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In lieu of costuming content (since I haven't really been doing much), here are random links I've recently found interesting:

Not soon enough for me...
Facebook will disappear in five to eight years

I find these images sad, creepy & cool all at the same time...
Immortal: bejeweled relics of martyred saints

I love it when a historical myth is busted...
History & Myths of the Suffrage Purple, Green & White

I have got to try this!
18th century recipe: Strawberry Fritters

These make me rather happy for some reason...
18th century trade cards

Admit it, playing with this is fun!
Online map calculates travel times in Ancient Rome

I love everything about this...
18th century meets space opera

Interesting series of videos on pin-up hair... (this is video 1of3)
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What is better than a lovely new Edwardian blouse pattern being available? Getting it for free!

Info on the giveaway can be found here, while more info about the pattern can be found here.

I love that Wearing History is branching out into the Edwardian period now; there just aren't enough good patterns from that era out!
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So I'm probally the last one to see this but...

I just discovered the upcoming V&A exhibit The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 exhibition has it's own blog. Woot! Not much is there yet but there is a nice close-up of one the 1880s Liberty gowns. Hopefully the blog will be more active (and full of frocks) once the exhibition opens in April.

Also the FIDM blog just posted pic of one of it's clothing items that will be in the exhibition. (It has wheat Aubry!) - fun!

Oh I wish I could see it in person but I'll have to make do with the catalog I guess!
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More Met trolling...

I'm in love! - 1790s

Another one with smocking or maybe gathering... love the colors too! - c1787

love the trim on this one - c1750-1775

How did I get sucked into this website?! Ah!
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Oh I just found this trolling around the Met collection... sure looks like a gaulle to me!!!

Oh no I just made a gaulle tag... guess I really am doomed to make one now. :P

edited to add: While I am still trolling...
Also this fabric is cool.

My vote for [ profile] koshka_the_cat's next project - pink+green, amazing and definitely not for muggles. Just saying...


Mar. 30th, 2009 09:06 am
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Long time no post aye? What can I say, real life has been kicking my butt lately. I have been sewing though in my spare moments, stays progress has been made. If I can ever get my online act together long enough to post some pics I'll show you said progress... *sigh*

As a peace offering here are some yummy garment links:

1815-1820 ball gown - courtesy of cloak & blog

1810 silk dress

1900 white work outfit

late 19th cen dressing gown
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My current book du jour is Patriotic Treason, a biography of John Brown. It's pretty good so far, especially interesting for someone who lived in Lawrence, Kansas for a while. I'd love to go back to Kansas and do some serious museum hopping now!

I was surfing the net for pics, maps and things to compliment my reading and stumbled onto some online frock pages from the Kansas State Historical Society. Forgive me if you'd already found these but I had to share - pretties! I really love this black & white 1911 number, owned by the wife of Fred Harvey of Harvey House fame and this late 1920s frock – so fun!.

I was also particularly interested to see some good pics of this 1865 Inaugural outfit. It was on display in the DC Portrait gallery when I visited last year - very cool in person!
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I'm sorry but this is just too much fun - those are some very lucky kidlets!
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Still sickly, still ruffling. Pretty boring really.

My sickie time has been less boring than it might have been though thanks to some cool resources linked on my Friend's List this weekend:

Journal des Luxus und der Moden - courtsey of [ profile] jenthompson
My favorite so far is this one - I MUST make this hat. I like the reticule too.

Click "Blättern" to browse through each year/month. Look for the entry that says "Innhalt" for the fashion plates. Most months have 2 fashion plates and one decorative furniture pic, hit the arrow button at the top of the image page (when it says 1/2 or 1/3) to view all the images from that month. Jen also suggested using "Suche", (try robe, redingote, caraco, turque, etc.) Looking by month is a bit tedious I'll admit but I didn't want to miss anything! Thanks much to Jen for the link and instructions on how to use it!

Museo del Traje - courtesy of [ profile] hohenstein
To search go to "catalogo", then type in "jubon" in top space. Click "buscar" (search), "ficha completa" for the info page, then "ampliar imagen" for more/larger photos. Thanks for the link A!
Lots of interesting 18th cen & Regency stuff so far, including this c1787 beauty:
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I am in love!!

Thanks [ profile] sakka for the link to her blog.

I've been really drawn to this shape of "zone" front lately but this is truly a stunning reproduction of it. She has the proportions just right. So now I'm wondering if I could alter my Pimpernel to this shape or if it would even be worth the effort since I don't have a contrasting stomacher/petticoat. I'm also liking the buttons. Miss-I-loath-doing-buttonholes. Weird.

*ponders possibilities*
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While surfing the net I came across this link to the Beta Shoe Museum in Toronto:

Be sure to check out the 1780s pink & black shoes at the bottom - yummy! *wink*
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Darling Friends List,
I am looking for two things and I hope you can help!

A - I have some crewelwork pieces that were done by my Great-Grandmother that disparately need to be cleaned. Do you know of any one who specializes in cleaning heirloom embroidery type things?

B - I have a friend who has a lovely 1891 silk fan (family heirloom) that needs to be repaired (the silk has split in two places) and framed - any leads I can pass on to her?

Thanks much!
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For those intrepid bulk/wholesale trim seekers...

An RCHS friend just sent this link of one of her sources... some interesting stuff. They have a lower minimum than but some things are more expensive. They do carry silk satin ribbon though and sewing/quilting notions (bias tape, my washable transfer pen and the long gold eye quilting needles I use - cool!) among other goodies. Enjoy!
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Honestly how gorgeous is this?

Thanks to [ profile] pinkdiamond for posting it a few days ago. I'm not frequently tempted by vintage garments but if I had a couple of hundred bucks to spare right now I would totally be bidding on this lovely! Perhaps I will just copy it one of these days instead... :>
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Loreena McKennitt is (finally) releasing a new album. It will be available in the Fall sometime, maybe in time for my birthday, that would be sweet. Yay!!

more info on Loreena's site
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Some linkage courtesy of [ profile] strawberrykaren...

c1815 yellow frock - she says 1820 but I think that is a little late - complete with matching shoes and purse
c1805 frock - interestingly the textile appears to be a little older than the style of the dress while the second half of the sleeves are later. I'll bet cash that the sheer sleeves with their crocheted lace are later fancy dress ball additions. There are those stupid neck and waist drawstrings too.
1915 sliver gown - lovely!

The seller has some other interesting things (nice 1830s wool dress) but these were the ones in my area of interest. Thanks Karen!

In other sewing news, I pulled out all my patterns and decided to give Old World Enterprises #801 a try. I know this company has a horrible reputation but my first two Regency gowns were made from this pattern and I loved them. It's also almost exactly the line and style I want too. I'm not stuck in a rut, really I'm not! :>

The pattern I have only goes up to a size12 though so I will have to size it up. I haven't done that in a while but it's not too difficult as I recall. I got as far as tracing the original pattern and will take to hacking and slashing the pieces per Chancey this afternoon.
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I am so behind on LJ these days! Please forgive my lack of responses to your posts. I am reading and enjoying them! :> Lack of personal sewing updates will hopefully end this week. I'm going to try very hard to set aside some time to actually work on my current projects (shock I know!). In the meantime, here is some linkage I thought you would enjoy… (see I’m not above bribery :>)

Courtesy of [ profile] heileen's links:
1750-1770 Quilted Petticoat

Found trolling through e-bay - so fun!
1871 Stars & Stripes gown

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