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I spent my evening watching Downton Abbey - oh the costume porn!

For those out there like me who that don't have TV channels (or missed the original airing) is posting full episodes for a limited time. Episode 1&2 expire on Feb 22.

The costumes are fabulous but then again early 19-teens fashions are amoung my favorites. It's great to see so many day/informal outfits from the period. So far my favorite is a darling black & white striped blouse Lady Mary wears in the second episode (which I can't find any pis of merh). The story is more engaging than I thought it would be too - full of upstairs and downstairs drama, as one would expect from the screenwriter of Gosford Park. The grounds of Highclere Castle and the cinematography are really lovely too. The opening sequence is not to be missed! This is a very high budget venture you can tell - yummy!
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Our slumber party was fun, as was the following morning's coffee shop gab session and shopping. The afternoon/evening's headache was not. Wretched weather can't make up it's mind. *shakes fist at sky*

The Duchess movie was certainly the costume porn I'd heard it proported to be. My favorite part of the 18th century too - yummy! The hair *gasp* and the jewelry *sigh*. The costumes I'd give a 10, the movie a 3. The story itself was interesting (bit of a downer though) and the acting good but we spent more of the film than I like with the fast forward button in hand. Personally I prefer certain things to be left to the imagination. *ahem* So I guess not seeing it in the theater wasn’t such a bad deal. No fast forward button there...

Still I have spent a good chunk of the day browsing and being inspired on the Duchess site (where was that last year when we were making riding habits and redingotes!) and Costumer’s Guide. I was so inspired I went to the fabric store and bought lining for new stays. Heck, I may even get some *now don't faint* SEWING done this vacation!

The rest of my day today was spent working on headdresses. Bridget and I plotted out the tiara for Queen of the Night and started work on [ profile] girliegirl32786's wedding diadem. [ profile] girliegirl32786's diadem is going well and I'm super excited to see our vision for the QotN become reality. Yeah, the late 18th century is definitely singing her siren song!

All I can say is it's about time - I was begining to think I'd lost my costume fu or something.
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I feel bad - I've been so on the go this week I have not been commenting on your posts lately. Do forgive me, I'll try to play catch up soon...

I just finished watching the BBC North & South - oh wow! I totally should not have spent my evening watching tv but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Set in one of England's cotton mill cities of the 1850s it was interesting to see the industrial revolution in the UK (compared to the reading and traveling I've done on the US version). I even started to think I might need an 1850s frock one day, something I've sworn i would never want. I'm sorry it took me so long to see this now as I foresee it becoming a favorite. If you loved the 1995 A&E Pride and Prejudice make it a point to watch North & South, you'll love it too! (yes B this means you!)

I finally got around to watching The Buccaneers the other day too. There was some pretty heavy bustle-frock drooling involved but overall I hated it. I don't enjoy stories that center around unhappy marriages, adultery, VDs and other sorted plot lines. Why to most Victorian novels/dramas have to be so depressing? Anyway, lovely to watch but not one I'll be renting again in the future (except to watch a particular frock perhaps).

Oh for those acquainted with but not friended with my sis [ profile] cracked_code - let the celebrating begin!!!!!
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I am so in love!

I love the use of color on the blue one but I ADORE the style of the green. I think I need one. I mean really NEED one. *grin*

Maggie has gotten a hold of more hi-rez pics from the same Marie Antionette exhibit - make sure you check them out - especially the pink with the pleated fabric (one of the most unperiod frocks in the film but a personal favorite)!
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Oh I just saw the trailer for this - now I can't wait to see it! Looks like we are going to go out the weekend it opens with some friends from church - fun, fun!

Amazing Grace
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I don’t think I can dye anything in the new washer after all. I watched it go through a wash cycle last night and the stupid thing doesn’t actually fill up with water – it’s one of those fancy efficient ones that uses less water and soap. Dumb. I am so bummed out. My days of easy dyeing are over. I’ll have to do it in the tub sink or buy a pot and do it on the stove. *mreh*

I did get the cream petticoat all taken apart and washed though so it’s ready to go. Maybe I’ll try the dye thing tomorrow. Have I mentioned I’m bummed?

I worked on my new ball gown petticoat today, it’s mostly done. I have the waist band pinned on so just that, the hem and the ruffles to add. I ended up with a shot gold/bronze taffeta. It looks nice with the ball gown but isn’t too matchy-matchy. Pretty!

I finally got word that I can wear my Bee gown one of the Stratford Hall nights so that is nice. I’m excited to wear it again. I’ll have to put the train on a wrist loop though for dancing!

I really can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week – November where did you go?! It will be 12th Night before I know it - scary!

My last bit of pointless rambling is a link to Yahoo Movies – they have 6 clips from Marie Antoinette up. Now I want to go see it again. Sony will you please hurry up and put MA on DVD?! :>

Marie Antoinette clips
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I am ashamed; I haven’t yet posted anything about my trip to Winterthur and the Fashion and Film exhibit! I have sat down to do it a few times this week and managed to get distracted by other things. Bad Jenny!

Our day was wonderful! It ended up just being B and I but that was fun. A sister day - yay! I was a bit skeptical about making it a day trip but not having the means to stay overnight that was our plan. It turned out just fine, about 3 hours each way but we had plenty of time to have a relaxing day and still see all we wanted to. We even stopped for a sit down meal and a bit of Twelfth Night shopping on the way home. :> B and I talked, giggled and sang to my Christmas CDs the whole way. Fun! The drive was pretty and simple, we managed to avoid all the traffic and were only delayed by B’s small speeding ticket. :P

Winterthur: house & grounds )

the frocks )

If you have the opportunity to go see the exhibit do it – it was well worth the day. My only complaint was the price, a bit pricey if you ask me. To do the exhibit and the house was $20 and from Va we paid about $15 in tolls plus gas. I hate toll roads I really do. Still I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!

PS Many thanks to [ profile] padawansguide for collecting images from the exhibit (where pics were allowed) in one place. Also many thanks to those who shared their pics with Maggie and us all!! It was a bummer not be able to photographs myself but knowing I could come home and find some anyway was wonderful!
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My thoughts on Marie Antoinette…
(it’s long – I’m nothing if not opinionated you know!) )
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I've been so bad about updating this LJ lately - and replying to your entries. I read them, really I do, I just haven’t had the time to reply lately. In my defense I've been out of town a crazy amount and this week I've been feeling under the weather. Lots of headaches and general ickiness. I have a busy weekend ahead of me so I've been taking it easy the past few days in the thought that if I baby myself a bit I'll feel up to the weekend activities. So far all I feel like is behind in everything. Oh well. :P

All the vegging about and watching Duchess of Duke Street has lead to getting quite a bit of quilting though on the petticoat. It's looking so good! This morning I switched focus and marked out the bottom lines so I can get the bottom finished off. I thought it would be easier to measure the length that way. I was going to wait until I'd sewn the panels together to hem it but I think I won't now. I think the idea of two complete panels sewn together in case I ever want to take them apart for another purpose. Whatever that purpose may be. *evil grin*

Looks like I will be waiting to see MA until next weekend (so all spoilers behind cuts if you please!). [ profile] bauhausfrau and some of her friends are going in costume next Saturday so I'll go with them. Should be fun, the weekend before Halloween no less. :>

I'm going to wear my green ball gown with BIG hair. :> I need to add some more trimming (I think I'll make it a fake "zone front") and something at the sleeves. A new (and properly fancy) petticoat would be fun but I don't know that I will have time for that.
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Wow was the Monroe tea only a week ago... sure seems longer! Feels like I haven't posted in ages, and it really hasn’t been that bad. Life has been incredibly busy this week but in a good way, I've just had my best two weeks ever in MK and had way too much fun in the process.

Haven't gotten much sewing done, been thinking about it but that is about it. I broke down tonight and worked on my pocket some. My baby bee and pomegranate are coming along now, looking adorable. :> I'm really in the mood to work on my everyday clothes but have been spending all my down time this week on headaches, and vegging in front of movies.

Watched The Aviator for the first time yesterday. It was actually much more enjoyable that I thought it would be. It does have Leo DiCaprio in it after all. He was actually acting in this movie though which was nice. Alan Alda was a nice surprise and so good in his part. Lots of little cameo "oh I didn’t know he was in this" moments actually. Probably goes to show just how little I paid attention to this when it came out, huh? *grin* It was a little heavy foul-language-wise for me and I fast-forwarded the more intense crazy man bits but it was worth watching once at least.

The clothes were so gorgeous! Actually the clothes, hair and make-up were all far to pretty. I got to see some of the costumes at FIDM... I liked them in person too. They looked better with the hair and make-up though. :>

I didn’t realize he was the Spruce Goose guy. I saw the Spruce Goose in LA when I was a little girl, maybe 8 or something. It made a big impression on me at the time… never quite forgotten it. Although I had no idea what it actually was at the time or an appreciation of the technology and man that made it. I just thought it was the coolest thing ever. I’d love to see it again as an adult – wish it was still in LA!
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I decided to dress after all. Actually there were four of us dressed but I didn’t get any pics – silly Jenny! Actually it only occurred to me to take some pics right before I undressed and went to bed. I thought this outfit was too cute not to preserve for posterity, even if it was 4am and I'd left my hat in the car. It was comfy too, although it felt strange to be wearing my underpinnings on the outside! :> Fun but strange. I especially enjoyed not having to worry about everything being accurate. I reveled in my unperiod hair and jewelry. I am SO not a thread Nazi! *giggle*

As far as PotC2 went, I was disappointed. more on that subject )

I’m taking a break from the Erté dress right now. Everything is cut except for the belt - can’t remember how wide I wanted to make it. :P I’ve basted the bodice and it’s lining together using the temp spray adhesive [ profile] demode_kvc mentioned a while ago. So far it’s working like a charm. Anything that helps silk to behave in a more friendly manner is a good thing, right?!! :>
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[ profile] sewphisticate I bow to your reviewing greatness!! I just read the first Coppla interview for MA and she confirmed quite a few of your initial impressions of the film (from the trailer). This will be a coming of age story and the '80s music is part of the soundtrack, not just the trailer.

*sigh* Oh well.

I will see it of course but only for the thrill of the snark and the pleasure of loathing it. I don’t like this type of film in general and particularly not in my favorite era of fashion and about my dear Antionette. Maybe the costumes will be better in the film. To be honest I'm not all that thrilled with what I've seen. They are very nice but nothing that has reached out and grabbed me. I just asoon go watch L'Anglaise et le Duc again.

I suppose all this makes me a bit of an accuracy snob. Ummm… should I be worried that I don’t care? :P I must bow again, this time to the lovely [ profile] sarahbellem who has written my own feelings so much better than I could have done myself. If I may quote her...

"Who cares if it's not 100% period accurate? I do! I find modernisims jarring. I don't buy into the "dumbing down for the masses" philosophy that seems so popular these days (look at the BBC Pride & Prejudice from 10 years ago... It proved that historically accurate -in so far as was possible- was still enjoyable and that people will soil themselves in ecstasy every time they watch it). And that is why I don't really think I'm going to be flinging myself around with joy over the New Order song in an 18th century movie.

Call me a Movie Nazi. Fine. I know what I like and I'm sticking to it. :)"


Mar. 2nd, 2006 02:25 pm
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Hey [ profile] elizabethsdress (and anyone else who loves 20s fashions) - I just saw a movie that I think you would like. It's called Star! and is a little known Julie Andrews musical - I hadn’t even heard of before B spotted it at the library. It's based on the life of stage star Gertrude Lawrence and spans from 1916-1940.

The designer actually did his research and did a very good job of it too, especially the late teens and twenties frocks - including some adorable Erte inspired things. Very nicely done indeed. The behind the scenes stuff said that Julie wore something like 125 costumes in the film - only one of which was made in duplicate because they were so expensive to produce.

Anyway check it out.
Or avoid it if you don't want any more 1920s addiction incentive.
Or if you've already seen it, ignore this.



Dec. 16th, 2005 10:24 pm
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Not much on the costuming front happening these days. I have taken out all the broken stitching from the kitty toy that was my ballgown trim and started again. I've also started another quilt signature. I'm so glad I changed the stitches I used for that. The chain stitching was pretty but so time consuming. The stem & seed goes much faster.

B & I saw Narnia this afternoon. May I say wow! Great job - I thoroughly enjoyed it. I totally want Lucy's crown. I also thought the Witch's battle outfit was the coolest costume. So imaginative!

I must brag that all my Christmas shopping is done, I finished it up Wednesday. All the packages that have to be mailed are taped up and addressed too. I'll swing by the post office after my Mary Kay appointment tomorrow and post them. The Twelfth Night invites are also (finally) sealed, stamped and addressed. They will also go out tomorrow. I'd say I had holiday things pretty well in hand but I haven't even started my Christmas letter yet. SO BAD. As long as I write it before Christmas day, right? :>
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[ profile] padawansguide was so kind as to post a link to the first trailer of the new Marie Antionette movie today. Looks pretty good so far, although why is Antionette running everywhere? :P

Quicktime trailer

I also discovered an interesting tidbit today that I didn't know - the costume designer for Marie Antionette is Milena Canonero, the costume designer of "Affair of the Necklace". It bodes well, n'est pas? :>

new P&P

Nov. 22nd, 2005 08:34 pm
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I feel I really must post a link to [ profile] sewphisticate's review of the new P&P just for the betterment of mankind. (although honestly if she isn’t on your friends list already shame on you!) :> It confirms my worst fears about said film and is brilliantly written per usual.

Ack! Call me a purist but really some film makers & costume designers should be shot!

le review
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I did it. I broke down and bought the Titanic EE. The 3 discs rather than 4 discs for the US release still ticks me off but I held off buying the stupid film until an extended version was released. It seems silly to not get it after all. At least I won’t have to get the DVD out of the library when I want some screen captures. :>

There is alot more on the EE than I thought at first. There isn’t much costuming fodder, some fun tidbits here and there but nothing spectacular. There are shots of vintage gowns used on screen and a lot lots of behind the scenes views of the extra’s costumes which is fun. There is a very good look at the Swim Dress prototype as Kate models it in a fitting that is fun. I like the finial version better though. There are also a few “new” costume reference shots in the still gallery (at least I hadn’t seen them before) including one of the Tea Dress with it’s original hat and one of the kimono. The image quality isn’t great but fun none-the-less.

Deborah Scott is part of the cast & crew commentary as well. My favorite tidbit was that the Jump Dress (or Suicide Dress as she referred to it) design inspiration came from some vintage scraps of circular beading. The gown grew from that element. I thought that was interesting. :>

In other news… well sort of…
I’ve decided to wear my Tea Dress for Halloween – gee I wonder why I’m in the mood to wear that costume? *wicked grin* I’m in charge of the Cake Walk at the church’s Harvest Party again this year so I’m silly to want to wear a restrictive corset but what can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment. :>

I have decided to add some new trimming to it. The gown is a bit plain… too plain for 1912 really. I never had the time to finish it properly and it’s bugging me now. I don’t have a plan per say but I’ve pulled a few trims and laces from the stash and we’ll see what I come up with between now and Monday.

I should also start work on my green wool cloak this weekend. I’m attending an outdoor event at Gunston Hall so I need it next Saturday. As far as B’s pirate costume goes I’m putting it on hold until her Thanksgiving break. It’s just too hard to work on when she is not home for fittings. :
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Interesting... Titanic fans disregarded again. To quote an reviewer:

"Thanks, Paramount. Thanks for making us wait 6 years for the special edition. Thanks for only giving us the 3 disc set when Europe and latin america get a 4 DISC SET! Why aren't we? They are given a choice overseas. A 2 disc set OR a 4 disc. We only get one choice, a 3 disc set. And this is what we are missing...

HBO First Look The Heart Of The Ocean (Run Time 27m 30s)
Titanic In 30 Seconds With Bunnies (Run Time 0m 47s)
MTV Movie Awards Titanic Skit (Run Time 4m 21s)
Easter Egg - SNL Skit With Bill Paxton and James Cameron (Run Time 4m 47s)
Trailers & Teasers In Widescreen Or Full Frame (Approximately 25 Minutes)
Titanic Tv Spots In Full Frame (Run Time 5m 26s)
Opposite Worlds
Know The Legend
Nothing You Expect
Heart Will Go On
See It Again:15
RTLT TV Spot - German"

Why the difference? Paramont has rights to Region 1, Fox to the rest. So lame. So now I'm rethinking buying it. Never liked the movie anyway (holy cow the diaoluge!! *cringe*) - I just wanted to see the behind the scenes. I must check and see if our DVD player is a universal one. Or maybe I'll skip it and just by a movie I'll actualy watch. :>
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My trip to G Streets turned out to be a bust. I picked up the twill tape I needed but my real quest for hat supplies was unfulfilled. I was also hoping to find a buckle similar but larger than the small diamond ones I bought last time but had no luck there either. Oh well.

I did manage to pick up Jefferson in Paris on my way home though. I ordered it from my local Borders in a weak moment last week and it came in today. I felt the need of 18th century costume inspiration and since I’d heard nothing but lovely things about the clothing in JIP it seemed a good choice.

I just finished watching it (the DVD player is working again, for now anyway) and thoroughly enjoyed the costumes. The story was okay, if thought provoking. There was one scene (a very bawdy street show insulting Antoinette) I could have done without but overall the content was dealt with tastefully, much more so than I feared from some of the reviews I’d read. As tastefully as un-tasteful subjects can be dealt with I guess. Then again Jefferson is not high on my list of favorites so I felt the portrayal of him perhaps a little too sympathetic and glossed over at times if anything. :>

The Marie Antoinette was spot on though and (typical of Merchant Ivory) the production did an excellent job of showing the period. The costumes were amazing… I didn’t know where to look everything was lovely. The hats!!! I have lots of new ideas for my hat now to say the least. I will have to do some serious screen capturing this weekend!
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Before tackling those sleeves again I decided to look through my books and screen captures once again. If you will recall I went through all this last November when I worked on the sleeves for my original toile. This afternoon's exercise was more to refresh my memory than anything. Also the sleeves for this pattern are slightly different than the ones I used before so there were a few specific things I needed to look out at.

I'm a visual learner and I've found, especially with sleeves, it's helpful to actually see them in action. Where the seams lay on the body, how they move and wrinkle - that sort of thing. They always look so perfect in drawings. :> I went through my L’Anglaise et le Duc captures and watched some of Slipper & the Rose. The captures were more helpful, better angles and such, although the sleeves are slightly different styles than what I'm doing.

While I was messing about with the files I found an easy way to make the files larger than the last ones I uploaded. So, I'll be adding a page of captures to my site at some point. For now here are some of the ones I found helpful today.

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