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I had a lovely day at the Maryland Renaissance Festival yesterday. There was a fair amount of drama and stress getting there (I was seriously thinking about just staying home at one point!) but I had a good time once everyone got there.

Mom and Dad came this year (Dad's first ever Ren Faire) along with my friend Rachel, who is home from England for a few months, in her fun historical Snow White costume. She got a lot of attention and made many little girls happy throughout the day. If you ever want to be treated like a rock star at a Ren Faire dress like a Disney Princess! :> We met up with [ profile] isabelladangelo and her Mom at the Faire as well and had great fun (as always) doing the Faire together. The day was gorgeous, the perfect weather for Ren Faire - crisp and cool, with a dry ground and blue sky. I was fine temperature-wise in my frock until the end of the day when I was wishing for a muff. :> There weren't many stellar costumes but there were some pretty awesome furs walking around! I love going to a Ren Faire in the Autumn!

I was a good little girl and didn't try to make anything new the week before. I wore my Pink Italian dress and limited myself to two new accessories, a caul/hair net and a drawstring purse. I needed the purse for my new SLR camera (none of my reticules are big enough!) and I thought a thought a new hair net would be fun. I made the net by weaving together organza ribbon. It turned out to be a much more complicated and time consuming project than I anticipated and I'm not sure how much I really like it in my hair but it was new and shiny!

Umm… so yeah good news is my new camera takes great pics, bad news it takes longer to upload them to Flickr now! :0
more photos @ Flickr
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[Error: unknown template video] Finially got around to uploading the little video of my Pink Florentine gown in action... it really is fun to wear! :>
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My outing to the Virginia Ren Faire yesterday was fun - hot but fun!

I hadn’t been to the VA Faire in 5-6 years and it has definitely grown! [ profile] isabelladangelo and I had no particular plan, other than a goal to not come home with a sunburn, so we wondered about, nibbled on goodies, browsed the shops, listened to some great music, did the wine tasting (the Faire is on the Lake Anna Winery property) and snarked ('cause Ren faires are all about the snarking) - it was fun! [ profile] sadievale and [ profile] williamsburg24 joined us later in the day (not in costume) so we followed them around and watched them shop too.

The best part of the day was when [ profile] isabelladangelo decided to get her hair braided, the hair braiding tent being right next to the Winery booth. There was a bit of a wait so I got a glass of wine and we settled back for people watching, snarking and entertainment (from the stage across the path). We got lots of compliments on our frocks - my two favorites being told that we "were so pretty and well wholesome!" (at a Ren Faire I'll take that as a compliment) and being told by the decked-out-in-pink Elizabethan fop that I looked better in pink than he did (I think he was right!). Hee. We also had a quick summer rain shower, which was actually rather nice. Getting wet on such a hot day was a good thing and it cooled things off for a bit.

So all in all a fun day - thanks for suggesting it [ profile] isabelladangelo!! I didn't take many pics at the faire but they are here along with some pictures I took in our yard after [ profile] isabelladangelo left.

VA Ren Faire Album
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As you can tell from my lack of costuming posts I haven't been up to much lately. Lots of Real Life (TM) and time spent in the kitchen (as I discover my inner baker) but not a lot of costuming. *sigh*

I have been working on my outfit for my outing to the Virginia Ren Faire on Saturday. I haven't been a couple of years so I'm looking forward to it. I'm wearing the Pink Italian that I made last year, just tweaking a few things. Mostly I'm replacing the lacing rings with handbound eyelets. Eyelets had always been the plan, just didn't have time before the MD Faire last fall. I also want to stiffen the hem a bit and come up with a better hair style but we'll see what I have time for.

Is anyone else going to the VA Ren Faire? I'll be there 10-ish (when it opens)...
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Our outing to the Ren Faire on Sunday was a success. We had glorious weather, which is a new experience for me! It was really lovely not to be too hot, too cold, wet or muddy. Wow! I had a good time, despite having a headache that wouldn't go away most of the day and a tummy that no longer likes Ren food. It was great to hang out with Isabella again too - I'm SO glad you could join us!

I was pleased with my dress, I need to take better pics of it though. I didn't intend it but turned out to be quite the princess dress, I think because of the color and the gold bling. Next time I wear it to the Faire I'd like to style my hair better (that was a very last minute after thought) and maybe make a pink and gold tiara or jeweled headband for it.

I'm so glad I didn't bow to practicality and sacrifice the train as it really is my favorite part. I keep it out of thw way by bustling it up with piece of ribbon, which worked brilliantly but sadly I didn't take pictures of... next time!

Mom had way too much fun with her "Snow Queen" costume too. She got lots of attention and little girls whose eyes lit up when they saw her - it was great! She has more bling to add for a Halloween party so I'll be sure to post pics of that.

All my pics from the day can be found here:
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It's that time of year again - Renaissance Faire! (Local peeps - I'll be at the Maryland Ren Faire on Oct 16th if anyone wants to meet up!!)

After a few years of inertia and last year's pathetic succession of projects that got ditched at the last minute, a new Ren Faire outfit is loooong overdue. So I’ve been spending time surfing the internet, collecting images and refining ideas. Finally I found the right combination of a project that inspires me, a frock I actually want to wear and something that I have fabric and trims for in the stash (still feeling financial trauma from CosCol).

Amazing. I'm beginning to think costuming is actually a form of alchemy. Also I have a theory that fabrics have to marinate in the stash before you can make them up, sometimes they marinate for days sometimes years. Anyway...

So the plan! I started out with the assumption that I would revisit the Pink Venetian project. The pink rayon/wool was the fabric in the stash that excited me most after all. However as I researched and pondered possibilities I found that it wasn’t the Venetian frocks that inspired me the most. It was the Florentine and Pisa frocks of the same period. Not that I don't want to make a Venetian, 'cause I still like them, but I'm just not in the mood right now and I don't think I want a pink one now anyway.

I was super inspired by two of the rare extant garments from this period, Eleonora di Toledo's funeral gown (1562) and the "Red Dress of Pisa" (c1560). I love the simple but elegant shapes and style of decoration.

There are plenty of portraits and paintings showing this style of dress, which is great. There is a fair amount of variation in seam placement and decoration so I have lots of wiggle room to make it my own, which I always enjoy.

I was also inspired by Laurie Tavan's fabulous Red & Gold Trained gown. The minute I saw it I fell in love! *sigh* Another repro that I was inspired by was Isabella's pink Eleonora gown. The thing that really struck me about her frock was how lovely the combination of pink and gold is, particularly in this style - yummy! So my color scheme was definitely inspired by that.

My favorite links so far are:
Festive Attyre
Realm of Venus
Anéa Costumes
the Purple Files
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Our outing to the Faire was lots of fun! Despite getting up really early and everyone arriving early or on time we pulled out of the driveway about an hour later than I wanted to. Ahh... the best laid plans! We all looked good though, Especially Rachel and Mom in their newly finished frocks. By the time we made it to the faire we were greeted by a line of cars to get to the road that leads to the faire. Yay traffic.

We ended up with a great parking spot though (a straight shot to the exit!) and made our way into the very muddy faire to meet up with [ profile] bauhausfrau and her boys. They were all fabulous looking and after some chit-chat at the White Hart we grabbed something to eat and made our way to the pirate ship for the boys to play.

We left [ profile] bauhausfrau and the boys to it, did some shopping and ended up on the benches in front of the chapel (one of my favorite spots!) where L and the boys joined us again for a little while.

After they left we got down to the serious business of shopping and nibbling. Mom, Rachel and Colleen had never been to the MD Ren Faire before, Mom and Rachel having never been to a Ren Faire ever. It was fun to show them around and take them to all my favorite spots and shops. We shopped, we ate, we sat and watched the faire go by. It was Day of Wrong, which on the whole was pretty entertaining. The high Elizabethan fops were great, the Tigger dressed in crusade garb fabulous, the knights with arrows sticking out of their chests were very chivalrous and all the western wear/cowboys so adorable. I don't think I've ever seen so many spurs at a Ren Faire! *sigh* I love cowboys.

I also really enjoyed my outfit, hobbled together and unplanned as it was. I was super comfortable all day, I got complements (particularly my mini tricorn), and I had way to much fun wearing false eyelashes and tons of dark eye makeup with it. My effigy stays were wonderfully comfy and I loved having a shorter petticoat in the mud and crowds. As much as I love historical accuracy and admire those that do it so well, I've discovered I love wearing Ren fantasy best - it's just fun! So I think for next year I'm going to take the same concept but make a more properly priratey outfit. Kind of a coquettish pirate. Thinking about it I already have the fabric in the stash and everything... I just need to keep my eye out for some pirate bling like [ profile] bauhausfrau's. :P

We decided, based on how packed the faire was getting and past experiences getting out of the parking lot that we would leave well before closing. We have reached our limit of fattening foods and checkbook stretching by 5pm anyway. It was late when we got home but not overly so.

So yay to a lovely day! The rest of my pics from the day can be found here.
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Well I've decided that as cute as I could make it and as much as I'll probably like it better once it's made up in real fabric - I simply don't want to wear an Elizabethan Jacket this weekend. So I'm not.

Part of me feels like a brat and pretty lame for not following through when I *could* get the jacket done in time but the other part is kinda proud that I'm actually following some of my costuming resolutions to neither costume in a rush, have to have "fabulous new" for every event, nor costume for what I *think* are other's expectations of my abilities.

So I'm going to wear a hobbled together "pirate wench" outfit - ie stays on the outside, petticoats and a little tricorn in the hair. I played around last night and found a combo that works nicely with my new effigy stays (which I'm dying to wear!). I feel I'm closer to "Pierette" or "Columbine" at the moment though so I'm going to run out to the party store today and see it I can "pirate" myself up a bit more. If not no big, the Pierette is kinda cute. :>

So the good news is I now have a perfectly fitted and ready to go Elizabethan Jacket pattern for my embroidered jacket project. I need to work on the embroidery design now - at the moment all I have is a rough desire for bees and Tudor roses... *rubs hands together*
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Random thoughts of the day:

I like the Napa area, it's very pretty here.

My hair likes SoCal better than NoCal.

Davis is one of the cutest college towns I've ever seen.

I'm ready to stop living out of a suitcase.

I want a lap-top.

Finding a ride home from the airport has been way too complicated.

I've missed LJ - I need to get back to spending quality time here with ma costuming peeps.

I missed the RCHS ball yesterday. Not really that sad.

I'm missing Poe today. Again, not that sad. I miss getting to hang out with everyone but I expected to feel more bummed about not being at the event. Weird.

In other news I'm thinking about ditching my Venetian gown. I'm just not feeling the vibe anymore. I've been having some fitting issues but most of the reason it's now Oct 11 and I'm not even on my second toile is because I just don't want to work on it. I was going to soldier on, thinking it's one of those costume CADD bumps in the road that I just needed to get over but now I'm thinking it's more than that.

Good news is I love-love my effigy stays. So what is simple, comfy and goes over effigy stays? A Jacobean jacket. You know those adorable little garments that keep popping up on my Friend's list? Yes I am a lemming. *sigh*

I wouldn't try to embroider it for the Ren Faire (I AM a muggle, unlike some people I know), although a cream jacket embroidered with black and gold bees sounds awfully fun! Besides being cute and practical the other reason the jacket appeals to me is there are lots of patterns out there. Perhaps I'll break down and actually buy a pattern, although I've got Arnold already. Does Hunnisett have a jacket, I don't think so? For those of you who have made one of these beauties, any pattern recommendations?

I don't know. I've got a few more days here so I'll wait to decide once I get home. I can't dither too long though - my Ren Faire outing is coming up quickly!
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Ack! I have become such a slacker about posting pics! Not sure how that happened. Oh yes I do - insane schedule this month. *sigh* So first installment - the Ren Faire!

Not too many pics, particularly of me. Maggie got some good ones of me though which is nice. It was pretty much the morning from heck; an early alarm after a late night of turban making, dressing taking longer than it should, no gas in the car, remembering that I hadn’t packed [ profile] dancinseamstres's wedding gown while I pumped gas, two more trips to the end of my street to remember all the things I'd promised people, picking up and helping [ profile] sadievale to dress, dropping off [ profile] dancinseamstres's dress (that part was fun!), traffic in Maryland and a long line for tickets. Ah! But we made it, not when we wanted to arrive at the Faire but right on time for the LJ meet-up.

[ profile] isabelladangelo was thoughtfully wearing bright pink so she was easy to find. [ profile] saharazara soon came up and introduced herself. We hung out, chatting until [ profile] padawansguide (who was running late) joined us. [ profile] saharazara had to join her other party so the remaining four headed off for Faire adventures.

It was a fun day, despite [ profile] padawansguide's blisters, the crush of humanity (it was insanely crowded!), and the prevalence of drunks ([ profile] isabelladangelo said it was worse than Octoberfest). We spent some time wondering and browsing shops but mostly we sat, listened to music and snarked costumes. I don't know what it is about Ren faire that brings out my snarky mean streak, probably all the rich and potential bait. :> We saw good and bad and some very bad. I had my sweet potato sticks & cheesecake-on-a-stick and called Bridget because the Faire wasn’t the same without her. :<

I wore my Rohan dress after all. I hadn’t worn it for 4 years so it was nice to wear it again, although driving in it was hard (lack of motion in the sleeve area). I also discovered that my Victorian corset is way too big now. Phooey! I'll have to address that before Poe in January. Blah. Still I love my Rohan. I think it's my Ultimate Princess dress, I just feel so Her Highness in it. The color really does look best in the Autumn sunlight, something about the angle I guess. Yay!

I loaned [ profile] sadievale a costume of Bridget's. It was the first costume Bridget ever made/embellished and still one of my favorites. Luckily (with the help of one of my Italian corded bodices) it fit S perfectly, even the hem length was correct. Sweet!

Here are the rest of the pics from the Faire...
Jenny-Rose's pics
Maggie's pics (locked entry)
Elizabeth's pics

After the Faire (and the hour it took us to get out of the parking lot - we were not impressed with the lack of traffic directing!) [ profile] sadievale and I headed south to Bowling Green and the RCHS fall dance.

I was beat but it was nice to see familiar faces and catch up with friends. I was too tired to dance but enjoyed watching. I got to see the turban I made Tina on her but more on that later. *wink* We bailed before the dance was over, turned up the CD player loud to keep me awake and alert and drove back to Fredericksburg. A long and full but fun day. Whew!

RCHS Fall Dance pics

bad Jenny!

Sep. 8th, 2008 09:25 pm
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Someone slap me upside the head and tell me I don't need to make a new LOTR dress for the Ren Faire in Oct. Seriously.

Me? No I didn't spend my weekend watching LOTR. Whatever gave you that idea! *looks sheepish*


Sep. 1st, 2008 06:12 am
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I really hope the weather on Oct 11 is nice and on the cool side. I want to wear my Rohan dress REALLY bad!
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Are there any plans under way to have a meet-up at the Maryland Ren Faire this year? I meant to ask the useal suspects at our 18th century dinner and forgot! I'm interested in going, although my Aug-Oct weekends are starting to get pretty sparse...
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We made it to the Faire, despite it all!! But to begin, Bridget’s plan “B”… We decided to make “Bridget the Middling Sort Pirate” which means on Twelfth Night she will be “Bridget the Successful Pirate”. I guess some plundering and looting must be on her calendar between now and then. *grin* My contribution was a ruffley pirate shirt made of black silk.

I ended up using two different patterns for it. Simplicity 8613 was really what I wanted – I particularly loved the way the ruffle was done – but the pattern is now out of print and I didn’t have the right size. Rather than trying to alter the pattern I used Butterick 4486 as my base, adding the Simplicity center front seam and ruffle. In the end I redesigned the sleeves as well, adding some ribbon and creating a drawstring closure to avoid more handwork. The front ruffle was actually cut in a spiral, very cool. I’ll have to use that again someday!

I also ended up making the shirt in 2 days, most of the work being done between 4pm and 4am the day before. Or night of if you want to be technical. I did have some hysterics when things weren’t going well around 1am but will some deep breaths, prayer, determination, petting Mocha (the cat who kept me company all night) and B’s assistance I finished it in time for a nice nap before the Faire. *whew* B added some scarves, the eye patch, lots of eclectic jewelry, just about every ring she owns and voila – a middling pirate! :>

I’m posting all the pics here this year because I’m not sure when I’ll have time to post them to my site. The Faire was fun, in a crazed, bizarre sort of way. Due to various circumstances B and I were the only ones who went. We had fun together (we always do) but it was very strange to be there without our Faire buddies, [ profile] elegant_musings and her sis. We decided we won’t go without them again, it was just wrong without their lively company. In fact we called them from the Faire and we all chatted on my cell phone for a half hour (hence the pic of me with the phone :>).

To add to the crazed atmosphere it rained most of the day. Well it only really rained when we first got there. The rest of of the day it just misted, first a heavy mist and then a light mist. It even cleared up and warmed up at one point. Not too bad really, if very muddy. Okay, make that extremely muddy. :> I decided not to wear the Rohan after all. I try not to be too precious about my costumes (I did make them to be worn) but rain and velvet is not a good mix. So I wore my purple Italian Ren instead. I figured a wool frock was my best bet and it proved to be a good choice. With the help of my wool shawl I didn’t get too wet or too cold during the day and I enjoyed wearing the gown once again, even if it was a bit big. :>

So to sum up our trip to the faire:
Last minute costumes, no friends, rain, lots of mud, cold, tons of horrific costumes to be snarked at (what were some people thinking!), no electricity at one point, hems four inches deep in mud, very little sleep and we had a lovely time. It all proves we are insane and have a sick sense of enjoyment really. *nods head*

So on to planning next year’s excursion! I think I’ve already decided what to wear. That will probably change of course… it usually does before the end. *hee hee*
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Opps! Somehow I forgot a few pics in the last post! :P Also updated the site with all the new pics. Here are the details from my site log:

October 25 2004
I'm back from the Ren Faire again and have lots of pics to post!
Gallery updated: Ren Faire 2004 page updated
Journals updated: Elvish Blues gallery updated
Journals updated: Rose of Rohan gallery updated, including hair-do pics
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I’m back from the Ren Faire, for the second time this year. We - Bridget, [ profile] elegant_musings and I - went on Saturday. After a week of solid grey skies, rain and general gloom the day was sunny, crisp and clear. Yesterday it was back to rain and general gloom. Yes, prayer does work and I have a very gracious and cool God! :>

Faire ramblings and all the pics... )
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I am still so tired! :>

An early reveille, the long drive, the heat and, above all, the humidity made for a very, very long day yesterday. I’m still recovering. The Faire was fun though and I had a thoroughly good time.

I have tons more pics and such but I’ll post those later. Here are some teasers for you in the in the meantime.

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