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I've posted the pics from Twelfth Night on my site here:

Twelfth Night 2007

And a stealth video B took of Brooke teaching us how to Charleston. :>
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Oh my gosh – what a weekend! Twelfth Night was not the party we thought it would be (or had planned for) but it turned out to be a lot of fun! Good friends, good chocolate and much laughter… our last Twelfth Night. *sigh*

The highlight was Maegan surprising us by flying from San Diego to attend! She decided very last minute to party with us, arranged with Dad to be picked up and woke me up on Saturday morning! I thought I was dreaming!

Sunday Maegan, Bridget and I spent the day site-seeing in DC. I was tired from the party (and staying up with Colleen until 5am) but I’m glad I went – it was great fun! We spent the night at a hotel near the airport and said goodbye to Maegan at 6am this morning. I still can’t believe she came just to spend the weekend. She is such a good friend!

B and I got home about an hour ago so I haven’t even looked at our Twelfth night pics. I think a nap is next on my agenda... I'm so wiped! :> Pics are on the way though, I promise!
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I'm not sure how I managed it but I haven't gotten one lick of sewing done today! The day isn't over but still, discouraging after my productive day yesterday.

I got some hours in on the CCFred site (always a good thing) and B and I finalized plans for Twelfth Night. You know, like where to put the food and that sort of thing. We pulled out all the "stuff" we've collected for the decorations and well, started decorating! We couldn't help ourselves once we got started. We are so bad.

I'm happy to report the plans are going well and the decorations will be pretty smashing. It’s proof of our genius and good shopping skills since we have been collecting for a year now, in spurts, all over the state, shoving things into the attic along the way. Not only does it all actually coordinate but it was super easy to put in place. It only took us a couple of hours and the room is practically done. We can't finish until Saturday because of logistics - but we could have done it in an afternoon if we had waited. Yay - TN objective #1 met - easy to prep this year!

*happy dance* I'm so excited, I'm so excited!

Of course that has nothing to do with the fact that I have no sewing to do. Not a stitch is needed before Saturday. I simply don't know what to do with myself! Speaking of... my new diadem is finished. B made it up earlier this week. It's so pretty but you have to wait to see it. My guests need some surprises after all! :> To preview a pic of the elements B used.
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Ahh yes, my outfit for Twelfth Night... I’m staying true to my word and not attempting to make something new at the last minute. I’m so proud of myself!

I’m going to wear my Bee ballgown, sans the robe. I love the gown itself, plus the train on the robe in the TN space is not a good idea so this works. I need something new for the occasion though so Bridget is making me a new diadem. I love how new accessories make a whole new outfit!

I wanted to bring out the metallic embroidery and sequins so when I saw this sprig at Pier One I was way jazzed. I bought three of them so with the pearl sprigs that B will custom make for it that should be about right. I want something in between the funeral wreath from the Getty Villa (saw it in person this summer – oh my gosh!) and Sarah Brightman’s La Luna crown. I can’t wait to see what B comes up with!
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Despite my silence here I have been doing a bit of costuming this week. I’ve been trying to get my quilted petticoat started. I’m a bit scared, I haven’t started stitching and this outfit is turning out to be a huge pain in the butt. Could this project be cursed like the Pirate *looks tempted to run screaming into the night*

I whacked my back out don’t it but I have one panel all traced out in washable pencil. Now I need to sandwich the layers together and baste with safety pins. If and when I ever get that far *rolls eyes*, I’ll post some piccies.

In other news... I have an announcement to make for those invitees of our Twelfth Night fetes (you know who you are!). After much thought and chatting, Bridget & I have decided that the next Twelfth Night (Jan 2007) will be our last Twelfth Night party.
Twelfth Night plans )

The Updated 2006 Obligatory List Of Doom: )
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Oh yes - I've posted more Twelfth Night pics to my site! Enjoy!
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Another Twelfth Night party is past! Inexplicitly I’m still awake so I thought I’d bring you a few of my favorite images from the party. The rest will follow soon. Really I should be in bed but I’m not tired for some reason. The weight of a looming deadline being lifted off my shoulders and too much sugar probably has something to do with it. :>

I finished the last stitch on B’s costume at 5pm this evening (the party was at 7pm). Way too close for my comfort but it was the best I could do. I’ve come to the conclusion that this costume is cursed. No matter how much I sew, I never seem to get any closer to finishing the wretched thing. Sort of like trying to eat pasta at Olive Garden, you eat and eat but you never seem to empty your bowl.

Not to say that her costume is finished – far from it. She was cheated on and safety pinned in places. At some point her stays out-of-the-package-poly-binding with have to come off and be replaced with silk while her coat and skirt still have to be made. Since I have to mess with the stays anyway I think I’m going to alter the fit of the back and shoulder straps. They are not right and bug me. I should also adjust her petticoat, taking out some of the fullness.

Of course despite it all she managed to look stunning tonight, if I do say so myself. Her beading was lovely in the low lighting and the velvet may be a pain but it sure is pretty. *sigh* She looks so good in red. :>

The oddest thing is that after this week I’m not feeling “off” sewing at the moment. It feels so good to have gotten something accomplished from my sewing list, even if it was in a crazed, mad way. I suspect I’m more burnt-out that I think I am though so I’m going to go on a forced sewing sabbatical. I noticed my machine was making some wacky noises today. These noises have been getting worse over the past few months and I really should take my machine in to be tuned up. The tension needs to be re-adjusted and the poor little thing is long overdo for some maintenance work. *bad seamstress*

Since I will be without a machine for a while, my next project will be to get going on the quilted petticoat. It is all handwork at this point so a good project for the interim. I may use Mom’s machine a bit to finished off my ballgown (attach the sleeve flounces)and get the stays fitting squared away while it’s all fresh in my mind. Then I can work on the new silk binding. More handwork you see. :>

Oh yes this week’s pirate progress pics. Not too many I’m afraid, I was too busy just sewing to document things. The last pic was us being a little silly. Narcissa was used as a clothing rack & accessory stand much this week and after piling on a few outfits on accident we decided to add some weaponry to complete the look. This is what happens when you have too much costuming and Cold Stone ice cream combined. :>
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Yes I’m still alive. This week has been insane with insane amounts of costuming, giggling, eating and party prep going on. Not much time for sleep, LJ entries or sanity. It’s been fun though and I’m pleased to announce that I’m almost finished with the costuming.

I will probably end up with a bit of sewing to do tomorrow (which I did not want to do) but we did push the party back over an hour than previous years so that gives me a little leeway. Also the table is set, most of the party preps done and I’ve dressed in my basic costume a dozen times this year. I’ve even done the hair style before. I’m so glad I went 18th century for the party!! :>

I better get back to my handwork. I’m still working on the stays binding, almost finished with the bottom half. The top half should go much quicker and then I have 3 eyelets and it’s done. I’m still trying to get the sleeve flounces on my sleeves (don’t know if I’ll make it) but I did get the trim on with help.

So far this has been my favorite Twelfth Night. It’s been crazed but the four of us (B, C & L) have all pitched in on finishing up each others costumes and party projects, using our strengths to their best advantage. It’s been interesting and fun.

Tomorrow is going to be such fun, no matter what happens!
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I got a few more eyelets done on New Years and last night so I’ve finished one panel (including the shoulder strap) and have 4 done on the second.

Real life continues to get in the way and because I have so much handwork to do on these stays they are moving at a snails pace. Not good. I’m not even making lists this week because they might discourage me. I’m simply living in a parallel universe where I believe I can get everything done in time for the party! *IcandoitIcandoit* :>

On the good news front the house is clean from our New Years party, so some general picking up should suffice for TW. We’ve taste-tested some snacks at Costco that will work, so less cooking then originally planned. [ profile] elegant_musings and her sis are coming today for a week’s pre-party visit so I’ll have a sewing buddy and extra hands to encourage and help. I’ve tested the Fray Check on my ball gown fabric and found a satisfactory way of cutting and sealing the sleeve flounces. If I can just find three hours before the party I can add those to my ensemble.

Anyone have some extra time I can add to my hourglass this week? :>
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The obligatory progress pics of the day. We weren’t able to work on the costume much today (household things, errands and such got in the way) but B and I had another productive evening sewing session. B got most of the stomacher embellishment done and I worked a more eyelets. I know – we need to pick up the pace! :P

My shoes arrived today. Cute huh? :> I wasn’t quite sure if I liked them at first but after wearing them for a couple hours around the house I found they were quite comfortable. The leather actually started to mold to my feet so that they became more comfortable the longer I wore them. I still don’t know how comfortable they will be for dancing (it’s so hard to tell without the buckles or until I dance in them) but I say they are keepers. Anything has to be better than what I have now – they aren’t even comfortable for standing. I’ll have Dad help me with the buckles and wear them to dance class tomorrow night.

I did mange to work a bit on my gown today. After much fussing, I finished pinning the trimming along the neck and one sleeve. I still have to make trim for the other sleeve and then tack it all down.

I popped into Hancock’s today and picked up some sparkles for my ball gown as well. I just couldn’t stand it! :> Since I couldn’t find small (4mm) flat sequins by the packet I bought a length of trim to salvage. I even figured out a way to remove the sequins intact on their string! I’ll use them lose on the ball gown (applying them here and there along the gold trimming) but the string of small sequins gives me evil ideas for other projects. *rubs hands together* Small sequins are so cool! *grin*
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I was bad today. I mean I almost stayed in my budget but I mostly bought for future projects; future costumes, next year’s Twelfth Night… so bad! In my defense I think we are just about finished with this year’s Twelfth Night purchases. We bought some 17th century style goblets today (for a steal at Walmart no less!) but other than that, we need get favors, candles and the actual food. Oh and maybe some paints for the annual twelfth night craft project. *rolls eyes* How we are going to pull off that still hush-hush scheme I still don’t know! :>

Tomorrow we are off to Williamsburg for two days. Dad surprised us with a hotel room and a reservation at Trellis so I’m excited. We probably won’t do much in the historic area, mostly hitting the pottery and outlet malls. Sounds like fun to me! :>

I ordered my colonial shoes from Jas Townsend a few hours ago so they are on the way. I bought the necessary buckles and treated myself to a small pair of sewing scissors for RCHS outings as well. I really hope these shoes work as I’m really not interested in any of the other reproduction shoes I’ve seen (and I’ve looked all over!). My consolation is if they don’t work I can put the money toward Costume College, a very worthy cause, yes? *crossing fingers*
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Today was a very good mail day. I received my miniature from Kate and my tavern CD from [ profile] sewphisticate plus more Christmas cards. I love how most of my Christmas cards are from LJ friends this year - so fun! :>

Thanks so much for the CD my dear [ profile] sewphisticate! I'm listening to it right now and I love it. You have great taste in music. Some of the songs are familiar from my English country dancing which is really fun. You are such a doll! :>

My miniature is lovely, the pics don't really do it justice. Now I need to get it wrapped up and under the tree since it was technically bought with Christmas money. It came on a black cord but I think I'm going to get some black silk-satin ribbon for it instead. Actually a blue ribbon would be fun too.

(Oh oh! The song Marie Antoinette sings in Affair of the Necklace is on this CD - coolness!!!! *ahem* Sorry... where was I?)

I was very bad yesterday and splurged more Christmas money on a length of lightly slubbed rust-colored silk dupioni. I just about fainted - my Jo-Anns had real silk! I blew a 40% coupon on it so it was only a slight splurge. The wretched stuff won't photograph of course - keeps coming out red, which it's not. Oh well, since when do I pick fabric that photographs well? :>

(Oh another song I know from dance! Not that I can remember the names of any of the dances - I get them so mixed up still :P)

I'm planning on covering a second 18th century hat with the silk. I've been feeling the need for a dark-colored "winter" hat for some time now. *nods head*

(Oh – we did this dance on Friday! Indian Queen, is it? Whichever one it is I love it. :>)


Dec. 16th, 2005 10:24 pm
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Not much on the costuming front happening these days. I have taken out all the broken stitching from the kitty toy that was my ballgown trim and started again. I've also started another quilt signature. I'm so glad I changed the stitches I used for that. The chain stitching was pretty but so time consuming. The stem & seed goes much faster.

B & I saw Narnia this afternoon. May I say wow! Great job - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I totally want Lucy's crown. I also thought the Witch's battle outfit was the coolest costume. So imaginative!

I must brag that all my Christmas shopping is done, I finished it up Wednesday. All the packages that have to be mailed are taped up and addressed too. I'll swing by the post office after my Mary Kay appointment tomorrow and post them. The Twelfth Night invites are also (finally) sealed, stamped and addressed. They will also go out tomorrow. I'd say I had holiday things pretty well in hand but I haven't even started my Christmas letter yet. SO BAD. As long as I write it before Christmas day, right? :>
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At the risk of having tomatoes and other produce thrown in my direction I must announce that Bridget and I have decided to change the theme of our Twelfth Night party. I know, I know - but the reasons to switch are very good! :>

Instead of “opera” the theme will be “tavern”, an old fashioned English tavern. Colorful tavern signs everywhere, tankards, wooden plates, the warm glow of candlelight and yummy pub food. The result of too much BBC lately and reading a bio on Shakespeare I think. But who can really tell where this sort of inspiration comes from. :>

The opera theme was just not gelling and B and I were beginning to get frustrated with the whole thing. Not good. We just couldn’t afford or find the things we needed for it. With this new scheme however we are back to being enthused, excited and motivated about the party again so it was the right decision. You know we changed the theme for the last party about this time of year too. :P

The only costume plans (that I know of anyway) that are really ruined are mine. The other plans I’ve heard about should work just fine - this theme actually works better for the pirates I think. I just can’t picture the 1911 opera dress in a Jacobean type tavern, can you? Not that guest attire must match the theme, but I know some have expressed interest in doing so.

While I don’t regret the change in plans (those tavern signs are going to be a blast to make!), I am in a bit of a quandary about my projects for the next 6 months. I could go ahead and make the opera dress as planned but it’s tempting to put it on hold and make something that will fit in with the pirates a bit more now. :> It’s especially tempting when I consider that I could make something to wear for both the October ball and Twelfth Night.

I don’t know. I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to working on the opera frock until I started contemplating putting it on hold for a while. The excuse and time to make something nice for the ball is tempting though. I don’t really know what I want that project to be, no real inspiration so far. I need to drag out the “fancy fabric” bin and see if there are any possibilities inside, any fabric that “speaks” to me. I don’t have much money for the project as I have to start buying supplies for the *secret* one so soon so using something in the house is best.

I’m up for suggestions if y’all have any though. Any 18th century frocks/styles you’ve ever looked at and thought “Jenny-Rose should make that!”? Yeah I know. *grin*
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Just updated the website with some goodies including these pics modeling the kimono. They were taken as I dressed for Twelfth Night.
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Yay, pics!! :> Here are a few favorites and there are lots more to see on the Twelfth Night 05 page.

It was a lot of fun, at least that is what everyone has told me. :> The party was a lot of work but it was totally worth it, definitely our best yet. It was great to meet Maggie ([ profile] padawansguide) in person and, as always, lovely to spend time with [ profile] elegant_musings and her sis. There is nothing I love better than connecting in the flesh with online friends and talking about costuming with fellow artists. I wish all my sewing buddies could have come as well!! :>

Let's see... there is so much to talk about (a lot happened and went into the event), I don't know where to start. I guess if you have any questions about what we did and such, just ask. It's a little scary, we are already planning next year's party!! We really do need some professional help *rolls eyes*

Ahh... yes, the finished re-vamp on Bridget. Isn't she gorgeous? *big 'ole grin* More pics on the Twelfth Night page as well. I’ll be adding a section on this re-vamp to the dress diary in short order…
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So many days, so few updates... I feel a bit guilty. It's been crazy with work and fun with around here though. The party was lovely and I think everyone enjoyed it. I know I did. I have tons of pics and such to post from the party, but haven't gotten to them yet. We ([ profile] elegant_musings and our siblings) are off to DC for some site-seeing this morning, so it won't be today. Hopefully before the week is over...

I have made the locked pic post public for those of you who couldn't see it last week. You'll find it here.
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The banners are finished!! Well, the painting part anyway. I still have the binding to cut and apply, but the hardest part is finished.

*throws much sparkly confetti*

I’ve cut the backdrop curtains so I’m off to sew them together and then hit the sack. Wee hoo - we are still on schedule!
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The finished re-vamp on Narcissa. I’m pretty amazed at how it came out. It almost looks like this was the original design, instead of last minute fabric finds and changes on a whim.

I’ve said it a few times already, but beaded edging is what really makes the dress. It draws it all together. It adds weight and drape to that wretched cotton, and great sparkle to the whole ensemble. I have a series of pics to show how the edging was made too. I’ll be posting them as a beading tutorial on my site sometime this month.

I can’t wait to see the gown on B, with her hair and makeup done. *wink*

The infamous banners! I’ve showed the process of how they were made with pics of one section. The stencil was placed on the fabric, traced with silver Sharpie markers and then removed. We then filled in all the stencil lines, and smoothed out the pattern where necessary with the markers. The design was then painted with slightly watered down acrylic paint. Very time consuming but the results are great!

To make the sun and moon, we first made templates of the shapes we wanted out of a brown paper bag. We carefully pinned these, making sure the celestial shapes were lined up correctly with the design underneath. We then covered the surrounding area with paper towels (to catch any residual spray). The area was sprayed with an even, fairly thick layer of spray glue. A heavy layer of glitter was then sprinkled onto the area. We allowed the glue to dry a few minutes before removing the template. When the glue was fully dry, we carefully brushed off the excess glitter with a feather duster. The living room, banner and our clothes are now covered in glitter!! :>

For the sun we used a fine purple iridescent glitter, while for the moon we used a super fine green iridescent glitter. Really we should have reversed those, as the finer glitter has a lighter appearance but oh well!

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