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Yesterday's Pumpkin Tea was wonderfully fun - thanks again [ profile] sadievale for hosting! Sadly Bridget wasn’t feeling well so I took her home early but joined the fun again for dinner at the Pub* and champagne afterwards back at the house. *Note if going to a costume event with Kat always bring a tiara and some bling - at some point it will be needed! This is the last time I'm unprepared!

The day inculded:
joining the 'Campaign to Save the Tiaras',
helping in a small way with [ profile] dragoneyes19's official hazing into the Fabulousity Club (it's not over Robin!),
rocking some of [ profile] madamekat's rocks, drinking champagne out of a can, with a pink straw
and of course scheming about costumes and future events.

Everyone looked so great and it was so nice to hang out with you'all - I can't wait to do it again!

{Jenny-Rose Photos} - my photos of the event & my favorites from others

Gloria | photos | (flicker)
Amanda | photos | (photobucket)
Robin | photos | (google+)
Kat | photos | (flicker)
Maggie | photos | (flicker)
Jean | photos | (LJ - locked post)

(I'll add more links above as more photos from the day are posted...)

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I had a truly delightful day yesterday at Kat's Victorian Picnic. Bridget came with me (so happy I had something she could wear that she liked!) which of course made it even better! :>

{Jenny-Rose Photos} - my photos of the event & my favorites from others

Kat | photos | (flicker)
Gloria | photos | (flicker)

Bridget wore my Poe Dress, which looked amazing cute on her. It fit really well except for being a bit short in the skirt and the sleeves, Bridget being my younger but taller sister. So I added a ruffle to the bottom of the skirt and moved the top ruffle on the sleeves to the bottom.

Luckily for me the new skirt ruffle was already cut out, the result of running out of time the last time I wore the dress. The plan was to add a total of 9 ruffles to the bottom of that skirt but I only got two on. That was in 2009 so it felt good to get that lone half-prepped ruffle out of my pending bin.

I still have the fabric for the remaining 6 ruffles although as I was working on it last week I remembered why that hasn’t happened yet. What a pain! This fabric is a rayon-poly-something and while it moves nicely on the body it is slippery and shifty to work with when cut on the bias as these ruffles are. Oy. I still say "someday" to the ruffle madness (it will be such fun to wear!) but probably not someday soon!

I wore my Black & White Bustle. Thanks to the twill interlining with silk taffeta combo that I used (I was silly enough to actually follow pattern directions for once, silly girl) it's definitely a cold weather outfit so I haven't gotten to wear it very often. It was fun to wear it again and it was perfect for this autumn outdoor event.

It also looked awesome with my very un-Victorian RED hair. I do love this hair color - and all the compliments I get on it - but of course the disadvantage is having to start all over with hair pieces.

Ebay was good to me in the form of some cheap Cosplay "dark red" wigs that were a great match. So the wigs were taken apart and I used some of the resulting wefts of hair to assemble and curl into Victorian submission. In the end I was really happy with my hair styling but I do need to refine the pieces a bit. Which is good for you since I'll be taking pictures of the process along the way next time. This time I was too busy trying to figure out what I was doing!

After the drudgery (dramatic sigh) of the shifty ruffles and the seat-of-my-pants hair piece making I decided to have fun by trimming a new hat. This 18th century hat from the National Trust popped up on my Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love right away. It then occurred to me that I had a small black straw hat & striped ribbon in the stash and could wear the resulting cuteness with both 1870s and 18th century frocks. Sold!

Originally I was going to use some black & white striped ribbon I have in the stash but when I pulled out my ribbon bin I found this tan and stripe ribbon that is almost an exact match to the original photo. Clearly this hat was meant to be.

The black straw hat blank is very nice quality but rather floppy for my taste so I added some millinery wire to the edge of the brim before covering it with the ribbon.

The pleating along the brim was done by just eye-balling it and pinning it on the brim as I set the pleats to make sure I got the shape right. All of the ribbon was sewn on by hand using a straw needle and silk thread.

I'm really happy with the results! It's a little plainer than I usually go for with my hats (my philosophy being one can't put too much crap on an 18th century hat - I've tried!) but it's charming and will go with so many of my costumes. It helps that so I'm tickled with the fact that I saw a picture on Pinterest and was able to recreate it from my stash on a whim! It totally makes me giggle inside...

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Dress U pics - videos and thoughts to come...
(I'll be adding my favorite pics from others - since I was lazy about picture taking and have gaps in my photographic record of the weekend- and links as they are posted)

Jenny-Rose (me + favorites from others)
Gloria - Friday
Gloria - Saturday
Gloria - Saturday night
Gloria - Sunday
Gloria - Sunday night
Kat - Friday
Kat - Saturday
Kat - Sunday #1
Kat - Sunday #2
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The GBACG Titanic Dinner on Saturday was amazing! It was one of the most magical costuming events I've ever had the privlege of attending. The venue was goregous, the food very tasty indeed, the live band such fun and the company completely fabulous.

The evening inculded the gentlemen at my table standing whenever a lady stood (squee!), couples dancing the Castle Walk to Too Much Mustard (I love that tune!), a very touching toast at the hour that the ship sank (thanks to the time differance it was right as we finished our meal) and some lovely conversations with friends and strangers alike in the drawing room after dinner.

I spent much of the evening just observing and trying to soak up the atmosphere, while squeeing inside of course. It was truely a night to remember. :>

I didn't take too many pics (too busy enjoying the moment) but I did manage to take a few videos:Read more... )

And the photos:
Richard Man
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The Epic Titanic Dinner – wow where do I start?!

It was everything I dreamed it would be, maybe even more. I can finally cross off "do a grand costumed Edwardian multi-course meal" from my bucket list. It wasn’t perfect by any means; we definitely had our shares of snafus, mistakes, unfortunate events and kitchen disasters but considering we aren’t professionals, we didn't have a staff of 15 and life happens really it couldn’t have gone any better.

I achieved what I started out to do – cook a meal that did some justice to the great Edwardian obsession with food and extravagance, create an atmosphere that set the mood for my guests and give all involved a chance to learn about a fascinating period of history first hand. Icing on the cake was really enjoying the process, that everyone looked amazing and the time I got to spend with dear friends.

Probably my biggest regret is the photos & videos that weren’t taken but in the case of my staff they were too busy serving (in more than one sense!), my guests were seemed to be too busy enjoying the experience (both of which I’m grateful for and take as a compliment) and I just plain forgot with everything that was going on. So I’m bummed about some of the gaps but oh well!

I’ll write more about the details and how we got there over the next few weeks but for now here are the all important photos. I combined my photos and those of Valorie Mundie of For Such a Time As This Photography as well as few of my favorites from others (*wink*). I broke them into a couple of sets ‘cause that made more sense to me at the time.

The Dinner & Absinthe Afterparty
Behind the Curtain (staff and in the kitchen)
The Food

Other's Photos:

And for more on the pretty frocks, here are their blog posts:
Nicole (Diary of a Mantua Maker)
Katherine (Koshka's Fashionable Past)
Gwendolyn (Idlewild Illustré)
Casey (Elegant Musings)
Aubry (A Fractured Fairytale)

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The Ides of march tea yesterday was great fun! Good company, good food, lovely frocks and the perfect weather! Thanks again for organizing the day for us [ profile] isabelladangelo

Also a reminder that I really do need to break down and make a Spencer! :> I din't take too many pictures - I was too busy having a good time - but I do have a little stealth video...

Pictures of the event:
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[ profile] padawansguide is such an enabler. I just so happened to be having a Macaron party today so when she posted about this cupcake wrapper set yesterday I had to have them and ordered the .PDF on the spot. I mean I HAD too!

The party was fun, helped greatly by the adorable cupcakes! Assembling them brought back memories of all the paper doll cutting in my youth... good times.

So what is a Macaron party you ask? It all started when I volunteered to make macarons for an event on Sunday (tomorrow). [ profile] caseysmusings expressed interest in learning how to make the tasty if finicky treats so I invited her to come hang out and watch me bake. Then I thought why not make it a party of it and invited a few more girlfriends for a baking day. The irony of all this being that in the end Casey wasn’t able to come but we'll get together another time! Oh darn, more macarons in my future. So sad. :P

I tried some new recipes today with varying levels of success so it took a few batches to get enough good macarons for Sunday. Luckily the "rejects" were tasty if not proper macarons and we consumed more than enough sugar to be going on with. Kitchen disasters are always much more fun with friends. (My first ever lemon curd was good anyway - yay!)

So yes I'm thinking more baking parties should be in my future. Perhaps éclairs next time... :>
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The Française Dinner this weekend was great fun! [ profile] girliegirl32786 arrived at my house Friday night. Shockingly we were good little girls and didn't stay up into the wee hours of the morning talking, as usual. The fact that we knew we had a 3.5 hour drive to PA ahead of us with to do nothing but chit-chat helped.

Our drive up to [ profile] madamekat's house was uneventful if long. [ profile] lindseyerin37 was at the house too and the four of us proceeded to do our hair, laced up our stays and help each other get dressed. Somehow we left the house not only looking fabulous but on time - when does that ever happen?!

The evening was really wonderful! The venue was lovely, the staff and guests so welcoming and flattering, the food excellent and the company was quite fabulous!

I wore my Diva dress with some new jewelry and what have been dubbed my "caricature feathers". They were ridiculously fun to wear, although I need to come up with a clever way to keep them facing forward like they should rather than move all over the place like they did. *ponders* I so enjoyed wearing my Diva again - I do love it so!

Photos of the evening!
Jenny-Rose (mine and my favorites from the others)
Maggie's videos (locked)

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Last weekend I had a lovely time traveling north to [ profile] madamekat's birthday gala. [ profile] isabelladangelo and I were rather like the Keystone Cops getting up there (and getting dressed) but once we got to the party I had a wonderful time. It was great fun hanging out with the costuming contingent including [ profile] laracorsets, [ profile] blackcat452, & [ profile] dragoneyes19 - yay for talking and meeting internet people in person!

I wore one of my most favorite "this-old-things", my sparkly Regency dress and the Golden Diadem Bridget made me. It was fun to pull them of the closet and wear them again.

One of the reasons I didn't try to make anything new to wear was I was too busy making a birthday gift for Kat! I made a little beaded bag. I quite fell in love with the little bat design, especially once I put the sequin eyes on him, he really came to life. I might need to make one for myself now! I used the 2.5mm silver and 3mm gunmetal sequins I just bought from Cartwright's. Yay!

The day after the party [ profile] madamekat took us to the famous Jomar. It was quite the experience and I found a couple of neat things, but more on that later... :>

My photos from the party can be found here on Flickr.
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Let the madness begin! My family and I will be hosting dinner on Saturday April 7th 2012, to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of the Maiden Voyage of the Titanic. Dinner will be a Service à La Russe of 13 courses. Chef Blanc-de-Blanc will be the chef for the evening. Immediately following the meal will be an Absinthe After-Party. This may include some or all of the following activities: gambling, poetry readings, dancing, visits by green fairies.

Yes it's true, my family and I have lost our minds! In reality I've been thinking about doing an "Epic" Titanic dinner for years and the excuse a 100th year anniversary affords is too good to pass up! After much thought and debate, and after getting the whole-hearted support of my family, I decided to host a dinner at my home rather than coordinate something at a restaurant, especially once I found out there would be a costumed Titanic Dinner at Dress U. It wasn’t an easy decision, as I knew there would be consequences, but more than simply wanting an excuse to dress-up in a 1912 frock (which we’ll now have in June) I've been gripped by the challenge of recreating the extravagance and stylishness of the era that created RMS Titanic. It's a silly insane thing to do but my Dad and I are both keen to do it (there is NO way I'd attempt it on my own!). We simply want to look back and say just once we did it.

The Good News & the Bad
So the good news is the food will be fabulous (if I do say so myself), bad news is space is very limited in my dining room. I can only seat 10-12 at the table which makes me sad as I want to invite everyone I know! Please forgive me if you haven't received an invitation for this event... I truly wish everyone could be included but alas the restrictions of my dining room and oven! *sad panda* I've been very flattered by how many of my out of state friends are willing to travel for this but also it meant my table filled up faster than I thought it would - opps!

Yes I said 13 courses. We are mixing documented Titanic dishes with other food from the period. We decided that rather than being too literal with the Titanic theme that we wanted an evening that reflected the period she sailed in. Following the dinner is the "Absinthe" after-party – so everyone can get out of their restrictive corsets and the "staff" can party too! I can't decide which part of the day I'm looking forward to most!

Needless to say over the past few months there has been lots of research, recipe testing, wine tasting, planning meetings and shopping as my family and I have prepped for the most complicated dinner any of us have ever done. I will be posting all the details of our party prep and foodie adventures here on my newly updated Mlle Hostess Blog. I’ve also created a [ profile] mllehostess feed if you would rather follow my party planning adventures through LJ.

And because planning an elaborate dinner party isn't enough to be going on with there will be lots of 1912 costuming going on too - for me, Mom, Dad and the rest of the "staff". The costuming content will stay here, although there may be some cross-posting with the staff attire. Oy I really am insane!
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Our costumers St Nickolas Tea on Saturday was really delightful. Many thanks again to [ profile] isabelladangelo for organizing it for us! The Reynolds Tavern in Annapolis was cozy and beautifully decorated, the tea food very tasty indeed and the company was wonderful! I hope we make this an annual event!

I finally wore my green striped robe à l'Anglaise round gown. You know the one I started for UTR in June (that wasn’t finished in time) and didn't wear at Costume College because I got food poisoning the night before I was supposed to wear it. That one.

Technically I have worn it once, to a Constitution Day thingy for a friend's homeschool group but I'm not counting it since I have no pictures and no costumers were present. Anyway i had great fun wear it to the tea (driving 1.75 hours in it was a different story!) - I think it's my new favorite 18th century outfit. It helps of course that it looks great with fur and it was the perfect day to wear some of my vintage fur collection. It's all about the accessories you know! :>

More pics from the event:
Jenny-Rose (me!)
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I had a lovely day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival yesterday. There was a fair amount of drama and stress getting there (I was seriously thinking about just staying home at one point!) but I had a good time once everyone got there.

Mom and Dad came this year (Dad's first ever Ren Faire) along with my friend Rachel, who is home from England for a few months, in her fun historical Snow White costume. She got a lot of attention and made many little girls happy throughout the day. If you ever want to be treated like a rock star at a Ren Faire dress like a Disney Princess! :> We met up with [ profile] isabelladangelo and her Mom at the Faire as well and had great fun (as always) doing the Faire together. The day was gorgeous, the perfect weather for Ren Faire - crisp and cool, with a dry ground and blue sky. I was fine temperature-wise in my frock until the end of the day when I was wishing for a muff. :> There weren't many stellar costumes but there were some pretty awesome furs walking around! I love going to a Ren Faire in the Autumn!

I was a good little girl and didn't try to make anything new the week before. I wore my Pink Italian dress and limited myself to two new accessories, a caul/hair net and a drawstring purse. I needed the purse for my new SLR camera (none of my reticules are big enough!) and I thought a thought a new hair net would be fun. I made the net by weaving together organza ribbon. It turned out to be a much more complicated and time consuming project than I anticipated and I'm not sure how much I really like it in my hair but it was new and shiny!

Umm… so yeah good news is my new camera takes great pics, bad news it takes longer to upload them to Flickr now! :0
more photos @ Flickr
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I'm pleased to say that my first Costumed Card Party was a success!

The evening was filled with lively games (Cribbage, Whist & Speculation), yummy but simple-to-prepare food (I should have bought more cream puffs!), and tasty beverages (including port, apple brandy & sparkling cider). For the first time I used all of what has become a very respectable collection of candelabras, and candlesticks for a total of 33 lit candles (thank goodness for Trader Joes dripless candles!). The result was magical - there is nothing like a room filled with the glow of candlelight. *le sigh*

Of course my guests looked amazing in all their finery and I had way too much fun wearing my new Candy Cane dress and pearl tiara (from seperwar on Ebay). There were many lively discussions and laughter to be heard as well - I hope to have an evening like this again soon!

Pictures of the evening can be found here:
Jenny-Rose (me!) - with a few of my favorites from others *wink*

[Error: unknown template video]
Stealth video of the shoe shot

[Error: unknown template video]
Card Party: stealth video #1

[Error: unknown template video]
Card Party: stealth video #2
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Despite my radio silence I have been sewing in-between Real Life (TM), holidays and commission work.

So I spoke a little too soon with the olive/rust anglaise pleats. When I went to properly pin them down, in preparation to stitching them, there was some weird bunching and odd angles at the point. Merh. I decided the fact that I was trying to use a straight length of fabric for a dramatic point might be the culprit so I took out the pleats, cut a point in my fabric and carried on. I ended up having to make multiple cuts to get it right but in the end I got it to where I was content. (Did I mention my perfectionism has a very love/hate relationship with tiny pleats?)

So the back pleats are now stitched down and the front pleats pinned. A waistband & hem and I have a wearable dress but I needed to switch focus for a couple of days...

I'm hosting a Regency card party on the 16th and despite having a closet full of lovely things I could wear I want something new. Silly Jenny.

Thanks to various fabric issues I'm now on plan "D" with this outfit. Oy! So I'm using my Lizzie Dress pattern and some red striped poly (shh!) chiffon to make what I've lovingly dubbed the " Candy Cane Dress". It's not the dress I originally wanted to make but I’m trying to use the stash and I had less fabric than I thought. So I'm crossing fingers that I will like it when it's done. I'm a bit skeptical to be honest but at least the construction is going really fast. In fact I'm hoping to have it finished today!

UTR videos

Jun. 28th, 2011 09:32 pm
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Video time!

[Error: unknown template video]
Katherine in her riding habit

[Error: unknown template video]
Aubry in her new frock

[Error: unknown template video]
Aubry & I promenading

[Error: unknown template video]
Short stealth video

[Error: unknown template video]
the firs carriage ride leaving

[Error: unknown template video]
a stealth video of my carriage ride

[Error: unknown template video]
Gloria skipping to dinner

UTR 2011

Jun. 28th, 2011 10:08 am
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UTR was great fun! It was hot but not unbearably so, thanks to low humidity (until the evening), cloudy skies and the occasional breeze. We had a laid back day of promenading around town, taking pics at the Governor’s Palace, a carriage ride and then dinner and a candlelight concert... *sigh* Such fun with good friends!

My pictures can be found here (supplemented with favorite photos from others!):

More photos of the day:

picnic fun

Jun. 12th, 2011 10:16 am
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I had a fabulous time at Kat's Victorian Picnic yesterday!

The day was not without it's hiccups (running late, loads of traffic, not eating enough, the brutality of 9 hours round-trip in the car) but the weather was nice, the food yummy, the company lovely & entertaining and my outfit so fun to wear! I'm so glad went!

I'm super pleased with the way the Picnic Dress came out. It was worth the frustration, alteration and hassle the dress caused me - the ruffles make me so happy! I need to adjust the bustle ties in the back a bit before CosCol but it's an easy fix. I didn't take many construction pics (not wanting to think too much about it at the time 'cause that made me not want to work on it!) but I'll try to write a decent write-up in the next week or so for you guys.

I can't wait to wear it again!

The rest of my photots from the day are on Flickr
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I'm off to [ profile] madamekat's Victorian Picnic today - yay!

I'm so looking forward to it! My Picnic Bustle Dress has finially come together. It's been a grueling process, what with Real Life (TM) rearing it's ugly head, endless pleating and having to take large parts of it completly apart to redo/alter but it was all worth it - the outfit looks as lovely, cool, flouffy and fun as I originally envisioned it! *happy butt wiggle*

More pics after the party!
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As you can tell from my lack of costuming posts I haven't been up to much lately. Lots of Real Life (TM) and time spent in the kitchen (as I discover my inner baker) but not a lot of costuming. *sigh*

I have been working on my outfit for my outing to the Virginia Ren Faire on Saturday. I haven't been a couple of years so I'm looking forward to it. I'm wearing the Pink Italian that I made last year, just tweaking a few things. Mostly I'm replacing the lacing rings with handbound eyelets. Eyelets had always been the plan, just didn't have time before the MD Faire last fall. I also want to stiffen the hem a bit and come up with a better hair style but we'll see what I have time for.

Is anyone else going to the VA Ren Faire? I'll be there 10-ish (when it opens)...

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