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Here is the video that didn't want to play nice yesterday!

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Dressing, or rather undressing in the Round Gown.
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Yesterday was the RCHS Spring Tea - yay for dressing up!

The fashion show this time compared three looks (day, evening, riding) from the 1760s-70s, 1780s-90s & 1800 so I wore my transitional Bellini gown to represent the middle evening look. I even sewed hooks and eyes on it this time in honor of the occasion! :P

It was great fun to wear it again (all that silk taffeta rushing when I moved!) but it is definitely too big. I tried lacing looser than usual so it won't be so oblivious but that just made me uncomfortable while sitting. Getting smaller is nicebut really the having to alter things is getting slightly annoying. Moo.

My hair turned out perfect though and since it was such a lovely May day outside I had Daddy take some pics on the lawn when I got home.

After I changed into mundanes I didn't really want to take my hair down so I pinned up all the flowing curls on the bottom to make it a little more modern. The result was a darling little Regency up-do - I like it! I'll have to remember that for next Regency event I do...

Oh yes and a little video to show how my round gown works:
edited to add:
For some reason this vidoe doesn't want to load today, I've tried three times now. I'll give it another go tomorrow!
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Ack! I have become such a slacker about posting pics! Not sure how that happened. Oh yes I do - insane schedule this month. *sigh* So first installment - the Ren Faire!

Not too many pics, particularly of me. Maggie got some good ones of me though which is nice. It was pretty much the morning from heck; an early alarm after a late night of turban making, dressing taking longer than it should, no gas in the car, remembering that I hadn’t packed [ profile] dancinseamstres's wedding gown while I pumped gas, two more trips to the end of my street to remember all the things I'd promised people, picking up and helping [ profile] sadievale to dress, dropping off [ profile] dancinseamstres's dress (that part was fun!), traffic in Maryland and a long line for tickets. Ah! But we made it, not when we wanted to arrive at the Faire but right on time for the LJ meet-up.

[ profile] isabelladangelo was thoughtfully wearing bright pink so she was easy to find. [ profile] saharazara soon came up and introduced herself. We hung out, chatting until [ profile] padawansguide (who was running late) joined us. [ profile] saharazara had to join her other party so the remaining four headed off for Faire adventures.

It was a fun day, despite [ profile] padawansguide's blisters, the crush of humanity (it was insanely crowded!), and the prevalence of drunks ([ profile] isabelladangelo said it was worse than Octoberfest). We spent some time wondering and browsing shops but mostly we sat, listened to music and snarked costumes. I don't know what it is about Ren faire that brings out my snarky mean streak, probably all the rich and potential bait. :> We saw good and bad and some very bad. I had my sweet potato sticks & cheesecake-on-a-stick and called Bridget because the Faire wasn’t the same without her. :<

I wore my Rohan dress after all. I hadn’t worn it for 4 years so it was nice to wear it again, although driving in it was hard (lack of motion in the sleeve area). I also discovered that my Victorian corset is way too big now. Phooey! I'll have to address that before Poe in January. Blah. Still I love my Rohan. I think it's my Ultimate Princess dress, I just feel so Her Highness in it. The color really does look best in the Autumn sunlight, something about the angle I guess. Yay!

I loaned [ profile] sadievale a costume of Bridget's. It was the first costume Bridget ever made/embellished and still one of my favorites. Luckily (with the help of one of my Italian corded bodices) it fit S perfectly, even the hem length was correct. Sweet!

Here are the rest of the pics from the Faire...
Jenny-Rose's pics
Maggie's pics (locked entry)
Elizabeth's pics

After the Faire (and the hour it took us to get out of the parking lot - we were not impressed with the lack of traffic directing!) [ profile] sadievale and I headed south to Bowling Green and the RCHS fall dance.

I was beat but it was nice to see familiar faces and catch up with friends. I was too tired to dance but enjoyed watching. I got to see the turban I made Tina on her but more on that later. *wink* We bailed before the dance was over, turned up the CD player loud to keep me awake and alert and drove back to Fredericksburg. A long and full but fun day. Whew!

RCHS Fall Dance pics
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I backed out of the RCHS event today. I just wasn’t feeling great thanks to the heat yesterday and it was supposed to be brutally hot again today. I'm glad I didn't go as I started to feel worse as the day progressed. Mom felt the same way a couple of days ago, (bone tired, achy, slightly sore throat), but the symptoms didn't last long so I'm wondering if it's some 24 hour bug. It could just be my hectic schedule catching up with me too. I feel bad about not following through on my commitment but staying home for a day of rest was the right decision.

I got the toile of the cross-over bodice all sewn together but didn't feel up to doing the corset thing so I set it aside and worked on the Pearl. I got a whole motif done today (yay!), so I'm ahead of "schedule".

It won't last long I'm sure but it's a nice feeling at the moment. :>

pics from S

May. 1st, 2008 09:51 am
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Oh yay - [ profile] sadievale posted more pics from Stratford Hall. More to add to the "oh I want to print and frame that" list! :>
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Coaching Day - we made it! I'm sorry I've been so silent here latelybut here is the proof of why! I'm so happy, not only did we get gowns made, trimmed and accessorized but we finished days ahead and got some sleep in-between. Last year's 24 hour sewing marathon taught us the importance of sleep!

B and went a little crazy and had way too much fun taking pics, can you believe we took over 350? I decided to spare you though, below are just a sneak-peek while the rest of my favorites are to be found on my site here:

This all-day event required us to get up way too early but we were determined to have fabulous hair. Bridget, ie the hair goddess (TM), did our hair for us (I finished off hers by pinning up her curls in back). We all have some padding in the form of rolled and scrunched black nylon netting. I was really tickled the idea worked as it's so cheap and lightweight. Yay!

The day was on the chilly side (yay for those flannel petticoats we made!) and it misted/rained lightly throughout the day. The gray skies didn't dampen our spirits, even if it made curls fall and pics more challenging to take. Let's blame the grainy and less than brilliant colored images on the weather and not the photographer shall we? :>

I couldn't be more thrilled with my outfit. I felt very much the pretty, pretty princess. The fabric was just perfect (thanks again Elizabeth!), the muff so fun to hold and the hat heavy but wonderful elegant. I so love this later style. I should have laced my stays a little tighter at the top but was too lazy to do so once everything was on, oh well.

Bridget finally got the dress we've been wanting to make her. Her weight-loss helps and my better experience too but for once we took the time we needed rather than making her frock a last minute job. I love you B! As for her hair and cloak (she made it, I just supervised) all I can say is that she is disgusting.

[ profile] sadievale's riding habit! As always there are things I'd want to tweak next time but really I'm very proud to have helped S make this. Hard to believe it's the first costume she's made huh? Nothing like starting with something easy and simple... :>

Despite the rain, it was a wonderful afternoon and a really fun event. I enjoyed the coaches but even more the tailgating contest - some of those entries went all out! B and I are already planning what we will wear in 3 years for the next Coaching Day. It's really very sick making. :>
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Ack! What a weekend of costume fun it's been!

Last night B and I went to a reception at the James Monroe Museum. We went in costume because, well, it was more fun that way. :P

I had a good time playing dress-up with my sis, although had I realized we would be the only ones from RCHS to show-up I probably would have skipped it. There was supposed to be a whole group of us and it was a bit of a crazy weekend for me. However, we didn't know we were the only ones until we got there. Oh well, everyone else missed out. The food was really good and both B and I were a having rather fabulous hair day. Does anything else really matter? :>
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I’m so behind on this journal - forgive me! Here are the few pics we took at the Scotchtown open house on Saturday. There are more pics floating around... I'll post them when I get them. We had a good time though. My back was really not happy that day so I took a muscle relaxer to get through the evening. It was very strange dancing while drugged. My hand-eye coordination was not great but I didn't disgrace myself too badly!

Sunday was the RCHS dinner. We ended up being the only ones dressed but we had a good time. I'm not sure what was more fun - getting dressed together, the dinner or the trip to Border's for dessert afterwards. It was fun to dress up CC style, without much regard to accuracy. B did [ profile] sadievale's hair too, so talented!

More pics from the dinner can be found here:
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I know I've said it before but I will say it again - there is just not enough time to sew everything I have on my list. Lately there hasn’t been enough time in the day to get everything done. It must me December... :P

Our second night at Stratford went well and once again I had a lovely time. I decided to be different and wear the Pimpernel. I paired it with my turquoise necklace and matching bows at the neck and sleeves (pinched from the pet en l'air).

I really don't know what to do with this dress. I love to wear it but I hate the way it looks in pics. It needs some major work, particularly the fit and the sleeves, before I'll be pleased with it. I think I'm just going to throw the original design from the Scarlet Pimpernel musical to the wind and remake the dress as a mid 1780s dancing dress. For Stratford I unpicked the sleeves almost halfway, rolled them underneath and basted in place (sewing through 8 layers of taffeta was FUN - not!). I think I'll just cut them off and if I have enough extra fabric do a ruched elbow trim. The fit of the bodice also needs work, particularly the back. I'm thinking about taking off the "zone" front flaps too... I think they make the bodice look poorly fitted and you don't really notice anyway.

It's needs some trim of course, although I think I'll keep that to a minimum. I don't have much extra fabric so maybe some organdy or lace trim. There are some pretty lace trimmed gowns in the Met. Oh or black velvet ribbon... umm...

Maybe I'll make this my Christmas week project. Then again I have the bustle bodice, the mini tricorn, the 1840s Poe dress, the Pearl Dress and the secret frock to work on already...

See - too many projects not enough time!

PS - My hair came out well again - yay! I think next time I wear this I need more height and some powder though. No point in being conservative with a screaming fuchsia pink dress, ya know?
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Stratford Hall was fun last night. The evening began with some bad attitudes floating around (mine included I'm sorry to say) but by the end I was having a good 'ole time. Prayer and good friends are wonderful things.

So all I had time for was the lace at the sleeves. I opted for a shorter lace rather than full on flounces... I like it. My hair came out well, which made me happy. Better pics will follow as the better ones are on other's cameras, as always.

Tonight I'm off again for more dancing in the dark. I'm thinking about wearing my Pimpernel just for something different. It's not trimmed and the fit isn't great but it's so dark in the room this year, no one would probally notice. :P


edited to add:
Okay the links to the pics should be fixed now...
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I don't have any pics to prove it (so you'll just have to take my word for it :>) but I have been sewing a little bit this week. Now that I'm feeling better (just tired, still coughing) I've been busy catching up on all the stuff I didn't do while sick.

All the black lace is now sewn onto the bustle skirt. I did it by hand but it ended up not taking long at all. Looks so nice - ooh! One strip of the ivory lace is halfway sewn down as well.

I started work on the trim for my green ball gown. It has some trim on it now but I think needs more on the skirt. I'll be wearing it for the Stratford Candlelight tour next weekend so I have to get cracking on that! My petticoat needs a ruffle too… must remember to dig out that extra fabric.

The last two nights I've been helping new RCHSers get their ball gowns made for Stratford. I mainly fitted the mockup/lining for one of the girls. In order to do that I basically had to chop up the original pattern and drape it. Thankfully the sleeve was not as evil as usual but the whole project took out about 6 hours of my week. So lessons learned:
1 - don't take my own work to these sewing sessions, I won't get much done anyway
2 - it's much easier to fit a sleeve when it's not on yourself
3 - it's faster to fit a bodice on a small, skinny person. I really must lose some weight.
4 - JP Ryan has craptastic directions! I know what they are talking about and I still couldn't figure it out. No wonder RCHS people have so many problems making new frocks! Draping baby – all the way!! It's the best thing I've ever learned!
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Saturday was spent at the Mary Washington house doing the living history thing. So much fun! We worked on needlework in the house, drank tea, nibbled on cheese and biscuits, danced on the porch and then did it all again every hour. We had fabulous weather and a great turn out (no less than 7 couples all day). The weather was so nice I got to wear my green wool English gown for the first time this season - yay! Thanks to a low battery I didn't take pics but Dennis was wondering around snapping away so I'll ping him for a CD.

I worked a tiny bit on my fashion doll (sewing up stuffed limbs) but I also worked on the reincarnation of the chemise gown. I picked out the extra panel and pinned the seams closed again. Doesn't sound like much but the lighting wasen't great and we did do a lot of dancing! :>

Today Mom, Stephanie & Linda headed to the Mount Vernon 18th century market fair, not in costume. We'd spent the previous day in our stays (except Mom) and I kinda wanted to check it out incognito this year. :> It was fun! The weather was again gorgeous so it was a bit crowded but the early autumn weather has been such a treat this weekend that is was worth the unwashed masses!

I came home with a new hat to trim, some yummy feathers to help with that, a cookie press, a Christmas ornament for my collection and a sunburn. I'm happy with everything but the latter.

I should have bought another hat... I have cunning ideas for at least two now. Silly Jenny!
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The good news:
My CC07 pics are online here! Hopefully that link will work... Got it down to 358 pics. Those to whom I have promised a CD will find a few more on that, mostly posed shots of themselves. :> Feel free to save, post on your site, print out, whatever. If you need a larger copy of something just let me know.

The bad news:
Both the RCHS Fall Tea and RCHS Ball have been canceled. I'm so bummed.
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Bridget took some videos at the 4th of July event so here are the two best:

[Error: unknown template video]
This is my most favorite dance, Childgrove. Sorry for the unsteady camera, it was our first dance and B was playing with technique. :>

[Error: unknown template video]
Another charming dance, The Young Widow.
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A selection of pics from the 4th of July celebration on Sunday. The weather was absolutely heavenly (low 90s, 50% humidity) - it was more like a San Diego 4th of July than a Virginia one! The company was wonderful too (especially that of my sis) and the dancing very enjoyable indeed. A truly wonderful event!

B did a wonderful job as photographer - I have lots more pics to post to the RCHS website, which I will do shortly! I also have some videos to post on youtube of the day...

And some pics from the June Faire event we danced at on Father's Day. *sigh* I do love that yellow jacket! :>

June Fair

Jun. 18th, 2007 10:38 am
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I participated in an RCHS event yesterday. We were part of the Fredericksburg June Fair (our piece of Virginia's 400th anniversary) dance stage program. So we had the pleasure of dancing out in the heat and sun for an hour. Actually because of the dances (and available dancers) I was able to take sit out a few times and then the sound system went out so we didn't really dance for an hour. It was okay with me. :> I came home, peeled off my garb and hopped into the shower before joining Dad and the grandparents for Father's day festivities.

The event was disappointing (low crowd, poorly advertised) but I did have fun. I got to dance with my Auntie Tina, hang with my friend Colleen (her first non-tea event!) and dance my favorite Childgrove. My frock was also complimented a few times. *glows* There was a camera floating around so I'll have pics eventually but I was wearing the same outfit I wore for Spotsy 4th of July last year.

The dancers before us were a Native American group from Pennsylvania and they were great fun to watch. One of the ladies had a jingle dress, which I'd never heard of before. It was seriously cool! I'm just sorry they had just a poor turn-out for their long drive, it was a shame.
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Do you want to see something super cool?!


Yes, it's a portrait of me, from last year's Seurat Sunday at Belmont. The artist gave it to me today. How awesome is that?! I'm so floored and honored. Not only did someone paint me but they GAVE the painting to me too. So stinking cool! Now to find a frame and place to hang it... :>

Seurat Sunday '07 was just as fun as last year. It turned out to be a lovely day, if windy. We sat and chatted, had a nice picnic lunch, sewed, read and sung to Tina and Lila's accompaniment and played a hand of whist. A wonderful Sunday in short.

Luckily I was going for the late 1780-1790s look as my curls were battered by the wind all day. It was really fun to wear the bum roll of doom and my hair extensions a la the Scarlet Pimpernel. Why are the most ridiculous styles the most fun to wear? Dispite all the pesky mistakes on this oufit (no deep point in the back still really bugs me) I do love this outfit. *sigh* It was a little chilly for a chemise gown so I don't feel too guilty about not getting it done in time. It will be fun to wear next year though.

Bridget looked a picture today - I'm so glad she came with me! Her outfit finally came together and she felt like the pretty china doll she wanted to be at the spring tea last month. We weren't off by much, I mean I didn't mess with her outfit too much in between the two events (it still isn't hemmed). Proof that a great costume is all about the finished touches (like caps and cockades), a good hair day and a good night's sleep. :>

I'll post a less Jenny-Bridget centric selection on the RCHS website soon... :>
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I back from Fort Frederick, tired, poorer but happy. I chickened out wearing costume. When I woke up this morning (and had to make the decision) it was cold and pouring down raining. I had visions of a thunderstorm version of the last Ren Faire I went to. My 18th century wardrobe is not really made for cold, rain and mud plus long drives in traffic. I could deal with one or two but not all 4 at once.

It turned out to be a nice day, spitting rain a few times but fine most of the day. The mud was minimal too. The sun even came out towards the end. *sigh* I SO could have worn a costume today but I didn't know it. Next year I will not go undressed! I met up with [ profile] bauhausfrau and [ profile] jehanni and spent most of my day tagging along with them. Thanks for letting me follow you around ladies – I had a wonderful time! :>

I spent all my money and had I brought my checkbook I would have spent more! So maybe it's a good thing I forgot it! :> Everything I did get was a good deal though so that made me happy. I picked up some soft $5yd linen, several bodkins, some $6yd caramel colored wool + silk ribbons for a little cape and a bundle of Silly Sister reed.

It was fun - definitely will try to go next year and will definitely dress up next time. It's just more fun that way and the vendors were more helpful too I noticed. :> *sigh* I have an RCHS event on Sunday so I will get my dress-up quotient filled this weekend at least. Watch it bucket down at the event now! :P

Oh yes and my black lace from [ profile] trystbat arrived today - it is gorgeous! Everything you said, soft, nice drape, lovely stuff. Thanks so much!

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