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It's official so I can finally share the big news I have been DYING to tell you 'all!

The Bad News: I won't be attending Costume College this year after all. So if you know anyone who needs a membership or a gala ticket I'd love to sell them mine! (memberships can be transferred until June 24th)

I'm incredibly bummed out about not seeing my far-flung costuming friends, lounging in Roman dress with you guys and missing the first ever making bobbin-lace class I've seen offered at Costume College (razenfrazen!) but I'm really excited about the reason I can't go...

The Good News: I will be attending The Paul Mitchell School in Woodbridge to become a licensed cosmetologist!

It's something I've thought about doing for YEARS but my fears and doubts always held me back. As I've been doing a lot of deep soul searching over the past few months, I finally found the faith and the courage I needed to follow this path. It's time to stop standing on the sidelines cheering on friends as they take risks and follow their dreams; it's time I followed their example. Things have fallen into place every step along the way so far and I feel an incredible peace and surety that this is what I'm supposed to do.

I start school on June 18th. It's an intense 11 month program, Tuesday-Saturday, so there are lots of costume events this year that I simply won't be able to do and I don't know how many sewing projects I'll have time for. But it's only a year and my new mantra is short term pain for long term gain!

Wheee - have I mentioned I'm SO excited?!!!
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What a crazy year 2013 has turned out to be! It's been chock full of all sorts of good things, but not much costuming/sewing. I didn't even attempt to make anything new for my Card Party, thank goodness for a Costume Closet already full of pretty Regency things! That is going to change though as I have several events coming up that the Costume Closet isn't going to help me with. But before I get into those projects I'll catch you up with what I have been working on since Christmas...

bling, sewing room makeover and the non curtain-along )
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Thanks for all your support on my hiatus. I'm feeling much better about things and actually WANT to blog now - a sure sign it's time to come back! So what have I been up to while I was gone? Not much of interest, apart from getting a new look. I've been "Red" for a month now and I love it! I probably won't keep it forever (so much upkeep!) but for now I'm loving it.

Costume College officially starts today and I'm not with all my peeps this year, which is making me incredibly sad. This sucks!

Luckily there is a lot going on around here to keep me busy and I've set aside a big chunk of my weekend to do some actual sewing (something I haven't really been doing since the ETD in April). I have lots of projects to choose from but I started yesterday by cleaning my room from top to bottom and re-arranging my bedroom/sewing room. I was hoping my sewing muse would re-appear with the dusting and the moving of furniture, I have missed her!
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I'm going to be taking a little hiatus from LJ for the next few weeks. I'm okay, just feeling a bit overwhelmed with life in general and my online/sewing life in particular. So I need a break, some time to reflect, and get a better perspective on some things. Then I'll be back.

If you need to get a hold of me in the meantime e-mail or texting are good. See you on the flip side...
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I had a great weekend in Lancaster PA at my Mary Kay conference. I took my ETD dress to work on but didn't get too much done. No worries, it was nice to get away and get a mental break from sewing.

I continued my sewing break yesterday, un packing, laundry and working on some MK, Titanic dinner spread sheets and personal stuff before getting clobbered by a headache in the late afternoon. I have a few non-sewing things to get done today but then it's sew, sew, sew! My guests arrive in 9 days - oy!
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Things that made me happy yesterday: - Dec 4
1. My body waking me up in good time to get ready for church. I hate both waking up to an alarm and rushing around on a Sunday morning so it was a nice way to start the day.
2. Finding c1912 pretties on Pinterest. The hassle was totally worth it.
3. A smooth fitting and nice chat with T. The only thing missing was tea. :>
4. The extended chat with Bridget. She is always highly entertaining after a 5 hour test. Hee.

Yes I have pic of the tea on Saturday, I just haven't quite had the time to post them. hopefully I'll have a chance to do it tonight.
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Hurricane Irene turned out to be rather anti-climactic here. Lots of rain but nowhere near as scary as the violent storm we had on Thursday (that felled that big tree so close to the house).

It turned out to be a quiet day doing quiet things watching the steady (almost mist-like at times)rain fall. There was lots of flash flooding in the area apparently and I have friends that lost power and had trees fall on their houses but it was a pretty uneventful day for my family. Now it's eerily still and party sunny outside although I guess we are in for some more winds this afternoon.

My head is very, very unhappy (it's going to be one of those days *sigh*) but our "luck" seems to have held. I’m really ready to be natural disaster free for a while now...
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Wow - what a week! First an earthquake and today a violent tropical storm felled a tree scarily close to the house!

This storm was crazy, lots of rain, heaps of thunder/lighting and 60MPH wind gusts in all directions. Mom and I were looking at the wind whip the trees about, praying that if any of them fell it won't be on the house. A few minutes later we looked back and the tree was in the yard!

God is good and no real damage (our shed's gutter and ramp are smashed but looks like the shed itself is untouched) but dude that could have been so bad... A couple of inches in one direction and our shed would have been wiped out. A foot in another direction and our deck would have been hit. If the tree hadn’t split so high up it could have easily been long enough to the hit the house. Wow.

Wanna see? Pics are here.

Crossing fingers that our "luck" holds and we won't lose electricity or internet with the hurricane that is coming over the weekend...
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According to USGS I'm 35 miles NE from the epicenter (it's the other side of Lake Anna, closer to Louisa) and I'm hearing 5.8 and 5.9 as the official number now. So that is why it felt (and sounded - I didn't realize earthquakes were that nosier!) so strong! Definitely the longest 30 seconds of my life.

We are fine. Things were knocked off shelves, items like brooms were knocked over and the cats are FREAKED but no damage. Hopefully we won't discover anything later - our houses/buildings around here aren't really built for earthquakes!

The cell phones are still flaky, we can receive calls but can't really make any. The system is just that jammed.

Oh and I've been corrected by my Mother, this is my third earthquake. Number one was when I was an infant (yeah don't remember) and number two I was 7 (it was at night, I slept through it). I don't think those count do you? :P

Everything seems bizarrely normal now... so strange.


Aug. 23rd, 2011 02:08 pm
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The earthquake was 6.0, the center in Mineral VA (about 15 minutes from my house).

I had to come to VA to feel my first Earthquake... I've finally stopped shaking.
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Whew! Finally got my Live Journal imported! I've only been trying since the last attack on LJ started. *sigh* My heart just fell last night when LJ went down again and I realized that none of my import attempts had worked. Facing the thought of losing 5 months of entries = not fun. Most of that content is on my other blog but still, scary!

Looks like I'll be cross-posting between LJ and DW for the foreseeable future. I still prefer LJ a bit more but I have a feeling the DOS attacks aren't going to stop any time soon...

So for future LJ outage, you can find me at Dreamwidth (jennylafleur), Google + (Jenny-Rose) or through my blog ( or website (

home again

Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:55 am
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Good news = I'm home!

Bad news = I have a head cold!

I just can't catch a break this week can I? Needless to say photo up-loading, CosCol recaps and friend's list catching up will be delayed a little. Time to go take some more Nyqil and take a nap...
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For [ profile] mlsdesigns:

I love sponge cakes but hadn’t quite found the perfect recipe... until this weekend! I picked up the first local strawberries to hit my famer's market and despite the fact that they were wonderful on their own I decided to make a sponge to go with them.

research & notes )

Classic Sponge Cake - recipe )

Download a .pdf version
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In happy news today...

I'm finished spring cleaning - yay! This is the first year I've done it on my own and man is this house big! So worth the effort though, nothing like a deeply cleaned house. My top spring cleaning tips?
1. Don Aslett products are your friend - orange cleaner is my new hero.
2. Squeegees make window and mirror washing almost enjoyable.
3. When you get tired or discouraged and need some motivation watch Gray Gardens or Great Expectations. :P

I finished my Titanic corset remake today - yay! So good to clear something out of the pending pile!

Also my tiara arrived today - yay!! It's so sparkly and gorgeous, I haven't taken it off since it arrived. Life really is better with sparkle.
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Please forgive the radio silence here the past few days, I haven't been feeling well. I think I may have caught the cold that my roomie [ profile] koshka_the_cat had at CosCol. Or perhaps it's just all the exhaustion and stress of the past few weeks catching up with me.

I've also been having issues with my wrists so I've been trying to stay off the computer. I really abused my wrists at CosCon, doing things I know better than to do like carrying sewing machines for long distances. Computer work, particularly typing, seems to be setting them off so the long CosCon report will have to wait a while...

I'm also taking a little hiatus from sewing. As much as I love this hobby I need a mental break from it and a time to regroup before starting my CosCol wardrobe in earnest. It will also give me a chance to do some spring cleaning, filing and organizing - I'm so behind and it's been driving me insane!
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Not much progress on the Summer Bustle to report. Ruffles #2 & #3 have been prepped and are ready to be attached. I spent a lot of time yesterday on an idea that didn't work. Oh well, these things happen.

In happy news I bought my plane ticket for CosCol - yay! I had a really awful nightmare about it last night (see [ profile] jenthompson you aren't the only one!) so when I found a good, if not great, price this morning I just grabbed it. I got my preferred arrival and departure times, one layover per leg, it's not United and I get to fly out of Richmond, which is awesome. It's just a relief to know it's taken care of and I won't have another 12 hour layover, 3 stop red-eye like last time. 'Cause I don't know that I'd survive that again. Whew!

I sent off my CosCol class registration last week. I requested the fabric tour, the Sweet Bag Stitches class and something else. (Not the Calash, yeah decided it was too fugly a thing to spend 3 precious CosCol hours on) Obviously the limited classes did not rock my world when I can't even remember my second choice. I was trying to decide between a couple (based on cost, length and what classes they conflicted) and can't remember which one I eventually decided on. Sad, isn't it?

This year it's really the unlimiteds that have me jumping up and down with excitement and squeeing like a fan girl. Which is nice. If I don't get into my limiteds I won't be utterly crushed (as in years past) and if I do then cool, they are something to look forward to. It's a nice way to go through the process... I like it.

It's hard for CosCon to seem real when most of my brain is working on CosCol planning. I think this is the last Con I'll do for a while, it's just an awkward time of year both in my costuming life and real life. The sense of urgency to get some costumes done NOW is helpful in getting my CosCol wardrobe done in time but other than that it's making my life (and bank account) rather complicated. Still it should be fun and I am looking forward to it. Hanging out and geeking out with larger numbers of costuming peeps is always a wonderful thing!
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Thanks for all your well-wishes! I'm still sickly. I haven't been this sick in a long time, poor Dad had two girls to take care of this weekend. I slept away most of the weekend, living off of cough drops, Klondike bars and the peanut soup Dad was kind enough to make me because it sounded good.

Since then I've been getting better but by inches, continuing to cough and sniff but with my sore throat replaced by laryngitis. I’ve been spending my time trolling the internet, organizing computer files and coding my website. I'm at the point now where I'm feeling well enough to not sleep the day away but not well enough to get back to real life. It's terribly boring and uncomfortable.

Yesterday I had enough energy to do some beading so I started on the next Peacock panel. That felt good. I'm keeping a log this time so I worked for 2 hours 45 minutes to get this far. Not too bad. Progress will be slower now though. The gold and silver beads go much faster than the green. I tend to have to rip them out less too which is a factor. :P

total time beading: 2.75 hours


Jan. 28th, 2011 09:03 am
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I'm sick.

I started feeling bad just before I went to bed late last night and woke up feeling decidedly bad. Luckily Dad took the day off work today (before he knew I was sick) so I don't really have to worry about Mom. That worked out well.

I made him cookies for his office pot-luck today which I guess we are going to have to eat now. Darn.

You know I don't want to be sick. Moo.
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I love how productive and inspiring my friend's list has been lately - such fun!

My weekend was quiet, nursing Mom and taking on "homemaker in residence" duties for the foreseeable future. Dad was a great help of course, we do make a good team.

In between all that (and the couple of migraines that popped up) I beaded the Peacock. I'm really determined to make progress on this project and not be scrambling at the last minute. Embellishment of this nature is no fun under stress. So I channeled all my post-Saucy/Flirty-time inspiration into the Peacock. Nothing like 3 days with costuming buddies to make you want to costume! Watching Downton Abbey helped too of course. :P

I finished the second Peacock panel late last night - yay! So two down, 4 to go. I forgot to log hours on this panel but a rough estimate would be about 35 hours. Based on that I'm estimating the whole bodice will be in the neighborhood of 300 man-hours of pure bodice beading. Plus construction and gown embellishment. I am insane.

Luckily my next costuming event isn't until March (the Williamsburg Costume Symposium which I'm not going to, only crashing the social occasions surrounding it) and I really don't need to make anything for it. I'm tempted to join the redingote crowd that is forming but really I don't know that I'm emotionally ready to re-visit that project. We'll see. It's not like I don't have a closet full of 18t century lovelies I'd love to be photographed in Williamsburg. Hee.

I have Casey's Swing Dress Sew-Along of course, which I really must get myself together on. We are doing muslins this week and I still don't have a fabric or firm plan of what I want to do for that. It will be something from the stash of course so no biggie. I just haven't really thought about it yet. Too many other things going on. :>

So my goal is to get at least one more Peacock panel done before WCS, hopefully more. It will make for rather boring LJ entries I'm afraid. I'll see if I can't come up with other interesting things to post about... :>
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Another day, another migraine. *sigh* So far I'm not too impressed with 2011.

In the evening the meds had finally taken effect and I was tired of sitting on my butt so I started de-Christmasing. I took all the ornaments, tinsel, beads and lights off the big tree and my feather tree. Dad helped me pack the tree bits in garbage bags and packing the rest away will be tomorrow's project. 'Cause I am NOT having another migraine. So there.

There is something so depressing about taking down the Christmas. In the end I enjoy having less clutter in the house but it's still sad in a way. Especially the Christmas tree lights, I truly enjoy the soft glow of the trees in the evening. Some of the post-Christmas depression is the site of all the bins and boxes again. I hate boxes lining the walls, it unsettles me. I'll be glad when the house is back to normal and things are tidy again.

I'm not ready for Monday. I'm really not. I'm so glad I have lots to look forward to to keep me going. I'm having tea at a friend's house on Sunday. She always does such a nice job and I can wear a costume if I want. We'll see what my mood is on the day...

Then the next weekend is Sara and Aubry's visit. I'm SO beyond excited about that!! I have been researching recipes and decorating schemes for the Victoriana party - I'm tired of the same old things - and found some yummies to experiment with. The cake I really want to make is probably too ambitious, especially since cakes are my weak spot, but it will be awesome if I can pull it off. Also we recently got a few more pieces of my great-mother's china, silver and such. There is a particularly stunning silver vegetable serving dish I'm dying to use - I keep picturing asparagus with hollandaise in it but that isn't a very practical dish to make in costume (which I would have too since hollandaise shouldn't sit). So we'll see, I'll use it for something. I just love excuses like this to use the fancy stuff. :>

Oh yes and I have to make SOMETHING to wear to the party. Remind me again why I picked Victoriana as the theme when I don't really have any Victoriana costumes? Oh yes to do something different and more challenging. So I either have to re-make the Poe bodice or make the bodice for my Black & White bustle outfit or be insane and come up with a completely new outfit between now and then. I was going to go with the Poe, only because I know that is the era Flirty and Saucy are doing but at the moment I'm leaning toward the bustle. I'm more confident I can whip that out between now and then and frankly the hair is much easier. We'll see. If all else fails I can always wear my Erte Dress or my Titanic kimono... Heck I can wear whatever I want; it’s my party after all! :P

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