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first day of school

I should be in bed right now but I wanted to say a quick thank you so much for all your well wishes this morning! *feels warm fuzzies* They really helped my nerves! I had a great first day including a welcome pancake breakfast with the whole school, getting to know my classmates who all seem lovely (I make twelve in my class), and getting my kit! Can I just say wow?! It's hard not to feel like a professional already wielding my fabulous new blow-dryer of doom. Now I just have to learn how to use it properly...

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Wow, that sounds all wonderful! I'm so glad it went well. It sounds like they really try to help you get excited and connect with other students. Very different from "syllabus shock" the first week of a semester!

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Yeah, there is a real emphasis on friendliness and being nice on campus, it's one of the reasons I liked PM schools. :>

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That sounds like an excellent first day!

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I only wish I was there to help you practice :) hehehe...

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Me too!