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In lieu of costuming content (since I haven't really been doing much), here are random links I've recently found interesting:

Not soon enough for me...
Facebook will disappear in five to eight years

I find these images sad, creepy & cool all at the same time...
Immortal: bejeweled relics of martyred saints

I love it when a historical myth is busted...
History & Myths of the Suffrage Purple, Green & White

I have got to try this!
18th century recipe: Strawberry Fritters

These make me rather happy for some reason...
18th century trade cards

Admit it, playing with this is fun!
Online map calculates travel times in Ancient Rome

I love everything about this...
18th century meets space opera

Interesting series of videos on pin-up hair... (this is video 1of3)

plum jam

Sep. 18th, 2011 04:54 pm
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So what do you do when you are (finally) feeling better but not really 100% better. You know, just better enough to be bored and rather annoyed about how un-productive you still are? Why you make jam of course!

I tried my hand at my first plum jam. It's really the fault of my tree fruit vendor at the Farmer's Market. There I was innocently buying some yummy Honeycrisp apples (I adore apple season!) and there was a tub of plump dark little fruits with a sign saying "Damson Plums - great for jam!". So evil. Never mind that I've never tasted plum jam, it just sounded SO good. So I bought some.

I actually made two kinds. The first was a standard pectin added recipe, which I spiced up with some bourbon (from the local distillery). The second was a small batch, using the leftover 2 cups of fruit from the pectin batch. I just used sugar and lime juice (apparently plums have a lot of natural pectin) and added a little Cointreau for fun.

The small batch was good, a slightly citrusy thick fruit spread. The larger bourbon batch is my favorite though, nice and spreadable with an autumn feel to the flavor. It goes really nicely with the ABC sourdough with blue cheese and walnuts that I love eating this time of year so much. *sigh* I love the fall.

jam day!

Jun. 1st, 2011 01:23 pm
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It's jam day!

Mom and I are making our first ever jam today. We are starting out with my favorite, strawberry. The local strawberry crop was hard hit by rain and hail this year so this may be the last of them at the farmers market. So we can't put it off any longer - jam here we come!

So far so good. No major disasters, the first batch has actually set as far as I can tell and it's now in the pot being "preserved". So no major disasters and Mom & I are having a good time.

1And since I'm using [ profile] girliegirl32786's official Jampange strawberry jam recipe I'm wearing my tiara. 'Cause I can. :>
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For [ profile] mlsdesigns:

I love sponge cakes but hadn’t quite found the perfect recipe... until this weekend! I picked up the first local strawberries to hit my famer's market and despite the fact that they were wonderful on their own I decided to make a sponge to go with them.

research & notes )

Classic Sponge Cake - recipe )

Download a .pdf version
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In lieu of costuming content (since I am still on my sewing hiatus) here is the recipe I promised months ago for the Wild Mushroom Ragoût that I served at my Victoriana Luncheon. This is a combination of 4 different recipes as I wanted to create something tasty and that would flow with the rest of our meal. We couldn't find crème fraiche at the time so we used the Greek yogurt instead.

the recipe )

Download a .pdf version
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Last night I went to the local ballroom dance studio's Halloween party after all. I debated about it all day (while I made mini pumpkin cheesecakes for the potluck - which came out yummy although not as good as Costo's pumpkin cheesecake) but in the end I wanted to be a pretty, pretty princess for the evening.

With a whole wardrobe of pretty things to wear I took sage advice from my LJ friends and decided to wear a totally impractical dress for dancing since I didn't want to dance much. I went with my Fire Dress. With the addition of my Golden Diadem it worked well with Mom's Snow Queen costume so we were Fire & Ice. (Bridget gets credit with that idea!)

It was fun to wear the frock again (it had only been worn once!) and it totally worked on the not much dancing front too! After several wardrobe malfunctions during the complimentary Hustle lesson no one but Dad was brave enough to ask me for a dance afterward. Yay! After bustling the train of doom and safety pinning up the underskirt's sweep it wasn’t so bad really. It just took a couple of tries to work out the kinks. I still didn't have much movement in the shoulders but with tall guys (like Dad) it wasn’t much of a problem. So I got to hustle, swing, cha-cha and foxtrot with Daddy, not that Mom got a single pic - shirker!

Mom's newly bling-ed out Snow Queen was very cute. We didn't get any pics of the new detachable bustle (she'll be wearing it again for an event in Dec so we'll get better pics then) but it was very pretty. She also added a lot more face make-up and fiber optic lights to her hair (never did get a good pic of them) and rhinestone snowflakes to the hem of the dress. I'm beginning to wonder if this dress with ever be finished, she has so many more ideas for bling. She is SO funny!

After dance we went to the Ale House for a beer and munchies - it was a good way to end a fun evening.
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I took a little break from the Pink Italian today to make soup.

My family and I have gotten rather lazy lately, relying on going out, prepared foods or the same 2 uninspiring "chicken on the grill marinades" for most of our meals. So this soup marks my first "I'm hungry, what's in the house I can make without too much bother" meal since the prepared foods have stopped being replaced around here.

Inspired by some of the produce we got at the farmer's market on Saturday I made a Curried Butternut Squash Soup, which I ate with blue cheese sourdough bread from the local bakery and sliced apples from a local orchard. No I'm not in an autumn mood at all!

The recipe is one I came up with myself, based on some recipes I looked at online (I love Google!). I love experimenting, especially when the results are super yummy (if I do say so myself) and super easy. Next time I want to try it with pumpkin. A very good beginning I'd say to the new style of eating around here...

Jenny’s Curried Butternut Squash Soup )
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The church picnic & baptism got rained out today so I've had a lovely restful Sunday at home. Mostly I've been working on my Peacock gown and sipping Bellinis made with fresh peach purée from local peaches. Yum!

Feels good to be working on the Peacock again, I've missed the joy of beading it since I set the project aside in May in the cause of my CosCol wardrobe. I'll have to break down and buy some more beads soon though... once I recover a bit from what [ profile] gilded_garb calls the financial trauma of Costume College of course. :>
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My long-overdue macaron post! I am of course no expert but since so many of you have asked, here are my thoughts on the tasty little things.

Read more... )


Apr. 22nd, 2010 06:21 pm
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The chocolate macarons... fabulous! Working on the buttercream right now... *rubs hands together with glee*

You know it occurs to me that I really need a macaron icon.
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So I'm back from the store. It always helps to have enough almond flour and eggs in the house when one is making macarons. *sigh*

*eyes half finished jacket* Yep, it's going to be a late night tonight.
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My Ice Cream Jacket is progressing nicely. Well really I'm rather behind but I'm still mulishly determined to make it happen. Stubborn moi? *ahem*

But now I have to take a break and get started on the macaroons Loren asked so nicely for.

I'm going to make my favorite vanilla with candy-cane butter cream, which I have decided are my signature macaroons. Then I'm trying my hand at chocolate macaroons with a violet butter cream. So they will be a reverse of the ones I made for the fete which were violet macaroons with chocolate ganache. The violet flavoring I'm using is so subtle I couldn't add enough to the macaroon batter without screwing up the chemistry so this time I can add to my heart's content, butter cream being a much more forgiving medium.

I've heard chocolate macaroons are the most difficult but I made some for Christmas that were okay. They seem to like a lower temperature and become dry quickly so I'll watch that this time. I'm also trying a new (organic and dark) coco powder that I hope will make the difference between okay and fabulous.
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Aubry is here and we are having a fabulous time!

Worked on my dress more yesterday. The skirt is now attached so the next big thing is sewing in the sleeves (they are pinned), the hem and sewing the hooks and eyes. The rest is little fiddly stuff. We have so much to do today though!

Today is macaron day! I'm so excited - we have some fun flavors planned and Aubry is going to teach me how to make ganache. Yummm! I also have some other fete baking to do and we need to set the table and decorate. I'm looking forward to it all but it's going to be a long day!
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I promised [ profile] unclrashid my receipt for mock Devonshire cream so here it is:

Mock Devonshire Cream

16oz cream cheese, softened
4 tbsp confectioner’s sugar
1 cup sour cream

In a bowl, beat together cream cheese and sugar.
Add sour cream and mix until thoroughly combined.

Yield: 1½ cups
from the book "If Tea Cups Could Talk" by Emilie Barnes

Not quite as good as the real thing (nothing is!) but a quick, easy and very tasty substitute for those of us that can't get our hands on proper unpasteurized milk!

edited to add:
I was just trolling the web and found another recipe for Mock Devonshire Cream consisting of mascarpone, whipping cream, sugar and vanilla extract. I don't think the mascarpone (which is expensive) and the whipping cream would be amazing better than my faithful cream cheese and sour cream but I like the idea of adding some vanilla. I think I'll try that next time...

CCE season!

Feb. 4th, 2009 09:55 am
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Bad news? I have a cold. *coughsniffsniff*

Good news? I had my first Cadbury Creme Egg of the season. *contented sigh* Long live the mighty CCE!!
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Yesterday after church I went over to [ profile] dancinseamtres's house to show her the beading so far and figure out what to do next. I wasn’t done but I had finished two sections of scatter beading (no pics because I'm a silly Jenny-Rose). We worked out a plan for her to finish the sewing and then get me the dress to finish beading. I think we came up with a brilliant plan...

Then I stayed for a few hours and beaded while she worked on the cutest cake topper ever! Hey Brooke, your tin-foil is showing! *hee hee*

On my way home I stopped at the new Wegman's to check it out. Heaven! I treated myself to a mini fruit tart, a slice of cheese cake, fresh bread, goat cheese with fennel and lavender and foi gras pate (3 piggies - my favorite!). It's almost my birthday right? :>

Today is crazy busy with un-packing, sorting, laundry, errand running and prepping for the women's retreat meeting tonight. *sigh* I want to go back on vacation.
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Oh goody LJ is back up!

I'm sitting here nibbling on chocolate cheesecake and Earl Grey Tea thinking... they make a very good combination indeed! :P

*trots off to see friends list*
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I was bad today. I mean I almost stayed in my budget but I mostly bought for future projects; future costumes, next year’s Twelfth Night… so bad! In my defense I think we are just about finished with this year’s Twelfth Night purchases. We bought some 17th century style goblets today (for a steal at Walmart no less!) but other than that, we need get favors, candles and the actual food. Oh and maybe some paints for the annual twelfth night craft project. *rolls eyes* How we are going to pull off that still hush-hush scheme I still don’t know! :>

Tomorrow we are off to Williamsburg for two days. Dad surprised us with a hotel room and a reservation at Trellis so I’m excited. We probably won’t do much in the historic area, mostly hitting the pottery and outlet malls. Sounds like fun to me! :>

I ordered my colonial shoes from Jas Townsend a few hours ago so they are on the way. I bought the necessary buckles and treated myself to a small pair of sewing scissors for RCHS outings as well. I really hope these shoes work as I’m really not interested in any of the other reproduction shoes I’ve seen (and I’ve looked all over!). My consolation is if they don’t work I can put the money toward Costume College, a very worthy cause, yes? *crossing fingers*
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I didn’t get too much sewing done today. I am in a baking mood so I spent most of my day making a mushroom quiche and some carrot & oatmeal cookies. Oh yes and cleaning up the kitchen before and after. The quiche was very good, especially as I took the time to make the pastry this time but the cookies need some perfecting. I burned the first batch and overcooked the second. I’m a wiz at pastry & sauces but cakes & cookies are not really my thing. Practice makes perfect, right?

I did get the channels in the back done and the pieces trimmed. I also cut out the lining pieces. I decided that I preferred the “plain” side better so I won’t be showing the stitching after all. Beyond the large channel issue, I did a rather sloppy job with the stitching and I just a-soon hide it. Mom’s take on the subject was that it didn’t look like a corset if you couldn’t see the stitching. :>I’ve never had one like this actually so we will see if I like it.

I had the seams almost all pinned together when I realized that I’d forgotten the horizontal bust bones and to cut the tabs. The tabs are marked on the interlining and I’d planned on attaching those casings to the inside so I have to take them all apart now.

I think I’ll just call it a day. Bridget is expected home any minute. We are going out for Chinese for dinner and then a family game afterwards. Sounds like a good stopping point to me! :>

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