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I've started a new blog to host all my chatter about beauty and cosmetology! So far it's mostly re-posts from my Costuming blog but there are a couple of beefed up articles about my RED hair adventures and my thoughts about Paul Mitchell School. If you have tutorial or article suggestions I'd love to hear them too!

Stylin' à La Fleur

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In lieu of costuming content (since I haven't really been doing much), here are random links I've recently found interesting:

Not soon enough for me...
Facebook will disappear in five to eight years

I find these images sad, creepy & cool all at the same time...
Immortal: bejeweled relics of martyred saints

I love it when a historical myth is busted...
History & Myths of the Suffrage Purple, Green & White

I have got to try this!
18th century recipe: Strawberry Fritters

These make me rather happy for some reason...
18th century trade cards

Admit it, playing with this is fun!
Online map calculates travel times in Ancient Rome

I love everything about this...
18th century meets space opera

Interesting series of videos on pin-up hair... (this is video 1of3)
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Here is a quick and dirty tutorial on how I do my "pouf" hair style. It's not the tallest or grandest pouf you can get but it's pretty, it's fast and it works. Enjoy!

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I didn't bother to explain how to pin curl as there are lots of good tutorials out there. One of my favorites is here: and my video of pin curling is here:
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Here is my 1790s Hair Tutorial - in four parts!

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Part 1 - pin-curling.
I didn't bother to explain how to pin curl - there are lots of good tutorials out there, (one of my favorites is here: - but you can see how I divide my hair. First into thirds, then the sides in about at my ear. The spray bottle has water in it - it makes my slightly layered ends much easier to curl on my finger!

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Part 2 - intro
What you need for the style and taking out the pin curls. The silk gauze came from Dharma Trading Co.

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Part 3 - styling the hair

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Part 4 - decoration & things I forgot
A couple of notes and adding some decoration to the style. The product that I recommend is Enjoy Shine & Smooth.

This hairstyle was inspired by Lynn McMaster’s wrapped turban page.
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Coaching Day - we made it! I'm sorry I've been so silent here latelybut here is the proof of why! I'm so happy, not only did we get gowns made, trimmed and accessorized but we finished days ahead and got some sleep in-between. Last year's 24 hour sewing marathon taught us the importance of sleep!

B and went a little crazy and had way too much fun taking pics, can you believe we took over 350? I decided to spare you though, below are just a sneak-peek while the rest of my favorites are to be found on my site here:

This all-day event required us to get up way too early but we were determined to have fabulous hair. Bridget, ie the hair goddess (TM), did our hair for us (I finished off hers by pinning up her curls in back). We all have some padding in the form of rolled and scrunched black nylon netting. I was really tickled the idea worked as it's so cheap and lightweight. Yay!

The day was on the chilly side (yay for those flannel petticoats we made!) and it misted/rained lightly throughout the day. The gray skies didn't dampen our spirits, even if it made curls fall and pics more challenging to take. Let's blame the grainy and less than brilliant colored images on the weather and not the photographer shall we? :>

I couldn't be more thrilled with my outfit. I felt very much the pretty, pretty princess. The fabric was just perfect (thanks again Elizabeth!), the muff so fun to hold and the hat heavy but wonderful elegant. I so love this later style. I should have laced my stays a little tighter at the top but was too lazy to do so once everything was on, oh well.

Bridget finally got the dress we've been wanting to make her. Her weight-loss helps and my better experience too but for once we took the time we needed rather than making her frock a last minute job. I love you B! As for her hair and cloak (she made it, I just supervised) all I can say is that she is disgusting.

[ profile] sadievale's riding habit! As always there are things I'd want to tweak next time but really I'm very proud to have helped S make this. Hard to believe it's the first costume she's made huh? Nothing like starting with something easy and simple... :>

Despite the rain, it was a wonderful afternoon and a really fun event. I enjoyed the coaches but even more the tailgating contest - some of those entries went all out! B and I are already planning what we will wear in 3 years for the next Coaching Day. It's really very sick making. :>
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Ahhh! What a crazy weekend! It worked out that I had to pack all my holiday living history events into one weekend. Friday & Saturday I was at Stratford Hall (Lighthorse Harry Lee’s home) and Sunday I was at Scotchtown (Patrick Henry’s home). I've been either sleeping, dressing, ironing, curling my hair or dancing since Friday. well I went to church and Target on Sunday but still. So. Tired. It was good fun though.

Friday we again were part of the candlelight tour and got to dance, in candlelight, in the Great Hall. I did a bit of caroling downstairs but mostly danced all night. We did Rufty Tuffty and Childgrove over and over… I didn’t mind though as Childgrove is my favorite dance ever. I wore my newly trimmed green “Polignac” gown, with new bronze petticoat. I still haven’t gotten the smell out of my extra fabric so I went sans ruffle and trim. I think it looked okay, although after seeing pics I do think it needs some kind of trim on it.

I was so happy - my hair came out wonderfully! I don’t have great pics unfortunately but it did look good, if I do say so myself. I washed, dried, hot curled and then teased it to death before pinning it back and adding feathers and a bow to embellish. Yep, it’s all my own hair, no rats or hair pieces! Once Bridget is home from school and available to take pics I’ll try to do a tutorial on the hair for you guys. Of course I may never be able to do it again… :>

Saturday night we all wore Federalist clothing so I added a wrist loop to the train and wore my Bee gown and robe. I had fun on Friday night but I had more fun Saturday, mostly because it was such fun to dance in the Federal clothing. It made such a nice change to not have all the skirts to deal with and the more comfortable stays. I think slippers are easier to dance in too. I love my period shoes but I had a hard time keeping my balance in them while dancing. I really wish there was a Jane Austen dance group in the area – I’d join in a heartbeat!

The only bad thing was on the way home I managed to spill cranberry juice all over my gown and stays. The gown came out of the wash just fine but the hemp cording has stained the stays permanently. They look like they have coffee stains all over. Oh well, I guess I just won’t be using them for show ever again. They aren’t ruined, just ugly.

Sunday was even more fun. I wore my new English gown with my red stripe petticoat and green stockings for an appropriately Christmasy outfit. I love my new dress! It fits so well and those pleats were so worth the effort! The event was good fun too. Scotchtown is not a large house so with as many as 8 couples (plus 5 musicians) we were packed tight into the hall. It made the dances very funny as we kept bumping false rumps and panniers! We definitely showed the spirit, frivolity and socializing of a country dance in a private home. We all had a blast and the guests seem to enjoy it too. We did a bit of caroling and whist playing as well, along with much laughter!

In other news, I’m all sixes and sevens with my computer. Dad and I switched computers over the weekend so I keep finding programs and files that still need to be transferred over. Simple, everyday things are suddenly very difficult which is frustrating. I’ll post more pics when I’m better settled. I’ll have to wait until I get other’s photos for more pics of me though, I’ve pretty much posted what I have. Oh well!
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Thanks for the dyeing advice earlier this week - I appreciate it. So I will break down and take the waistband off. I don't mind doing the pleating really, I rather enjoy pleating. it the re-doing the waist band thing. The WB came out so beautifully on this petticoat. Really it is a work of art. :>

But then it occurred to me that the petticoat was too long anyway, maybe I can just shorten it from the top. Oh wait pocket slits... umm maybe not. I went out and bought the dye today, one bottle royal blue and one packet teal, should work. If I can figure out the new washer that is. Our dryer blew up earlier this week so we now have a front loading washer and dryer, not sure how that works with dyeing stuff...

Should I leave the ruffle cream (and trim the jacket in self cream) do you think? Ummm...

While at Jo-Anns getting dye I saw they had some decent looking poly taffedas 40% off. I'm going to run by tonight with my ballgown and pick something out for a new petticoat (since I'm dyeing the cream one). Yes poly but hey the dress is poly! Shhh! Someday I want gold silk satin for it but I can't find any at the moment and if I did I really can't afford it so this is a temporay measure.

Oh just got my hair cut too. I waited WAY too long… it feels so much better now. I decided I was bored so I got 2“ off the length and lots of short layers. Haven't had it like that in years. Should be easy to do 1780s big hair now anyway! :>
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So yes, my gown was finished on time… as much as a costume can ever really be declared "finished". Here are the last of the construction pics from yesterday, one of half the pleats pinned and one of the skirt attached to the bodice. You can tell I didn’t take as much care on the right side, the pleats don’t lie as flat as the left. Oh well.

more pics from this evening )
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Well I didn't get as much accomplished as I hoped tonight. I was hit with a massive headache during dinner (the kind where your whole face aches) so that has pretty much killed my momentum and zapped my energy. Pooh on the storm tonight that caused it! :< *moo*

I started on the pleating, once the meds kicked in but it's going really slow and I think an early night is the best plan right now. My fabric, while lovely to work with on the bodice, doesn't like to be pleated so it's fighting me all the way. I'm just not up to dealing with it at the moment.

Good news is I will have plenty of fabric left over to apply some self-trimming to both the gown and petticoat. Not that I anticipate getting to that this weekend to be honest.

In other good news I think I have a plan for my hair, thanks to your suggestions and images. I was also directed to some images on the Williamsburg site by my friend Tina that have proved particually helpful. (For the originals of the above, click here, click on the slide show "women in trades" and go to the wig maker’s section.) I’m especially found of the first one so that is probably what I will base my hair on, perhaps with some hanging sausage curls. I love bouncing curls. :>

I should write a note to myself to boil perm some of my fake hair tomorrow so I don't forget…
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Alright my beloved Pin Posse I need your help.

I will have this lovely green ball gown by Saturday and I have no idea how to wear my hair for the occasion! My little cotton cap is not dressy enough so I need an actual hairstyle. Preferably something simple (I don't have my hair stylist this weekend nor a lot of time to fuss with it that day). The period for the event is the early 1770s.

Any brilliant suggestions or online sources to recommend? *looks hopeful*
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I didn’t get any pics of me yesterday as I expected. Some people did take pics of me, but I’ll never see copies of them I’m sure.

I did get some pics of my hair though. Bridget was able to style it again for me before she left for school. We decided to make it less “loose” this time, to look more like Eowyn and hopefully hold up better. We added some more hair jewelry too, just for the fun of it. I think this second attempt looked better and the style didn’t move all day.

*sigh* I love my sister, she is so sweet!
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Here are some step by step pics of how Bridget styled my hair for the Faire. The style was based on the up-do Eowyn wears during the funeral sequence in The Two Towers.

After I had blow dried and hot curled my hair, Bridget parted my hair slightly off center. She then gathered two front sections towards the back and knotted them together. (Literally tying the hair in knots, secured at the end with a rubber band). She used this as a base for the style. she brought the fake hair piece through the top of this base and pinned in place. She then sectioned my hair and the fake hair into 3 or four pieces. Using the fake hair as a base, she wrapped my hair around and then twisted each section to form a loop that was pinned to the base. She did this with each section, sculpting the twists with her fingers and hair pins as she went to get the right shape. After tiara was placed at on top of the base and lots of hair spray was applied I was ready to go! Thanks sis - your the best!

That explanation was probably more confusing than helpful. Oh well, that is what the pics are for! Oh yes, the hair blend looked much better in the natural lighting!
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I did it, I broke down and cut off my long locks!

I’ve been waffling back and forth all summer about it. At first I said I would wait until after the August Ren Faire trip, for ease of styling. Then the long hair was terribly romantic in my Rohan photo shoot and I decided I couldn’t cut it after all. However I've now decided that those one or two days a year are not worth the hassle of dealing with it everyday.

I was having a bad hair day today. A really bad hair day. Since I had to run a handful of errands anyway, I decided rather spur of the moment to get a haircut. I hadn’t actually made up mind if I wanted a slight trim or to chop it all off until I got there. :> In the end I had about 6 inches cut and some long layers put in.
picces of the new Jenny )

Okay, okay – enough rambling about the hair. I’m kinda in shock that I actually cut it! *walks away in a fit of giggles*
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I haven't done much sewing this week. Okay, so make that haven’t done any sewing. Motivation issues mostly. I have been working on the Faire Garb eyelets tonight though. I'm proud of me. I've got almost half of the wretched things done already. I just finished watching FOTR (started at dinner and continued with eyelets). I thought I would take a little break, by hopping on the computer, before I popped The Two Towers in. I love those movies!

Instead of sewing this week, I've mostly been messing about with my site. Once a year or so, I get the urge to change something on every single page just for the heck of it. I really need help. This year’s totally un-necessary project is to change the text color (from cream to white and vice versa for the links), as well as re-organize some of the filing. Picture lots of new little .gif files and slight coding changes to every single page. So make that, I really need professional help. Anyway... the only thing of substance I'm doing is updating the links. I'm almost done with all that madness, just the dress diaries to go. I'll post here when it's actually uploaded.

In other news…
We have fake hair! I just thought you needed to know that. *smirk* Bridget and I finally made it to Sally’s and got the hair for her Elvish extensions and my Ren-do. We've only been trying to get to it for a month. *sigh* Simple things can be very hard when your sis works a night job.

Looks like we probably won't have an opportunity to do the trial run of her hair before the Faire. Mine will have to wait until the day of the Faire too. It makes me a little nervous but not much I can do. She doesn't have another day off before she quits for school and then we will be running around trying to shop and move her into the dorm. Ack! It will make that morning more exciting I guess. :>

That's all for now I think... yep. I’m ready to face more eyelets and TT. Or at least a few more eyelets and part of TT. :>

*trots off to carry on with eyelet fun* :>

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