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What are the measurements on the dressform?

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It is the medium size - Bust: 39" 1/2 -45 1/2" Waist: 31 1/2"- 38" Hips: 41"-47" Back Waist Length: 16" Neck 14"+

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Too big for my use but I'll see if a friend is interested in it.

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Costume Close Up & 400 Years of Fashion please. Yay.

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They are yours! Email me your address and I'll let you know the total with shipping...

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LJ hates me.

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The Vionnet book ("Madeleine Vionnet" by Betty Kirke. Oversize coffee table book. $35) please

Designs for Printed Textiles in England From 1750 to 1850 (Victoria & Albert Museum's textile collection) by Wendy Hefford – very gently used – $10

Who Wore What: Women's Wear 1861-1865 by Juanita Leisch. Hardcover. – very gently used – $20
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This is a great idea! I have so many things to sell as well. I hope you do not mind if I steal your idea and have an online yard sale in a few weeks too.

Yea, I have been wanting the Vionnet book because when the author passed away I purchased some of her antique furniture. When I went to pick it up we got into a conversation and they gave me part of her book collection too. So I can lounge on the chaise that was hers and read her beautiful book! Thank you!!!

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Steal away - I stole it from someone else years ago! :> That is so cool about the Vionnet book! I'm so happy it's going to a good home, makes it much easier to part with. It is a very interesting read, just trying to make some space on my overly stuffed shelves!

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They are all yours! Email me your address and I will send your total with shipping...

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Two books: the Tasha Tudor and the 17th-18thC Fashion in Detail. yay!

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Just emailed you!

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I'd like several things. ...

black point d' esprit soft $8
chocolate taffeta $6
Rococo Trim $10

all the white laces totalling $22

PayPal me @, but don't send it to the Vegas address. I'll PM you with the Corte Madera address next week.

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The rococo trim is gone but the rest is all yours! I'll invoice you through Paypal with the shipping total...

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curses being broke!!! I totally want like half of your costumes. humph!

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I feel your pain, hence the yard sale! Being a poor student sucks. :P

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If still available i'd like the 18th century striped jacket, 18th century stays, bright coral net, and grey spotted net :D

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The stays are taken but the rest is yours! Email me your address and I will send your total with shipping...

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For some reason livejournal isn't letting me send a message. Can I have your email address?

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I'll take the buckram frame and the corded stays! And don't ship them to me- this will be a good excuse for me to come visit (and deliver your flowers!)

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The corded bodice is already spoken for but the buckram frame is all yours... I like this plan! :>

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:( I would buy the 18th century cloak, but I'm in Canada. Poo.

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I'll forgive you putting my collars up for sale if you sell me the shawl-next best thing to black is neutral :) ...and I need more lace in my life...besides it will go with my bohemian paisley skirt I nabbed off you all those years ago. Yay for seamstress friends and relatives!

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You is funny... the shawl is yours, I'll send it in your next care package.

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Yay! The world needs more caring people...and packages!

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I'd have had the wool off you if only I lived in the US!

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