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Last weekend I had a lovely time traveling north to [ profile] madamekat's birthday gala. [ profile] isabelladangelo and I were rather like the Keystone Cops getting up there (and getting dressed) but once we got to the party I had a wonderful time. It was great fun hanging out with the costuming contingent including [ profile] laracorsets, [ profile] blackcat452, & [ profile] dragoneyes19 - yay for talking and meeting internet people in person!

I wore one of my most favorite "this-old-things", my sparkly Regency dress and the Golden Diadem Bridget made me. It was fun to pull them of the closet and wear them again.

One of the reasons I didn't try to make anything new to wear was I was too busy making a birthday gift for Kat! I made a little beaded bag. I quite fell in love with the little bat design, especially once I put the sequin eyes on him, he really came to life. I might need to make one for myself now! I used the 2.5mm silver and 3mm gunmetal sequins I just bought from Cartwright's. Yay!

The day after the party [ profile] madamekat took us to the famous Jomar. It was quite the experience and I found a couple of neat things, but more on that later... :>

My photos from the party can be found here on Flickr.

1860 query

Oct. 19th, 2011 11:08 am
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Calling all 1860s costuming peeps - I have a query!

A friend of mine has an 1860s dress with a dog leg closure. The hooks don't want to stay hooked and she was asking if there is a better way to keep it fastened. Since this isn't my area of expertise I thought I ask you ‘all.

Right now the dress has hooks and bars along the dog-leg fastening, should it have hooks and eyes instead (even though they are bulkier)? Also the waist is a little big, could it be just a fitting problem (ie the style needs more tension to work correctly)? I'm seeing a lot of snaps in similar places on Edwardian dresses but I can't find a date of when they were invented - I assume it's later than the 1860s or is it?

Thanks so much for your help!
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So what have I been up to on the sewing front? Well not much, hence the lack of posting. Mostly I've been cleaning, cooking, un-packing, and generally catching up on all the Real Life (TM) I ignored in the pre CosCol madness & post CosCol illness. Honestly it's been nice to take a bit of a break and re-charge my seamstress batteries a bit.

I did tap into my inner craftiness to work on a fun little project though - my very first stuffed animal. He was made for a baby boy due in September. I, of course, made a few changes to the pattern. I shortened his arms by an inch (so he looked more proportional), rounded off his head a little (originally it had an odd peak) and did embroidered eyes rather than felt or safety ones.

I'm supper pleased with how this little elephant came out - he definitely won't be my last stuffed animal! (I've already spent way too much time online looking for cute plushie patterns... bad Jenny!)
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It's been pointed out to me that I've been bad this year about mentioning projects and then not posting pics of the finished results. So here are some of the projects I've cruelly neglected to show you...

An 1860s work dress (commission). I just finished this today. Not a bad result for my first venture into the 1860s, my first ever piping and my first dog-leg closure - man I sure learned a lot on this one!

[Error: unknown template video]
A video to show how the closure works ('cause I was trying to explain it to a non-costuming friend and a video is just easier!).

A Steampunk style mini Wellington top hat (commission). Learned a lot on this one too, mostly that scaling wellington hats is much trickier than you'd think. Keeping the size and the proportions right at the same time was quite the challenge, as was cutting and lining up all those chains to make that pretty swag! I thought I'd lose my mind on both parts!

Quilt Square for a Friendship quilt (gift). Not bad for someone completely out of practice and not that good anyway at block piecing. I only quilt for very special people in my life, which this gal definitely is - I can't wait to see the look on her face when it's given to her!
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See I told you - I told you!!!

The quilt is not playing nice. I'm less than 1" short on one of my fabrics. It's one of the fabrics that was supplied to me (we were given two fabrics to use so everyone's squares would coordinate) so I've called the gal in charge to see if she has anymore.

I think I will drown my sorrows in some beading while I wait for her to call me back. Time to go back to my happy place...

edited to add...
The gal has more of the fabric - yay! I'm going to pick it up tonight on my way to church and carry on tonight or tomorrow morning. Naughty quilt.
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So time continues to refuse to stand still for me. So rude. Since time won't play nice I've been trying to be diligent about working on my beading a little every day. It's the tortoise that will win this race! So I've got about half of the green beads done on my panel. I'm a little discouraged about how slow it's going but really I shouldn't be. I'm still figuring out what I'm doing and haven't found my rhythm yet. Once I get into my groove progress will speed up... it's the same story with all my projects.

What I really want to do it get started on one of the three fabulous 18th century outfits I've got planned for the summer. But I can't. I've got a commission due in a few weeks, my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary party at the end of the month to help plan and real life to deal with.

Right now of course I'm not working on any of those - the day's priority is a quilt square for a friendship quilt. Normally I'm not really a quilter but this was a special project I had to be a part of. So yeah, it was due on Sunday and I'm just now starting it... this is my life.
I looked online for a pattern on Monday, decided which one to do yesterday and just got back from the quilt store with the fabric I needed. It's in the washer right now, which is why I'm online killing time. I'm hoping to make it a one day project. Less would be even better so I can work on that commission. I mean it's just one quilt square right? Ha! Famous last words since quilts really don't like me. They don't play nice, quilts. I think they are like dogs and cats - they know the people who are just tolerating them or don't really like them and then they try to mess with your head. It's true.
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Still sickly, without a voice and almost out of Klondike bars. I'm on antibiotics now though so hopefully I'll be on the mend soon. I hoping for very soon as I'm tired of feeling too crappy to do anything but veg, it's getting beyond boring.

So what does sickness, boredom, an internet connection and missing CosCol equal? The retail therapy of buying silk taffeta online. *looks contrite* It was a really good deal but really I shouldn't have, since I'm supposed to be saving up from my trip to CA in Oct. Dude, I don't even have a specific project in mind for it. *looks very contrite* So right now I'm feeling guilty, will feel justified when I see everyone's goodies from the LA district tomorrow, will feel glee when it arrives, will be back to guilty when I try to find a place to put in on my already busting shelves and will feel SO grateful when that perfect project comes along. The stash... it is a sickness. A vicious circle of sickness.

Hello my name is Jenny-Rose and my stash is getting out of control. *whimpers*

In happier news I got something done today! I finished Loren's hat (sans trimming) *yay!* and unpicked the back panels of my stays. Maybe tomorrow I will feel up to cutting out new backs... One day at a time, right?
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*sigh* I'm back to feeling blah. I guess I'm not totally over last week's ick. Man - I was feeling good at Loren's farm this weekend too... must have been the company! I was obviously having too much fun to not feel good. Maybe I just overdid it - I was utterly exhausted from the long drive when I got home Sunday. So I've been taking it easy for the last few days in hopes that I can shake whatever this is and feel 100%. I haven't felt like doing much of anything else so I've been working on costuming things in a very CADD manor. With lots of naps. :>

All the cording is done on my stays - yay! It seemed less difficult/time consuming than I remembered, which was nice, but it was fiddly and ripped up my hands a bit, not so nice. I'm just glad it's finished. I have lots of step-by step progress pics of the stays but I'll save those for another post.

While I was at Loren's I worked on my Poe bonnet a bit. I decided that the neck flounce thing (does it have a name?) was too bulky after all. So I took it apart, cut out 2.5" from the center, put it back in and stitched it on the bonnet. Much better! I then sewed on the ribbon ties, ignoring the pattern directions and simply placing them where they seemed to hold the bonnet on my head best. I played around with bonnet trimmings but am feeling uninspired so far. I think I'm going to set it aside for now and wait for my bonnet trimming muse to appear. I don't need it until January anyway so I can wait patiently. :P

Oh I must introduce my newest toy - Hettie! My dear friend Tina made this hat/wig stand for me as a thank you for my help with her Civil War bonnet. Isn't she sweet?! It really does make things like hat trimming and wig styling so much easier when the Styrofoam head it not moving around on you. Think of how much simpler my life would have been making that turban last year! Why "Hettie"? I don't know. It seemed rude to call it an "it" since she did have a head and Hettie seemed the right name when I was pondering.

In true CADD I started on another hat this week, this time a S&S style capote to go with my new 1800 day dress (more on that later). I'm using the pattern from Mela's Costume College class, going for an Eleanor style hat. I'm not being too literal with my inspriation so of course I had to modify the pattern - I can never leave well enough alone not even with Mela!

I'm using buckram from the stash, since I don't have any straw to work with. I don't know how period correct it is to make this style without straw but I'm going to do it anyway. I think its okay... This time the buckram is of the single layer variety. Because I felt it was a little lightweight for the way I abuse my hats, I cut two layers, spray basted them together and used them as a single layer afterwards. (Temp basting spray = love!). I machine zig-zagged 18gauge wire to both edges of the brim and that is as far as I got. I'm trying to decide how big I want to make the mushroom cap part and if I want to line the brim in flannel or not. I'm thinking not at this point based on my covering fabrics and a desire to not have a thick brim.

My next act of CADD was to start work on a covered 18th century flat hat for [ profile] bauhausfrau. It's my half of a barter/trade we have going at the moment. *wink* Even though I'm in absolutely no rush for my item, I am in the mood to work on a covered flat hat so I figured I should go for it while the mood is upon me.

I used a craft store straw hat, that ironically I got in a costumer's give away at Loren's last year, taking it apart and refashioning it into the correct size and shape. I then pleated & pinned to get the brim fabric all pinned on and ready for stitching. I don't have thread to match so I had to stop there until I can run to Jo-Anns. I have step-by-step pics of this project too but I'm going to wait until it's finished to post them. 'Cause I'm mean like that.
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Lookie - actual costuming content - don't faint! On Saturday night I went to the Ballroom Dance Studio's Halloween party with Mom and Dad. I'd been debating whether or not to go and what to wear for a few weeks. My costumes are lovely but trains and corsets abound in my closet. Not exactly made for doing the rumba in, if you know what I mean.

However inspiration struck Saturday morning. What I really wanted to wear was my b&w bustle but it isn't finished yet so I wore my bustle underwear. I blame the bad influance of CC underwear breakfasts. :P

It was great fun to wear though! The bustle was light and comfy and the outfit was surprisingly easy to dance in. Yay! No one thought it was underwear of course, it was assumed to be a dress. Oh well. I was even an honorable mention in the "sexist costume" category. Umm... must be the corset. :P

Mom and Dad were musketeers. Mom has been working on the costumes for months, she even roped me into some of the sequin gluing. It's been fun to see her in her sewing room for a change and I think the costumes came out adorable.

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Wow. I just looked at my LJ tag and realized I really haven't posted pics of [ profile] dancinseamtres's wedding gown have I? *slaps hand* Bad Jenny-Rose! Again insane week. However I did at least take pics. Yay me. I'm sure Brooke's offical ones will be better but until she posts a few of those *hintcoughhint* I've put mine in an album along with commentary so enjoy...

Brooke's gown
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I'm finished with the wedding dress beading - yay! Brooke I decided not to add beads outside the sunburst. I don't think it needs more. I think more might be overdoing it at this point. The covered buttons really make it work... Shall I post pics? :>

I've switched gears to my other due-on-Saturday project, a Regency turban for a dear friend. I promised it to her months ago so I'm ashamed to say in the midst of retreat planning & wedding beading madness I forgot about it until yesterday - opps! Luckily it's turning out to be a simple project so it will be done (and pretty!) in time.

I was going to work on the turban more before bed but after my dinner gin & tonic, I'm not sure that is a good idea. I must be tired, usually one drink makes me wired not blah. My eyes are a little tired from the last two days of beading too...


Oct. 7th, 2008 09:41 pm
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I didn't do any beading today.

I'm going to regret that decision on Friday. :P
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Yesterday after church I went over to [ profile] dancinseamtres's house to show her the beading so far and figure out what to do next. I wasn’t done but I had finished two sections of scatter beading (no pics because I'm a silly Jenny-Rose). We worked out a plan for her to finish the sewing and then get me the dress to finish beading. I think we came up with a brilliant plan...

Then I stayed for a few hours and beaded while she worked on the cutest cake topper ever! Hey Brooke, your tin-foil is showing! *hee hee*

On my way home I stopped at the new Wegman's to check it out. Heaven! I treated myself to a mini fruit tart, a slice of cheese cake, fresh bread, goat cheese with fennel and lavender and foi gras pate (3 piggies - my favorite!). It's almost my birthday right? :>

Today is crazy busy with un-packing, sorting, laundry, errand running and prepping for the women's retreat meeting tonight. *sigh* I want to go back on vacation.
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* Take a picture of yourself right now.
* Don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
* Post that picture with NO editing.
* Post these instructions with your picture

I've really enjoyed this meme, it's been fun to see everyone. :> This is my sad Casey is gone or in denial about having to pack pose, I'm feeling both at the moment. I'm leaving for a week in NYC tomorrow morning and I haven't started packing yet. So pathetic. I'm just so tired and don't want to do anything. Except bead of course. :>

So here is what I've been up to with [ profile] dancinseamstres's wedding gown. The original idea was to do scatter beading over the whole thing, heavier at the bottom lighter toward the top but when I got the actual train in my hands that didn't seem quite right. So I decided to section off the back with vertical lines of beading to create a sortof sunburst feel. Her wedding has an Art Deco flavor so I think that works... or it's just wishful thinking since the sectioning makes it easier for me. :> I used some of the seed beads she gave me as well as some leftover Fire costume bugles and tiny red seeds [ profile] caseysmusings gave me in her pre moving clear out. That was good timing. :>

Next up I'm going to add scattered beads inside the sections for added sparkle. I've picked out about 5 red/burgundy beads in various sizes from the stash as well as some silver lined clear seeds to draw in the ivory of the over gown.

I'm a little wide of the original brief I was given. I'm such a glutton for punishment - I hope it's okay Brooke! :P
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[ profile] dancinseamstres's beading edging yay! I'm still working out what I'm doing with the back section so no pics yet but I'm digging it so far. I haven't gotten to work on it as much as I've wanted thanks to lots of MK appointments and errands I need to run for the Women's Retreat before I leave for vacation but I'm hoping to spend a nice chunk of today working on it.

I've been having a total blast with [ profile] caseysmusingsCasey this week. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing we don't live closer to each other, we have been getting ourselves into all sorts of brilliant, creative trouble. It's fun to hang out with a kindred spirit, although shopping together is proving dangerous!

In the midst of errand running yesterday we popped into a store I've known about for years but never been in. *rolls eyes* Fabrics Unlimited was all decorator fabrics but some lovely stuff. I made Casey buy some yummy yardage on the bargain table and in turn she made me buy some trim. It was a loopy, fluffy trim for pillows but I bought a bit to see what would happen if I pulled it apart. All trims are easy to take apart once you find the right thread to pull. I found it and behold - 4 lengths of lovely 18th century style fly-fringe yardage! Out of .5 yards of trim I ended up with 48 yards of fringe, which Bridget informs me comes out to $.17 a yard. Right On!

I'm not sure of the colors for the 18th century, the variegation is a little stark and the colors are maybes so I may try over-dying it. What color I don't know, I need an actual project first. :> I'm loving the idea of trimming something in a black version of this delicate type fringe though so guess what I'll have my eyes peeled for in NYC next week? :P
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in which the heroine gets wordy again )

The weekend was a nice little appetizer of CC and a good dose of inspiration and encouragement. I'm all motivated to finish up my costumes now - yay! Thanks again [ profile] bauhausfrau for hosting this event - I can't wait for the next one! :>

The rest of my pics are HERE

Loren's pics
Kat's pics
Jonatha's pics
Maggie's pics
Mary's pics
Barbara's pics
Aubry's pics
Stephanie's pics
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Aubry's here - yay! She arrived last night to find [ profile] sadievale and I finishing up S's English gown. What should have been a quick job of hems and hat triming turned out to be a long night of demon petticoats. We had much tea and good company however so it was fun. We got it all done (well in wearable condition anyway), it just made for a late night.

Today we are off for a day of picnicing, site-seeing and other frivolities in Richmond - I love mini vacations!
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I'm feeling better, yay! It turned out to be annoying 48 hour thing. I did get 3 motifs done in 4 days though, so that was good. This pic does not do my frock justice...

I had to skip the motif in the very center of the train as I found I had messed up the tracing some how. The flower was off and since it's the center back I'm being anal about it. I think it will work out though as I think moving the center flower a little higher (in addition to correcting my mistake) will actually look better. I think the hardest part of this outfit was tracing on the design, it really was (and continues to be) fiddly.

Last night I [ profile] sadievale and I got together to work on her English gown. She had sewn down all her back pleats beautifully so it was supposed to be an easy night of cutting and sewing seams. Um NOT!

Somehow how we ended up way short on the fabric. Unfortunately it was bought in Northern Virginia 6 months ago so going and getting more wasn’t an option. We moved the pattern pieces around, we fussed and fumed, we drank tea, we talked out every conceivable way to piece, trim, shorten and fudge. It took us a while but in the end we did get it all to fit, thanks to some piecing on the sleeve. Thank goodness piecing is period!

I have never been so close on a garment. Even with the piecing we were literally sacrificing notches because we needed that 3/16" of fabric. Good grief. We took a pic of what was left. That is literally all the scraps, amazing. We actually did it though, we are SO made of awesome! :>
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A friend wants help picking out fabric for a new Regency turban so I thought I'd spend the afternoon doing a little Google research before our shopping trip. Here are some interesting links I thought I'd share. After all you never know when you will need a new turban! :> - handout from a Regency Ball - good overall info, helpful for when someone who needs help getting started (Regency Fashion Page) - Regency turbans by era - pretty cool - interesting info on turbans and other Regency headwear - how to drape a period middle eastern turban - always helpful to know how the original your inspiration comes from is done - more on bonnets & caps but good links

Yes, and may I just say that music on websites is a nice idea but seriously annoying when you are surfing. Especially when you are already listening to your CD player. That is all.
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All's quiet on the sewing front here, although I'm hoping to change that this weekend. I'm itching to work on my Victorian corset and B and I will have the house to ourselves this weekend... :>

I finished altering Mom's dress in just time for her cruise. I was up late last night but it was rather a nice job if I do say so myself. I was able to move the zipper enough that she can actually eat at the formal dinner without risking breaking another zipper - yay me! I also helped her with the shrug she made to match. Pics when they get back... May I just say sewing invisible zippers is SO much easier on my old machine. I adore my new baby, Bette, don't get me wrong but when it comes to zippers I need my old no-name standby. I can't believe I'm one of those two machine seamtresses now! I guess my old machine needs a name too now, I'm thinking Sam. (I don't know why.) I guess I won't have arrived until I have 3 or 4 machines though. First I must move my sewing out of my bedroom, becasue I have no room for that sort of thing at the moment. :>

In other news my cotton organdy from [ profile] tayloropolis's Ebay source arrived this week. You were right [ profile] tayloropolis it is gorgous stuff! I can't wait to make a new cap with it.

Thanks so much for all your advice on the pocket issue - my dear pin posse you are the best! I've resolved to push aside my irrational perfectionest self and bow to the clear majority choice of piecing. It'll make for a story when I show off my pockets at least! It also provides proof that I make mistakes and so will keep me humble. Of course I can always just read my LJ, which gives full proof to the fact that i have no idea what I'm doing half the time! :>

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