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my weekend

I was too brain-dead to post when I got home last night but I had an uber FABULOUS time partying with my Fabulousity Club peeps this weekend. [ profile] madamekat hosted a lovely tea on her lawn, with shopping provided by Julia of The Bohemian Belle & [ profile] tayloropolis of Dames a la Mode (I may or may not have bought a ridiculous amount of ribbon) and an endless supply of champagne!

The next day [ profile] dragoneyes19 hosted my Mary Kay "Cosmetics for 18th Century Costuming" party (lovingly now referred to as "Whore Make-up") at which we all rouge-ed up, drank more tea and wore tiaras. *sigh* It was such fun - I didn't want to come home!

Now it's Monday and the crashing thud back to real life, blah! Photos to follow...

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It looked and sounded like SUCH a good time! Looking forward to the pictures.

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You would have approved all the champagne bottles we went through!

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A Mary Kay "Cosmetics for 18th Century Costuming" party???? I would love to go to one of those!!!!!! Don't suppose you do California shows. :P Or maybe the next year you come out to Costume College.

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I won't be in CA for a while but yeah I was thinking it would be fun at Costume College next year!

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I'm going to sit down and do a write up of all the products we tried and she recommended just so I can remember myself!

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It was so wonderful to see you and you teach a seriously awesome make up class! You NEED to do one at Dress U next year.

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Thanks! I'd like to teach at Dress U next year, hopefully things (ie money!) works out!

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Wooooo! Oh, man! I wish I lived closer to all you really cool people who get together for tea, makeup, costuming and champagne. Srsly! I even have TWO bottles of nice champagne. And tea.

Sounds like you had tons of fun, and I look forward to the pictures too! :)

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Agreed, bah to real life and Mondays! I want that fun filled weekend back!

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Its horrible when life interferes with our fun, isn't it?!