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Thanks for all your support on my hiatus. I'm feeling much better about things and actually WANT to blog now - a sure sign it's time to come back! So what have I been up to while I was gone? Not much of interest, apart from getting a new look. I've been "Red" for a month now and I love it! I probably won't keep it forever (so much upkeep!) but for now I'm loving it.

Costume College officially starts today and I'm not with all my peeps this year, which is making me incredibly sad. This sucks!

Luckily there is a lot going on around here to keep me busy and I've set aside a big chunk of my weekend to do some actual sewing (something I haven't really been doing since the ETD in April). I have lots of projects to choose from but I started yesterday by cleaning my room from top to bottom and re-arranging my bedroom/sewing room. I was hoping my sewing muse would re-appear with the dusting and the moving of furniture, I have missed her!
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My Costume College pictures are online - still working on the videos and the re-cap but I didn't want you to have to wait any longer...

edited to add: Pics from others:
Katherine - Prohibition shoot
Rebecca (picassa)

home again

Aug. 3rd, 2011 09:55 am
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Good news = I'm home!

Bad news = I have a head cold!

I just can't catch a break this week can I? Needless to say photo up-loading, CosCol recaps and friend's list catching up will be delayed a little. Time to go take some more Nyqil and take a nap...

on my way

Jul. 28th, 2011 03:10 am
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Packing up my computer... getting ready to leave for CosCol - see you on the other side!
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Time to vote!

Which eye lashes should I wear with the Queen of the Night to the Gala on Saturday?

thick black
silver glitter
black feather
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Since Aubry did it...

The plan:

Thursday Night (blogger meet-up): Not sure yet. I can come up with all sorts of costumes to re-wear from the closet but so many require good hair. (The disadvantage of being a hair piece rather than a wig girl.) While dressing up after a plane day isn't stressful to me trying to have good hair is. So I'm thinking probably my Titanic Kimono or a modern after five. I love to "dress up" in cocktail dresses with high heels and glitter eye shadow and I've never done that at CosCol. Besides I have a new pair of killer heels that need to be worn as much as possible…

Friday Day: Gothic Queenie dress - I never found a crown I liked but I'm still a queen. :>

Friday Night (ice cream social): Summer Bustle

Saturday Day: Green/Rust Anglaise

Saturday Night (Gala): Queen of the Night - the Peacock is in the naughty corner again but I'm having so much fun accessorizing QotN I don't even care about not wearing it this year

Sunday Day: Candy Cane Regency

Sunday Night: Liberty of London Aesthetic Dress... if I get it done. If not a modern sundress!

Still so much to do!!
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It took way longer than it should have but the Green/Rust Angaise is officially done!

I ended up piecing the front of the hem to fix the length issue. (I love that piecing is period!) It took quite a bit of brain wattage to get the fabric I needed out of the small baggie of scraps I had left from this project. So glad I haden't thrown anything away yet! Luckily I was able to use some of the pieces I had to cut off the back section of the hem to shape it correctly. Whew!

After all that piecing the hem is a bit of a mess up close/underneath (so nobody gets to see it!) but with the "3 foot rule" applied it's fine. Eventually I'll finish the inside with bias tape and add some ribbon or trim to the hem to cover the horizontal piecing seam but that is a project for after CosCol. I have many other time-consuming and more important fish to fry in the next 15 days!

With another dress moved to the "done" list I'm feeling much less panicky and stressed, although I know I can't slow my pace at this point. So I've officially started my pre-CosCol TV fast - no TV until I get home from LA! I miss it already but I get SO much more done without it to distract and waylay me. And with my to-do list I need all the time I can get!

panic time!

Jul. 8th, 2011 06:00 pm
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So I just sat down and made a list of everything I want/need to make and/or finish for CosCol. It's a long list, which caught me a little off guard. I thought I was further along. It's all those half-finished things, they really bite you in the butt.

I then look at the calendar that says I'm on a plane in 19 days. I'm trying not to panic.

*pauses to think*


*runs screaming into the woods in blind panic*
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Not much progress on the Summer Bustle to report. Ruffles #2 & #3 have been prepped and are ready to be attached. I spent a lot of time yesterday on an idea that didn't work. Oh well, these things happen.

In happy news I bought my plane ticket for CosCol - yay! I had a really awful nightmare about it last night (see [ profile] jenthompson you aren't the only one!) so when I found a good, if not great, price this morning I just grabbed it. I got my preferred arrival and departure times, one layover per leg, it's not United and I get to fly out of Richmond, which is awesome. It's just a relief to know it's taken care of and I won't have another 12 hour layover, 3 stop red-eye like last time. 'Cause I don't know that I'd survive that again. Whew!

I sent off my CosCol class registration last week. I requested the fabric tour, the Sweet Bag Stitches class and something else. (Not the Calash, yeah decided it was too fugly a thing to spend 3 precious CosCol hours on) Obviously the limited classes did not rock my world when I can't even remember my second choice. I was trying to decide between a couple (based on cost, length and what classes they conflicted) and can't remember which one I eventually decided on. Sad, isn't it?

This year it's really the unlimiteds that have me jumping up and down with excitement and squeeing like a fan girl. Which is nice. If I don't get into my limiteds I won't be utterly crushed (as in years past) and if I do then cool, they are something to look forward to. It's a nice way to go through the process... I like it.

It's hard for CosCon to seem real when most of my brain is working on CosCol planning. I think this is the last Con I'll do for a while, it's just an awkward time of year both in my costuming life and real life. The sense of urgency to get some costumes done NOW is helpful in getting my CosCol wardrobe done in time but other than that it's making my life (and bank account) rather complicated. Still it should be fun and I am looking forward to it. Hanging out and geeking out with larger numbers of costuming peeps is always a wonderful thing!
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My CosCol registration book arrive today – yay!

Lots of different classes and subjects than in years passed. Lots of ones I’m interested in too, actually it’s a little overwhelming actually. The real question of the hour is do I want to take a workshop class from Janea Whitaker on Calash Bonnets. I think they are interesting but I’ve never really wanted to wear one if you know what I mean. Still it would be cool to take a class from her (for a very reasonable cost vs. the T&B classes here). I’m still pondering…

Thank goodness my class (Survival of the Fittest: fitting yourself by yourself) doesn’t conflict with any of my “I must take that class!” classes. *whew* Although some of my friend’s classes do. Moo. It’s the bad thing about having so many friends teaching this year – I want to go be the supportive friendly face that smiles back at them and cheers on my peeps but it’s going to be impossible. *sigh*
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total time beading: 22 hours

I slowed down on my beading since my last update, at first because I was thinking I was getting over the ick and got back to real life things and then because I was recovering from overdoing. So apparently I haven't had a little cold but the major flu and that's right I'm still sick. Better but still tired and coughing and getting better super slowly. I'm going to try to take it easy for the next few days so I can hopefully resemble something like my old self over the weekend. Which of course means lots more beading updates in your future.

I crunched some numbers last night and to finish the bodice beading before CosCon (my goal) I have to bead about 2 hours a day or 13 hours a week - minimum - between now and then. Ouch! It's do-able but no slacking or I'm screwed. If I can dedicate a couple of weekends to the cause and get ahead of that minimum then even better but I'm really going to have to knuckle down, cut out most of my TV veg time, sleep less and really focus to make the minimums.

It will be worth it though if I can get it done before CosCon and then come home from that and start straight on the garment construction. I need some time for all the accessories, handwork and additional embellishment I'm planning for the garment and I really want my CosCol wardrobe done a full week before I board that plane. That is the goal anyway. It was SO nice to be done over 24 hours ahead of time last year. I want the same feeling of having nothing to do but iron and party at CosCol again. I can do it!

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Still working on a write up but in the meantime all my pictures are now on on Flickr for your veiwing pleasure...
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All packed, hair in pin curlers and off to bed. *looks at clock*

This is so weird - last CosCol I had a 20 minute power nap in the last 24 hours before I left... with unfinished frocks too. I don't even know what to do with myself now.

Wow! I'm excited though. Have to get up at O'dark-thirty for my flight so I'm off - next stop LA!
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So my weekend didn't go quite as I intended it to go. Good news is I have a new computer, my very first lap top! Bad news is the setting up and switching back and forth of files ate away a big chunk of both Daddy’s and my weekend. *sigh*

Everything seems to be running and functional, which is a relief. I'm excited to have a computer with me at CosCol this year. It makes my long wait at the airport and the dreaded catching up when I get home seem much less scary. Theoretically I should be able to get my pics up sooner too, although we will see if that is really the case. :>

I did get some sewing done in-between the madness. I decided to be a good girl and finish up my Diva dress before starting construction on The Secret. I worked on it for hours & hours and it's still not finished! Gah!! I keep finding new things I said I wanted to do on it - it's like the dress that never ends! Ahh! I'm so ready to see it off my pending list, you have no idea...

Currently I'm taking a break from the Diva to start packing. Normally I don't like to pack too far in advance but I need to see just how much stuff I can fit in my suitcases. I'm still foolishly hoping my Green hat will somehow fit. It's a pipe dream I know.

I'll probably end up unpacking most of what I've packed tonight, so many things I need between now and then. *sigh* Well at least all the little petty stuff like re-filling travel bottles of shampoo and Aleeve are done. That will be one less thing to worry about on Wednesday.
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Yesterday ended up being insane, complete with a headache, so not much sewing. The ache was undercontrol by the late evening so I stayed up to cut out my secretness and sewed some hooks on my Diva. Of course the hooks are all spaced wrong and I have to redo them now. I guess I stayed up too late!

Today is nothing but sewing though and I'm excited to make some serious progress. Let the CosCol countdown begin!
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Not getting a lot of sewing done... real life is too busy. It's good busy (lots of MK action) but still it's not sewing busy which is slightly fustrating and that panic feeling is starting to come back. Since I finished the 1860s dress I've manged to sew the polanise buttons and just the hooks on the Diva. Pathic really.

I thought I'd have all day today to sew but I just booked two last minute "before you leave" MK appointments so looks like not. Hopefully I can get started on my secret project or get the bodice trim on the Diva tonight, depending on how tired I am.

I'll need to do some more MK paperwork tomorrow morning and then I'm putting up the "closed" sign until after I get back. That should give me a few days of pure sewing, enough to get what I want done. I hope. *crosses fingers*
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So I've come to a momentous decision... I've decided to pause work on the Peacock Dress.

Despite the fact that I could get it done in time for CosCol, I've decided I really don't want to. I don't want to rush through the process, I want to enjoy it! It's like the difference between gobbling up a favorite dessert and stopping to savor every bite. I'm just not in the mood to gobble this project - I'm having too much fun with it. So I can wait to wear it.

I might try and finish it for the ballroom studio's Halloween party (it would be super fun in all the low lighting - of course no swing dancing in the hobble skirt but I could probably foxtrot just fine in it!). Otherwise the deadline will be CosCon 2012. And of course there is my Titanic dinner in 2012. Hee.

So what am I going to wear to the Gala? I'm going to bling out the red silk robe à l'Anglaise and wear that!

This is not the easy way to go by any means - I have tons of work to do on it. It will almost be like a new frock when I'm done! I have to re-fit the bodice (way too big now!), redo all the bodice trimming, finish putting sequins on the skirt (I'm about ½ way done) and add the crazy trim I had planned for the skirt. I think I'm also going to need to fray-check all the red self trim as the fabric is still fraying like heck (much more loosely woven than I thought!). Luckily I have all the skirt trimming prepped and ready to be attached. It's been sitting in a bin since Jan, it will be good to get that out from under my bed. :P

While I'm a bit bummed not to be weighted done with beads in August, I'm excited about wearing the red silk. It's just the sort of thing I'm in the mood to wear to the Gala this year - fun and oh so sparkly. I just can't decide if I want my hair in a hedgehog or a pouf. A pouf is probably more period correct for this style but I like my hair in a hedge hog better. Ponders...
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I got my CosCol limited class packet today. I'm pretty bummed by it's contents. I got into the garment district tour but I didn't get into Mela's bonnet class (I never do! It's not fair.) and I'm wait listed for the Fly Fringe class, which was the one class in the whole syllabus I was REALLY excited about. Mreh.

I got into the Make Friends with Your Thimble but honestly I think I'm going to pass my spot on to someone else. I'm been unsure of it all along and have been leaning towards a "no" ever since I mailed my sheet. Then I see on the sheet a little note about long nails having to be cut to wear the thimble.

Now I have long nails, I like long nails. I also happen to have nails that grow very fast so they are frankly a pain to keep short. It's why I gave up playing the guitar. So cutting them for the class? No problem. Am I going to keep my nails short so I can use a thimble on a regular basis? Heck no. So why am I taking a $50 class to learn how to use one? I think I'll pass thanks.

Good news is my Saturday afternoon is free now to take some unlimited classes I kinda wanted to, like [ profile] bauhaufrau's costuming for dolls. If I'd known all this would happen I would have signed up for the limited Dyeing Feathers with Kool-Aid. But then again it runs until 4pm and I've learned from experience taking a class that late on Saturday makes dressing for the gala crazier. So maybe it's all for the best.

Deep down I know the bottom line is that no matter what classes I did or didn't get into CosCol isn't about the classes. It's about the people, the comradeship, the laughter, the late night gab sessions and all the inspiration. The classes are just icing on an already amazingly delicious cake.

Okay enough rambling and escapism from the commission... back to the grind!

packet fun

Apr. 21st, 2010 04:33 pm
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After checking the mail box three times today I got my Costume College packet. *my precious* I have read through it, marked all the classes I liked, figured out my top choices and filled out the limited classes form. In pencil. I'm going to think about it over the weekend and mail it back on Monday.

Why do all the classes I want to take have to be $30-$50. That adds up after a while you know!


The Friday Night 18th century Ice Cream Social sounds like a blast though... so happy about my new outfit. Which I should get back to...

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