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What a crazy year 2013 has turned out to be! It's been chock full of all sorts of good things, but not much costuming/sewing. I didn't even attempt to make anything new for my Card Party, thank goodness for a Costume Closet already full of pretty Regency things! That is going to change though as I have several events coming up that the Costume Closet isn't going to help me with. But before I get into those projects I'll catch you up with what I have been working on since Christmas...

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In happy news today...

I'm finished spring cleaning - yay! This is the first year I've done it on my own and man is this house big! So worth the effort though, nothing like a deeply cleaned house. My top spring cleaning tips?
1. Don Aslett products are your friend - orange cleaner is my new hero.
2. Squeegees make window and mirror washing almost enjoyable.
3. When you get tired or discouraged and need some motivation watch Gray Gardens or Great Expectations. :P

I finished my Titanic corset remake today - yay! So good to clear something out of the pending pile!

Also my tiara arrived today - yay!! It's so sparkly and gorgeous, I haven't taken it off since it arrived. Life really is better with sparkle.
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My tiara from Bridget just came in the mail - *squeeeeeeeeeeee*

Seriously it's even prettier than I thought it would be. I think I like it upside down better though so I may need to flip some elements around. I want to try my Pearl dress on first though to make sure. Maybe I should break down and put some sleeves on the darn frock for the full effect... :P

Today I'm being bad and working on my black stripe jacket. I really should be working on the Pearl but I decided I needed a break from handwork and if I couldn't have some fun with my CC wardrobe what was the point. Besides I really want to wear it to the RCHS party on Saturday. So bad.

The arrival of the tiara is making the thought of working on the Pearl far less lothsome though (pearls, pearls, when will it end!)... that is a very good thing.
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I've found the perfect necklace for my Pearl Dress, it's exactly what I've been looking for! It's just a *little* bit out of my price range. Moo.

Speaking of period jewelry, I recently recived an e-mail (thanks again Kristin!) with a book reccamendation:

I'm now lusting after the cameo and gold chain necklace on the first sample page as well. It's probally out of my price range though too. Double moo. If I weren't going to CC this year I've have already ordered the book as a consolation but for now it's just on my Amazon wish list. Oh well.
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I was doing some research on Georgian jewelry and came on this link:

The Three Graces

This seller has some great pieces with nice pics. Even better, the site has great information about each piece and it's context in history. I found the whole site a very interesting read.

I also now know the first place I would go if I ever win the lottery! *drool*

edited to add the link!
That is what I get for posting late at night after saturating my head with sparklies!
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While I was out and about today I stopped downtown to take some pics of the apple blossoms. It became overcast and cold as soon as I got there (of course) so my pics didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Perhaps I'll try again tomorrow. I love the apple blossoms downtown though, it's one of my favorite parts about living here. So pretty!

It was an awesome mail day today though!

First my fur muff came. I really wanted a fur muff for Coaching Day and now I have one - yay Ebay. The lining needs to be replaced but overall it's in good shape. Not bad for $16, aye? Now I just need to snag one for Bridget...

Then my Restoration earrings came. I adore them! They look so lovely and they have such a nice weight to them (they're glass). I think I'll be wearing them for more than just the Restoration gown... like for Easter! :P
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I'm still sick, although starting to feel better. I'm just super tired still and can't seem to get my body on a normal sleeping pattern. Jet lag and a time change are not a good mix for me! Still I'm tired of just wondering around the house feeling bad and am trying to get something (anything!) done despite my sniffles. Enter costuming...

Pics of my finished 17th century necklace. I know it's super simple but I'm totally in love with it. The orange silk ribbon might have something to do with it of course.

In other news... I couldn't take the four walls anymore on Monday and went out to help Tina fabric shop for her turban. I had a great time, probally overdid a bit, but I needed the time with a good friend. While at Jo-Anns I found a pretty light weight funky green-yellow cotton for $2 a yard - score! When I got home I realized that the fabric matched the vintage beads I bought in San Diego - sweet! Do I know what I like or what?! I'm thinking a new Regency day gown is in order. Trimmed with red.
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You know I really shouldn't get on Etsy when I'm sick and can't sleep - it always gets me into trouble! But really how could I resist when they were almost half the cost of the ones on Ebay?

Hopefully these will nicely match the necklace I just finished for my Restoration gown. I'll share pics once the glue has dried...
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While I'm on the subject of jewelry...

Here is a necklace I made a little while ago I thought you might get a kick out of. Excuse my messy room. :> It's made of leftover pearls from the Gilded Ren dress and hematite beads my Dad brought me from his first Navy deployment when I was 8. I think they are from Peru... someplace down there. :>

I was just trying to use what I had so they are plastic pearls. I'm glad I did now though, they balence out the super heavy hematite. I'm trying not to give in to the urge to take it off the stringing wire and knot it. I do love the feel of a knotted necklace! :>

And my new Fire jewelry. I have to admit my biggest fear in going with an Indian style set was getting something that looked like cheap Bollywood costume jewelry. I'm very happy to say this does not and the seller's comments on quality were correct. It sparkles wonderfully and has a lovely weight to it. The way it's constructed is very cool and I'm thinking about taking it apart to lengthen it (so it encircles my whole neck) but we'll see.
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May I present my first offering of Jennylafleur Jewelry!

This set features delicate pink rose quartz beads knotted by hand onto silk cord. It fastens with 100% silk ribbon. Necklace is an adjustable 17" in length. Graceful and feminine the sterling silver earrings feature matching rose quartz beads and a pewter rondelle. Approx 1.25" in length. Price: $30

PayPal only please. Continental US shipping free. I ship USPS First Class. International shipping please e-mail.

For now I am not planning on opening a webstore or anything so formal. From time to time I will be putting items for sale here on LJ and eventually on my website, as I have time and interest to work on them. I am however open to custom work so if you are looking for a hand-knotted or strung necklace in a specific color/stone or size (and or matching earrings), feel free to e-mail me at mistress (at) (dot) com for a quote!

I'm also open to suggestions for future offerings. :>
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A rather belated happy Resurrection Sunday to you all! I hope you had a wonderful day of fellowship, celebrating and relaxing yesterday!

My pearl knotting class on Saturday was WAY too fun. The teacher was great and while it was probably something I could have picked up on my own I'm so glad I did the class. My teacher had learned to pearl knot while living in Japan. She worked in a shop run by a 60 year old Japanese man who had been taught to knot by his father. So we learned the traditional Japanese method as well as some of the shop shortcuts. She was very through about different materials and findings and why she recommended what she did. I love knowing the why of things. It was all very interesting - totally worth the $25!

I picked up the technique right away which was nice and finished my first necklace at the class. The dark blue beads were ones I bought at Bent's Fort in Colorado when I was 11 (the light blue I bought on Saturday to extend the necklace to the right length). They are nothing horribly special I know but I love the color and they have tons of sentimental value. The string they were on broke years ago and they have been sitting in a drawer waiting to be worn again. I'm thrilled to have them in a wearable condition again!

I've already started on my second knotted necklace, this one rose quartz for reenacting. I bought enough beads to make a double strand but I think I just want one now. So I have enough to make a second one to sell. *wink*

What I really want is a double strand coral necklace for my eighteenth century kit but I'm going to have to mail order those beads from Fire Mountain, as no one has period correct ones in town. Well I haven't checked the downtown shop in a while, I guess I should pop in there first and see what they have. I'm just not confident about sizing and so very unconfident about ordering online. It's hard to pick things out of a catalogue when you don't know what you want. :P

B's costume is going okay. I ran out of time to do a finial bodice toile and the whole sleeve toile so I'm going to have to do that on Friday I guess. The hem too, so it's going to be a very late night. I will be in Richmond for MK on Thursday but I think I can be more efficient in my own sewing room instead of dragging stuff down there, even if it means a couple hours less sleep Friday. Thank goodness I don't have to be at the tea until 11:30am!

I'm going to have to construct her bodice in such a way that I can alter it at the last minute, and do the finial fitting in the fashion fabric. I've never done that
before but Jean Hunnisett talks about it in her books so I know it can be done.

As far as my outfit goes, I have the pleats all pined down on Narcissa. I'm not entirely happy with the pleats but I think I'm just going to sew them down as is and fiddle with them again after the tea. I eyeballed the whole thing so one side is like 5/8" off, making the pleats on that side a little shallower. No one will notice I'm sure and I don't have time to re-pleat one whole side for the sake symmetry. Priorities!
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So I'm sitting here debating whether I should be good and go to church tonight or bad and stay home to sew. :P

I'm all signed up to go the a pearl knotting class at my favorite bead store on Saturday which I’m just way too excited about. There was talk about going to Williamsburg for the day but turns out it's to watch a bicycle race so the jewelry making sounded much more fun. Ha!

I went to the brand new gym and took my first water aerobics class this morning. I. So. Hurt. Proof just how out of shape I am I guess. Feels good though and was fun so I'll be back. Nice gym by the way, a brand new, luxurious temple to the god Narciss. Cracks me up but I loved the nice clean atmosphere. *wink*
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The E-bay auction is now up! This auction is to benefit [ profile] girliegirl32786 who, as you may know, recently had her life disrupted by an apartment fire. There are lots of lovely things – including the ivory hat and a pair of earrings made by yours truly – and every penny (minus ebay fees) goes to Aubry so start bidding and good luck!!

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I have finally succumbed to the cold the parents had earlier this week – moo! *coughmoanmoan* And just when I was in the mood to work on my new stays too. Oh well.

Learning to make jewelry this week turned out to be excellent timing though as it’s a quiet and sedate hobby. In between naps I made this necklace and earring set yesterday. It’s based on a necklace I saw at World Market the other day and uses the left over beads from the Titanic Kimono tassels. I love it – it’s heavy but it will go with everything!! :>

I am so addicted it just isn’t funny!
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I went to the bead shop today to sign up for a class and came out with this! Talk about instant gratification!!

I was asking lots of questions and they weren’t very busy so the lady offered to show me how to start, crimp and make earrings to match if I could stay a little while. Ammm yeah! It was great fun, especially the earrings which were so easy it was silly. So there is some $$ saved! Of course I spent that (and more) on the supplies but I now I know what to look for at Michaels at least. *wink*

I think I want to rework this necklace a bit and make another to create a set. I got excited and forgot to put two spacers on one earring so I will have to redo that too. I also have plans for a set of necklaces based on one I saw at World Market today… Pandora’s box indeed!

I am going to take the pearl knotting class next time they offer it though. Now that I know how to work and crimp bead wire I want to know how to work with string/tread etc. Also the knotting is the period appropriate thing and I have devious plans for costuming bling.

I’m so bad!
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I went into Michaels last night to get supplies for a necklace I want to make and walked out empty handed. I started to freak looking at all the beading strings to choose from but I thought I was fine until I started looking at crimping beads and realized I had no idea what type or size I needed. I was way in over my head!

So I’m breaking down and signing up for a basic jewelry making class at the bead shop next month. Last of my Christmas money… It’s funny some things I can teach myself (like crewelwork and corset making) and other things I just need a teacher for (jewelry & tambour).

I’m a little scared to open the Pandora’s box of jewelry making (I really don’t need another crafty hobby!) but I keep looking at jewelry in the stores thinking “I could so make that cheaper” or “I have those exact beads at home!”. We’ll see…
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Today was a very good mail day. I received my miniature from Kate and my tavern CD from [ profile] sewphisticate plus more Christmas cards. I love how most of my Christmas cards are from LJ friends this year - so fun! :>

Thanks so much for the CD my dear [ profile] sewphisticate! I'm listening to it right now and I love it. You have great taste in music. Some of the songs are familiar from my English country dancing which is really fun. You are such a doll! :>

My miniature is lovely, the pics don't really do it justice. Now I need to get it wrapped up and under the tree since it was technically bought with Christmas money. It came on a black cord but I think I'm going to get some black silk-satin ribbon for it instead. Actually a blue ribbon would be fun too.

(Oh oh! The song Marie Antoinette sings in Affair of the Necklace is on this CD - coolness!!!! *ahem* Sorry... where was I?)

I was very bad yesterday and splurged more Christmas money on a length of lightly slubbed rust-colored silk dupioni. I just about fainted - my Jo-Anns had real silk! I blew a 40% coupon on it so it was only a slight splurge. The wretched stuff won't photograph of course - keeps coming out red, which it's not. Oh well, since when do I pick fabric that photographs well? :>

(Oh another song I know from dance! Not that I can remember the names of any of the dances - I get them so mixed up still :P)

I'm planning on covering a second 18th century hat with the silk. I've been feeling the need for a dark-colored "winter" hat for some time now. *nods head*

(Oh – we did this dance on Friday! Indian Queen, is it? Whichever one it is I love it. :>)
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Oh my gosh!!!!! Looky what I just won, and at the starting price too!

I know I've been bad, spending some of my Costume College money on it but I couldn’t help it. I have been drooling over her miniatures for years now - I can't believe I will actually own one now! *squeals*
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I’m still feeling sickly, which officially stinks, but I didn’t let it stop me from hitting the after Thanksgiving day sales this morning. I crashed & napped when we finally got home but it was worth it. I found really good deals on a few things I’ve been needing and even got a bit of Christmas shopping done so that was fun.

Okay - brag moment! I won the "best deal of the day" contest with B & Mom. Actually I usually do. *wink* I found the above necklace super marked down. Isn’t it gorgeous?! :> It’s perfect for my 1911 butterfly dress, and exactly what I wanted, down to the turquoise stones and pearls. I am just too jazzed for words! The best news? With all the markdowns and discounts my $45 necklace came out to be $8.99. *does the happy dance*

Dude! I really need to work on that dress now! :>
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I bought the sleeve fabric for Bridget's dress today. It is a soft navy blue organza. It has a subtle metallic sheen that helps to “dress-up” the cotton without making it look drab. Very nice. I'll cut out her dress and perhaps mine tomorrow.

We were originally thinking a lighter blue for the sleeves but after looking around I decided that darker would be better. I was a bit concerned about visually cutting the outfit up too much. All one color is typically more slimming. Besides all dark with the silver trim and beads will be much more striking. Bridget agreed and she looks very good in "striking". :>

I worked on my Arwen headdress a bit tonight. I shortened that one row and started work on the end flowers. I didn't get very far with the flowers though - I got too involved in the movie I was watching (a bluegrass/blues concert called "Down from the Mountain" – way too much fun) and forgot the needlework in my lap. *silly Jenny*

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