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Whew! What a weekend!socializing in Williamsburg )

Needless to say my lack of enthusiasm for making any new 18th century this year is now gone and I'm feeling all inspired to delve back into my favorite era. I particularly need a riding habit - stat! You people are evil! (you know who you are)

My pics can be found here: (I have to admit slacking off on Friday night - pics weren't going to do it justice so I didn't really bother!)

Friday Night & Saturday Touristing - plus a few pinched from Aubry! :>
Accessory Exhibit
Monday Night Dinner

More photos from the weekend: (I'll add more as they appear online)
Isabella's pics
Loren - videos (locked post)
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Here are my stealth videos from the weekend...

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Megan while we were waiting to go in for dinner.

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Coming out of dinner... way too full to come back into the heat!

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Playing badmitton at the picnic - part 1

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Playing badmitton at the picnic - part 2
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I've had the loveliest couple of days! It's been crazy and complicated and HOT as Hades but it's been wonderful - I'm so sad to be back to normal life again.

many pics and far too many words I'm sure! )

Oh yes my new frock! I'm competly in love with my new gaulle, or chemise gown. It was so cool and comfortable and I felt amazing in it. I think I need about 5 more!

The rest of my pics from the weekend can be found here & here! - Katherine's UTR pics - Katherine's picnic pics
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All my guests/costuming buddies are gone.

The house is SO quiet now!!
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[ profile] koshka_the_cat just made a fun post about the history of the Shoe Shot. Where this came from I don't remember but it's definitely a tradition now. Like it's not really a costume event without Aubry's My Little Pony Gummies or listening to "I Want Candy" at some point or someone being told they are a pretty, pretty princess. *giggle*

I had such fun looking at her shoe shots here are some of mine...

2007 - Costume College Gala

2008 - Tea at Loren's Farm

2008 - at Costume College

2008 - Costume College Gala

2009 - Poe's Birthday

2009 - at Dumbarton House

2009 - Pre Costume Con Tea at Loren's Farm

2009 - Pumpkin Tea

2010 - Antionette Fete

2010 - Tea at Loren's Farm

I also like to take a quick pic of everyone taking the shoe shot - they don't always come out but sometimes they turn out to be great!

2008 - Tea at Loren's Farm

2009 - Pumpkin Tea

2010 - Antionette Fete

2010 - Tea at Loren's Farm

2010 - Tea at Loren's Farm

Is it sad that I also have lots of Shoe Shots with friends & my sister when not in costume? :P

2005 - San Diego Vacation
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Finially got around to uploading my stealth videos from the Farm... enjoy!

Read more... )
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My weekend at the farm was wonderful an absolutely perfect last hurrah to our time at Hill & Dale Farm. It couldn’t have been more fabulous and fun, despite the rain! All my pictures (supplemented by a few from Loren!) can be found here.

I arrived just after lunch on Friday, having had a lovely des-compressing ride up with all the windows down (it was a lovely warm spring day). In between helping [ profile] bauhausfrau set the table and prep for the next day's tea, I worked on my Ice Cream Jacket, getting the peplum stitched on, the hooks and eyes sewn and the trim frayed, gathered and pinned before bedtime. Go me!

[ profile] madamekat arrived a few hours after I did and we all talked and laughed steadily throughout the day - it was such fun! We had a supper yummy dinner of grilled chicken, salad, strawberries and French onion bread pudding out on the deck. It was just what I needed - a low-key day with charming companions thanks ladies!

I wish I could say Saturday dawned bright and cheery but actually it went from lovely spring sunshine to gloomy clouds and spitting rain overnight. Blah. Still the view I woke up to in the turret-room was very pretty, misty and windy.

We spent the morning prepping the dungeon, the food and ourselves for tea at 4pm. We managed to get everything done, dress ourselves in a fairly leisurely manner and have time to spare as other guests began to arrive. At 4pm we were still waiting for a few guests to arrive so we decided to take advantage of a bit of sunshine and went outside to take pictures. Yay - the last dress-up pictures at the farm!

The tea was wonderful... the spread was huge and oh-so tasty. My macarons were a hit - yay! I have to admit I didn't drink much tea, mostly sticking to champagne. :> For the next four hours we nibbled and sipped and talked and giggled and laughed. We played parlor games, had fun with the favors Loren gave us, made silly toasts and plotted about Costume College.

We even managed to pop outside again in a light rain for a few more pictures (now that everyone had arrived).

Then we went in the craft room to go through the giveaway stuff and look at Loren's dolls. With our shoes off and our hair down we ended up back in the dungeon for more sipping, nibbling and toasting. We invented our own cocktail (The Jampange, made with [ profile] girliegirl32786's homemade strawberry jam and champagne) and much hilarity ensued from the dramatic readings from "The Lady's Guide to Gentility", helped no doubt by all the Jampange. You had to be there.

The next morning [ profile] madamekat left us for a other event, while everyone but Aubry, Nate and myself donned their stays once again to go to Fort Fred. I decided in the end not to go and made my way home, enjoying the relaxing car ride home and another warm, sunny spring day. I met Dad on my way into town, ran some errands with him, got home and crashed. I had great intentions of getting lots accomplished once home but I guess what I really needed was some down time and have part of my Sunday be a day of rest.

I spent the evening sucked into the Poldark videos I picked up at the giveaway, moving only to change out the tapes. I stayed up too late, falling asleep downstairs but it was kinda fun. Today's to-do list sucks now but it was worth it, the whole weekend was worth it.

Oh my Jacket! I couldn't possibly be any more pleased with it. It just fit, which is good since I will lose more weight before CosCol. It should be perfect by then! The trim totally made it... it does need a new petticoat though. I like it with the pink, but it needed a different hat with that petticoat. You know I think I'll just have to make a hat for it, then I'll have two ways to style the outfit! Darn, I’ll hate that. :P

Ah, enough fun my to-do list calls... back to real life. Moo.

more pics:
bauhausfrau -

padawansguide -

madamekat -
isabelladangelo -
girliegirl32786 -
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I had my Mom take a couple of stealth videos while we were plaing Speculation...

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dealing, antes, & coins for macarons

[Error: unknown template video]
paying 20 coins for a Queen only to lose three cards later to an Ace...
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I had such a lovely weekend - I don't even know where to begin!! My visit with [ profile] girliegirl32786 was fabulous, as always. Not long enough but then again it never is. :<

We spent some of Thursday and all of Friday prepping for the Fete. Mostly thanks to the macarons we spent Friday pretty much in the kitchen and on our feet. It made for a very long day but it was fun none-the-less. Except for the Barney macarons, the ganache with an attitude, and the overwhipped egg whites Baking Day went smoothly. Nothing like a few slight kitchen disasters to keep us humble and entertained! :>

In between there was of course much laughing, evil costume scheming, My Little Pony Gummies and wishing for far away friends (you know who you are!). We also had sewing to do... I had more than [ profile] girliegirl32786 per usual. *sigh*

When I woke up (too early!) on Saturday my dress was further from being completed than I wanted but thanks to lots of kitchen help from [ profile] girliegirl32786 and Rachel, Mom sewing up my hem and some pins in place of hooks and eyes it was in wearable condition just in time for the fete. *whew* That was too close!

I couldn't be more pleased with how everything came out. Aubry and I had great fun setting and decorating the tables. I was able to use Great-Grandmother's china and silver and my beloved candelabras. Even the roses I'd bought a few days before were beautifully opened up - perfect! The food also fulfilled my visions. Aubry and I even managed to get the little white/brown bread hearts in the top of the mint & lettuce sandwiches. So fun.

Then there were the macarons. They really were worth the effort. The Mint macarons (which we nick-named "[ profile] koshka_the_cat macarons" because of the green-pink color scheme) were vanilla macarons with candy cane buttercream. The violet macarons featured violet essence and a dark chocolate ganache filling. The rose macarons had rosewater with a rosewater, rose petal & lemon peel buttercream. Can you tell [ profile] girliegirl32786 and I had way too much fun coming up with these flavor combinations? :>

The fete itself was wonderful. We ate, we talked, we played Speculation, we took pictures, had a fabric giveaway, ate, talked, and laughed even more. It was a wonderful time with some very special ladies. And we all looked fabulous too! :> It's really been a rough couple of weeks for me, especially with the snow and the house-bound isolation that came with it. I really needed this weekend - [ profile] girliegirl32786's visit, the party & going to church today. I can't even tell you how much I needed ALL of it. *sigh* Thank you ladies!

So my frock... *drum roll* May I present the Bellini Dress. Otherwise known as my new favorite costume EVAR! I really couldn't be more pleased with the way it came out and to say that I felt like a pretty, pretty princess in it is quite an understatement. :>

I've always loved this early 1790s style, with its very tailored clean lines and almost bustle back. And to make my life easier this gown is basically the dress version of my beloved blue ruffled jacket. Hey why re-invent the wheel? It would have been even easier if I had actually made a finial master pattern of the jacket when I made it but I eventually figured what combination of self drafted patterns I used to make it. *rolls eyes*

I didn't have enough fabric for a matching petticoat so I decided to make it a "round gown" which was actually really fun to wear. I splurged, using every inch of fabric to put a huge amount in the skirt - 4 panels of 54". So awesome! The back pleats were a pain but I'm so proud of them. I really do have an obsession with tiny knife pleats and pointed back bodices. It's not a good thing!

And my hair - I love it so much! I finally figured out how to do that transitional hedgehog-to-regency-bun ringlet & turban hair. Whoo-hoo! I'll do a tutorial soon I promise...

The rest of my pics can be found here: (if anyone wants hi rez copies just let me know the file name...)
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Aubry is here and we are having a fabulous time!

Worked on my dress more yesterday. The skirt is now attached so the next big thing is sewing in the sleeves (they are pinned), the hem and sewing the hooks and eyes. The rest is little fiddly stuff. We have so much to do today though!

Today is macaron day! I'm so excited - we have some fun flavors planned and Aubry is going to teach me how to make ganache. Yummm! I also have some other fete baking to do and we need to set the table and decorate. I'm looking forward to it all but it's going to be a long day!
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Despite the gloomy clouds and predictions of yet more white stuff I'm feeling rather sunny inside.

1. I feel like I can finally safely say my Fete and Aubry’s visit is no longer in jeopardy from the weather. It seems a bit of a petty concern with my family's recent issues, people being stuck in the snow and some even without power but it has been weighing on me. Especially because life has been a little gray and difficult lately I've been looking forward to this weekend all the more. It's been my light at the end of a sometimes rather dark and gloomy tunnel.

2. Thank God Aubry is flying into Richmond! RIC is supposed to get a whopping 2" of snow so flights shouldn't be delayed, unless it's at her end or at the connection (which isn't in the Mid-Atlantic luckily).

3. Our road was plowed again last night very thoroughly. I think we have a plower in our neighborhood and he was determined to be able to get out tomorrow. He must have made 8 or 9 passes last night trying to get as much of the ice up as possible, especially on our two hills. So we may have 5-7" more coming but I'm feeling pretty sanguine about being able to get out of our street Thursday morning to go pick up Aubry from the airport.

4. My dress is progressing nicely. I got the bulk of the machine work done (except for the hem and inserting the sleeves) yesterday. The pleating and hand sewing of the skirt will take some time but I'm actually really looking forward to it. The frock is turning out nicely... I'm quite pleased!

5. I did a test run of my 1790s hair this am and it worked! Yay! Not that I don't love my beloved hedgehog but I'm ready for something a little different. I think I've also figured out how to get a Hedgehog Of Doom for CosCol. So excited about that!

So life seems pretty good at the moment. Not really looking forward to more shoveling tonight and tomorrow but even that I don't mind too much. It's turned out to be good quality time with Daddy (so rare with our schedules) and I think we figured out a good efficient system of snow removal.
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I hope you can come! There will also be a costumer's give-away at the Fête - it's time to thin out my stash again! Oh yes and of course there will be pastel colored macaroons! See, you know you want to come. :>
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Despite all my personal drama leading up to it, I had a nice time at the Pumpkin Tea on Saturday. It's amazing what good friends, lively conversation, fun food and a new frock will do for a girl. :> Pictures can be found here:
My pictures
Loren's pictures
Isabella's pictures

I'm still not quite sure how it happened but my new linen dress turned out wonderfully. I'm in shock about it really.

It was a close thing though. Dispite being up until 2am the night before, I woke up Saturday morning without sleeves. By the time I got to them Friday night it was way too late to be cutting fabric and/or sewing sleeves. So I got everything else I could do done and went bed. I finished the last stitch at 12:15 (the tea started at 1pm).

Thanks to my parents, who are made of win and awesome, helping with fittings (Mom) and sandwich making (Dad) I got to the tea right on time and not nearly as stressed as I should have been. :> My family is the best!

As much as I loved my dress, I was possibly more excited about my underpinnings. After years of cheating with modern slips, Victorian petticoats, etc - I was wearing proper Regency under things! A Regency shift, a high-waisted linen petticoat and of course my new stays. *sigh* I really should be less lazy about underpinnings, I love the feeling of wearing the proper ones so.

Speaking of my stays - I'm super pleased with my new pair! They were really comfy and the way they shape my bust is SO much nicer than the original pair. They were even more comfortable to drive in than my old ones - yay! I had another party after the tea, a non-costume event this time, but since my friends didn't care what I was wearing and my outfit was so comfy I didn't bother to change until I got home late that evening!

*sigh* I love Regency.

checking in

Nov. 4th, 2009 10:12 am
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How can it be over a week and be a new month since I last posted?! It's really scary how fast the days are flying by! I feel like I'll blink and suddenly Christmas will be over and I'll be trying to remember to put 2010 on my checks. *sigh*

I haven't been up to much on the sewing front, thanks to real life rearing it's ugly head. I finished the bonnet commission, despite it fighting me every frickin inch of the way. Some projects are just like that. *gives bonnet the evil eye*

[ profile] sadievale's Pumpkin Tea is next weekend so it's time to turn my attention back to my Regency wardrobe. I finished the eyelets on my corset. Now I'm off to sew on the shoulder straps, give it a quick try-on to make sure the length is good and I can start binding it. Then it's on to the fun stuff. :>
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My visit to Under the Redcoat was short but very sweet! I arrived in Williamsburg at 5pm on Sunday and called [ profile] koshka_the_cat. She, [ profile] past_blue & [ profile] sadievale had retired from a fun day in the historic area and were in relaxation mode back at the hotel. After a very funny keystone-cop-with-cell-phones episode, Katherine found me and led me to her room. I unloaded my car and we settled down for the all important costumer's chat.

We talked about sewing and current projects, I saw the plans for her Gala dress and she helped me brain storm about the issues I'm having with my Charles bodice. It was a lovely - I had such fun!

After a little while [ profile] past_blue & [ profile] sadievale joined us and we made reservations for dinner at the King's Arms Tavern (my favorite - whoo hoo!). I got dressed in my costume and we shuttled over to the historic area.

Our candlelit dinner was lovely (despite all the annoying interruptions of 1st person interpreters & waiters with history lessons - when did they start doing that?). My game pie was yummy and the company fantastic. After stopping to chat with a family interesting in our frocks, we walked back to the hotel and stripped down to our stays for a mini cake party. [ profile] past_blue popped open a bottle of Frances Coppola "Sofia" champagne, I broke out the tavern glasses I'd brought and we feasted on mini cupcakes. All while listening to the MA soundtrack on Victoria's I-phone of course. We are such dorks!

The champagne made Victoria & Stephanie sleepy so they retired to their room and after showers Katherine and I stayed up talking for another couple of hours.

Despite the busy day and the champagne I was up early Monday morning. Which was fine since Katherine is a heavy sleeper and I take longer to wake up and get dressed. Once Katherine was up we finished getting dressed and packed, all while chatting a mile a minute of course.

Victoria & [ profile] sadievale joined us, Katherine gave her luggage to the hotel to watch and we loaded the rest in my car (Victoria & Stephanie were catching a ride home with me). A walk down to Market Square for breakfast and the quickest costumer meeting ever with [ profile] sarahnucci - but hey we did meet! Then came the shopping for Katherine's keychain, Bridget's playing cards and Victoria's brooch and it was time to say goodbye. Katherine headed for the Capitol and some last minute touristing and we walked back to the hotel, hopped in the car and headed home.

So a really lovely time! All my pics can be found here:
Under the Redcoat 2009
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Tea at the Farm

Thursday was fabulous. I drove, got lost once, made sandwiches, took lots of pics, hung off a fence, drank champagne, had tea, talked, giggled, petted pretty costumes, promenaded around the lake and had more fun than should be allowed wearing my new jacket and petticoat. It was heaven! Thanks again to Loren for having us over and for everything!

My pics can be found here:
Tea at the Farm

videos below )
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Our outing to Fort Frederick Market Fair yesterday was lovely! the weather was warm (mid 90s) but the humidity was way low and there was a lovely breeze.

I managed to get my new ruffled jacket into wearable condition (and get a decent night's sleep the night before!) so I was a cool as can be expected. CC27 will see a matching petticoat and some more 1790s accessories. My blue stays (still sans proper binding) had their first wearing out and they are perfect! Very comfy and flattering, even with the 2.5 hour drive. *throws confetti*

[ profile] sadievale & [ profile] past_blue made the trek up to Big Pool with me. We got there about 11am and after wondering around for 10 mins or so we found [ profile] isabelladangelo and [ profile] blackcat452 at The Smiling Fox Forge. That turned out to be a good thing since [ profile] past_blue's vintage shoes started to disintegrate as we walked in and Smiling Fox had Fugawee Martha shoes in her size - yay!

After a little shopping, chatting and general drooling at The Silly Sisters we stopped at our favorite feather merchant and then went to have lunch. We were still sitting and chatting when [ profile] tattycat and her friends came up to say hi. After we parted ways with [ profile] tattycat the five of us pretty much spent the rest of the day shopping, browsing and having a good time. A highlight was our lemonade break sitting under some shady trees.

We left about 3:30. I came home a little hot (I love air conditioning yes I do!), very poor, but not sunburned yay! It was a nice break in the sewing/general madness that is my life but now onto the final stretch of CC27 prep!

The rest of my pics of the day can be found here: Fort Fred 2009
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Just a heads up - we are making plans for a costumed meet-up at Fort Frederick market fair on Saturday! Come join the discussion on [ profile] midatlancostume if you want to join us!
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Yesterday was lovely!

We went to Georgetown, to Dumbarton House for a costumed tour. Dumbarton House was built in 1803 and was the home of the first Register of the U.S. Treasury from 1804-1813. The house was really wonderful, full of interesting period furnishings and history. The real reason we where there though was to see a special exhibit of early 19th century clothing from the private collection of Mary Doering.

The clothing was amazing. I felt a little rushed at times during the tour and no pics were allowed but, as always, it was incredible to see extant garments in person. It's hard to choose a favorite but I think I was most inspired by a printed silk evening Spencer that fastened in back. Seriously cool! There are also a darling red and white striped child’s frock with ruffles at the sleeves, a men’s vest where the border of the fabric had been pieced so finely to create a decorative element and a pair of 2.5" long earrings cylinder earrings that looked surprisingly modern. Several things looked shockingly modern actually, I could imagine at least one of the printed cottons we saw being snarked at an event for being "not period". Funny how we get into a rut about what is and is not period. Also proof once again there is nothing new under the sun, especially in fashion.

After our tour we braved the chilly day for some pics in the garden then headed over to a local restaurant for tea and pastries. We chatted and giggled and talked costumes. It ended too soon (as these things always do) and we headed home. *sigh* I couldn't decide what the best part of the day was - that Mom dressed-up and came with me or I got to where my Mela hat again! :>

Thanks so much to Melissa and Marilee for organizing the day for us!! My pics can be found here: 2009.0228

Other pics of the day:
Elizabeth's pics
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It has been a lovely few days. I started to feel human after my head cold just in time to enjoy the gorgeous 60-70F weather Virginia has been experiencing this weekend. Honestly I think it's one of the reasons I felt so much better so suddenly. I love sunshine, it's one of the things I miss the most about Southern California and Colorado. The sunshine and blue skies just aren't the same in the East. *sigh*

During my sicky time, in between naps, I worked on a project I've been wanting to start up for a while. Encouraged by several friends I've started a new blog for my "event stylist" activities.

I love to plan/host parties, events and gatherings. Anything from a causal game night at home to a friend's wedding and everything in between. My calendar is chock full of events I'm hosting, coordinating, decorating or just helping a bit with this year. It cuts into my sewing time *eyes long Costume Con list dubiously* but I love it. It's a fun creative outlet and something I've discovered I'm quite good at.

All the fun is to be found here:

edited to add:
I've added a LJ feed for this blog if you want to add it to your friends list: [ profile] mllehostess

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