect fabric for a Regency ball gown. In fact the perfect fabric to go with my bee robe. As B put it when we told the story to Mom, something clicked.

The grand result was I bought some and have spent the last hour cutting it out to wear at CC instead of the embroidered silk. You guys are going to FLIP OUT when you see it. B says I should keep it secret (no pics!) and she is usually right so I guess I shall. *smiles evilly* I should add that I got a great deal on it, thanks to a 40% off coupon.

I will finish the yellow embroidered silk gown (I need it for a RCHS event in Sep) but this gives me a chance to 1) finish the 6” on the front and 2) actually do the other embroidery on the sleeves and neckline that I’d given up on because of the CC deadline. I’ll be much better pleased with the result I’m sure and will be a lot less stressed come Tuesday night.

Less stress is always a good thing. :>
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I was hoping to get the Bee Robe completely finished today but it didn't happen. It's close though. :P Just two hooks and eyes, shape the train and hem the skirt. Oh and go to Jo-Anns, pick out trim for the waist and then sew that on. No big. Not terribly behind schedule really. I just need to get going bright and early tomorrow so I can get going on the Bee Dress, no dawdling!

B started work on the embellishment tonight. We sat at opposite ends of my bed, the robe spread between us each working, her on embellishment and me stitching the skirt on. If we weren't so tired and already in pjs I would have taken a pic. But honestly there are some nights you just don't want a pic of yourself!
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Excuse, again, my lack of posting. The internet went down again all day yesterday, this time some issue with our modem. It has not been my week can you tell!

I’m still sick. This cold wants to hang on for a while it looks like, probably because I’m pushing a bit sewing. I’m taking lots of breaks (so behind!) but still sneezing, tired and blowing my nose every 5 minutes. Life can be so unfair!

Despite it all I am making good progress with the bee outfit - proof that there is a God and He loves me. Someday I will regret not having taken more pics along the way but something has to give and besides I keep forgetting. So I’m going to pretend I did it on purpose and make the visuals of my progress a secret. You’ll just have to wait until the Gala to see!

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Definitely have a head cold *blah* but I managed to take a nap, frequent rests and get the bee dress toiled. The bodice was fairly painless, just time consuming with all the gathering.

The sleeves were a royal pain but as you all know, sleeves are just evil anyway! I tried the straight sleeve in Hunnisett at first but after messing with it for a while gave up and tried using an adapted version of my 18th century sleeve. Dang that pattern is useful!

So the toile is all ready to go (sorry no pics of the finished version, blame the meds for my forgetfulness). I really should work on the overdress toile tonight but I feel too crappy. If I can get the bee dress master pattern all traced out before bed I’ll be doing really well…
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The good news:
I finished everything on my list yesterday so I’m still on schedule

The bad news:
I think I have a cold. *sigh* Oh well. So far it’s not too bad. Hopefully it will stay an annoying head cold and leave in a few days. I’m going to ignore it and sew anyway, just sleeping a bit more than planned and making sure I’m drinking lots of juice. Darn the torpedoes full speed ahead!!

The stays are finished ad look nice and neat once again. It’s so nice to have regency stays that fit properly! I gave up trying to follow the original Hunnisett pattern, which had the top straight across, and cut dips under the arm holes. So. Much. Better!

I also took off some off the center front and shortened the sleeves. And of course re-did all the binding, this time with thin pre-packaged bias tape. I definitely like the look of a scant ¼” binding the best…

Finished up the Erté too. The shorter tunic looks much better and that little bit of trim at the bottom finishes it off perfectly. I had forgotten about the back though, I have to figure out something to cover up where the sari border ends at the back of the underskirt as it now shows. *think, think, think* If I didn’t have HIPs and BUTT this would have worked better. Oh well!

Today I’m on to the bee dress toile. I’m hoping to have the overdress toiled out by tonight but we’ll see…
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Ack! 10 days before I leave for CC - I'm not panicking!!!!! *ahem*

Looks like the stupid cable has finally settled down and is working properly. No posting last week because our connection was only up in 15 minutes spurts. Just long enough to read my friends list (sometimes to do a reply or too) before it went down again. Just a bit frustrating. *grinds teeth*

Not much done on the sewing front. Good stuff though. I finally came to the realization that I needed to stop being anal about this 1800 bee dress. I started to get all whigged out about “oh my gosh I’m gong to meet all these amazing costumers, I have to put my best foot forward and do everything ‘right’!”. *sigh* Pride can be such an ugly thing. God has been gracious to me though and with a little slapping upside the head last week brought me to a point where I can say, you know what? This will be my best foot. It’s the best I can do right now and that is okay. Not that I don’t care what you guys think but I have to do this costuming thing for ME, not based on what others will say or do.

*sigh* Thought I’d learned that lesson a few years ago, guess I needed a refresher. :> So anyway, not much sewing but my attitude is much improved. I feel much lighter in heart too and totally ready to party, no matter how close to my original vision the Bee ends up looking like or not.

All that to say I ditched my attempts to make the gown I thought I wanted and am going to copy the old Greensleves dress as is instead. It’s not the “accurate & inventive” interpretation on the Regency that I was going for but the look is right and it will be quite pretty. The overdress is same as ever but I was never worried about that. I work much better (and faster thank goodness) with more structured and fitted garments.

I cut out the toile from the old Greensleeves pattern and fitted the lining. A few tweaks and it looked good. I also decided on the height of the bodice, the one thing I really hated about Greenie was that the bodice was too long.

At that point I had to pack up my sewing things for a few days (company coming) so I turned my attention to my regency stays. I ripped out the rest of the old binding, started on the new binding and generally tidied up from my re-construction of last month. The bottom binding is done (how I love stays without tabs!!) and the top binding is pinned on.

Today’s plan is to finish that up and then finish the Erte. Just need to cut off some tunic hem (made it too long originally), re-hem it and attach that bit of trim.
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I got my Lacis order today. It all looks so cool! I can’t wait to try the tambour needle but I’m saving it for the CC class. I broke out the tambour hoop though, stuck my Bee dress on it and have been happily embroidering all evening. I was zooming along so well that I forgot myself and chatted with [ profile] elegant_musings far too long. Good thing Dad recently up -ed my cell phone minutes! :P

Oh my gosh – why did I wait so long for a hoop like this!! I can see many blissful hours of embroidery in my future. The Bee is going much faster now – if only I'd gotten this sooner! Oh well.

I don’t know why I’m always amazed when things work better & more efficiently with the correct equipment, but I am. *silly Jenny* The Lacis sit-stand is now tops of my birthday list. (feel free to hint to the parents at any time) *giggle*

I finished the trim on the ruffle jacket petticoat today as well so that outfit is finished. Well maybe. I can’t decided if want to mess with the hat or not. I’m tempted to leave it, cunning plans or no, at least until last. Rounding out my CC wardrobe is would be good too. :P
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Wow, this has been a bit of an expensive day. I ordered all my tambour supplies (and a few other things) from Lacis so they are on their way. Costume College class supplies - check!

I also ordered a pattern for my newest project. The first pattern I've bought in a long time. I'm already feeling guilty but after last weekend I must admit my confidence is a little shaken. I don't know how I'm going to finish everything in time so I'm insane to add another project but I *need* something fun for the Tea on Sunday. If I don't use this uber perfect fabric (for the theme) I will really regret it later.

More on this project when I actually start it. If the pattern arrives soon enough I may work on it before dealing with the Bee again. I think I need to walk away from the Bee for a little while, I'm feeling burned out at the very thought of Regency. *sigh*
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Hey [ profile] koshka_the_cat, where did you get your ballerina flats for your Regency frock? I have some red flats I could make do with but I wanted to check out your source, you know just in case. :>

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Some linkage courtesy of [ profile] strawberrykaren...

c1815 yellow frock - she says 1820 but I think that is a little late - complete with matching shoes and purse
c1805 frock - interestingly the textile appears to be a little older than the style of the dress while the second half of the sleeves are later. I'll bet cash that the sheer sleeves with their crocheted lace are later fancy dress ball additions. There are those stupid neck and waist drawstrings too.
1915 sliver gown - lovely!

The seller has some other interesting things (nice 1830s wool dress) but these were the ones in my area of interest. Thanks Karen!

In other sewing news, I pulled out all my patterns and decided to give Old World Enterprises #801 a try. I know this company has a horrible reputation but my first two Regency gowns were made from this pattern and I loved them. It's also almost exactly the line and style I want too. I'm not stuck in a rut, really I'm not! :>

The pattern I have only goes up to a size12 though so I will have to size it up. I haven't done that in a while but it's not too difficult as I recall. I got as far as tracing the original pattern and will take to hacking and slashing the pieces per Chancey this afternoon.
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The news from toile #6 is that I hate this gown and am starting to wonder why I bother with this costuming thing. *sigh*

Not going well at all. To look at it this is such a simple style - why can't I get it right?!! Either it's deceptively simple or I'm a dunce. At the moment I'm going with the former though starting to lean toward the latter.

I think it's time to go through the pattern bins. I can't even get the scaled patterns to work for me this time! It's not just this gown being a complete butt - I'm starting to freak about the fact that I still have the overdress to toile, cut, construct & finish. That looks like the simpler project, believe it or not.

*sigh* Why do I do these things to myself!

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